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Styrofoam balls: a simple material for charming decor
Styrofoam balls: a simple material for charming decor

Styrofoam balls for creativity - convenient blanks for needlework. They serve as the basis for Christmas toys, topiaries and material for children's creativity. In this article, you will learn how to cut foam balls with your own hands. You can decorate them in different ways: paper flowers, rhinestones, beads. For those who like to learn new things, we offer the kimekomi technique and a master class on creating a topiary.

How to make your own foam blanks

It happens that there is nowhere to buy them or there is simply no money for the purchase, and in the house there is foam plastic from boxes with household appliances. You can cut out foam balls from it with your own hands.

foam balls

Take a thick wire and heat it up strongly. Use it to cut out a cube from the material. Its corners need to be rounded off by melting over the candle. Do this until the workpiece is as round as possible. stationerycut off all excess with a knife and bring the workpiece to perfect condition with sandpaper. Use the coarse part first, then the fine part.

Styrofoam Christmas balls

On long winter evenings, one is drawn to doing needlework. Make unique Christmas balls for the whole family. Styrofoam balls make excellent products even for children. They are not scary to give into the hands of kids, unlike glass counterparts.

Paper flowers and pins

For work, take a figured hole punch and a large number of pins with round tips. They will replace the middle. Cut out small paper flowers. Attach them in turn to the base and secure with a pin. You can replace them with large sequins. Glue a loop to the toy and decorate it with a bow.

foam balls for creativity

Those who know how to knit or crochet can tie the base. There is another option - to glue it with a finished knitted napkin. Pre-paint the styrofoam balls in a contrasting shade. Glue pieces of napkin or lace on top.

Kimekomi Christmas decor

If you like unusual decor using fabric, then pay attention to the Japanese technique of kimekomi. "Kime" means a facet of wood, "komi" - to refuel. It is easy to master it, and the products are cozy and charming. In the original, the Japanese use wood, but it is easier to work with a base made of lightweight material. In this case, the appearance of the product will not be affected.

Kimekomi Christmas Ball Workshop

Prepare for work:

  • scissors;
  • 2 pieces of colorful cotton fabric;
  • tweezers;
  • doll needle;
  • bead socket;
  • measuring tape;
  • marker.

Scheme of work

Measure the radius of the workpiece. Label opposite sides (poles). Determine the "equator" of the base. Visually divide it into 8 parts and mark them with dots. Mark the base with curly stripes, as shown in the picture. Use a knife to cut indentations along the given lines. Poke the ball through with a doll needle. Pass the ribbon through and tie a tight knot at the end. You can skip this step, and use a pin with tape for fastening or glue the loop to the workpiece.

Styrofoam Christmas balls

Cutting material. A base with a diameter of 3 cm will require 8 strips of cotton 7 by 3 cm. Take a glue stick and apply a little on the segments. Do not overdo it, as excess will stain the material. Overlay the stripes on the segments, slightly shifting them, as the lines should be curved. Fill the edges into the slots. Cut off the excess. Decorate the entire workpiece in a similar way. Alternate cotton colors. Drip a little glue into the recesses between the strips. Wrap them with string. The toy is ready.

Styrofoam snowman

Stick three balloons together. Make clothes out of socks. Prepare several pairs: white for a fur coat and multi-colored for a hat. You will also need a pom-pom. Eyes for dolls are also useful. For the nose, use any stick or saw offthe tip of the brush. Cut off the top of the white sock. Put it on the workpiece in the middle. The elastic should be on top.

handmade styrofoam balls

Make a toy face. We glue the eyes, draw a mouth, insert a nose, you can make a blush with pastel chalk. We put a hat on the head, sew a pompom on the tip.

DIY Topiary

Making a topiary with your own hands is not difficult at all, but what scope for imagination!

Materials for work:

  • foam ball;
  • organza or chiffon;
  • decorative bucket;
  • dried flowers;
  • shells;
  • alabaster;
  • toothpicks;
  • sisal;
  • stapler;
  • scissors.

From the fabric we cut strips 5 cm wide. Cut them by eye into squares or rectangles. You don't need to make sure they are perfectly aligned. We put two elements on top of each other. Fold in half, and then in half again. The corner must be fastened with a stapler. So we process all the squares. We take toothpicks and glue them to pieces of fabric. We make a hole in the foam blank and pour silicone glue from the heat gun there. We insert the prepared trunk of the future tree.

styrofoam snowman

Now we will attach the organza blanks to the foam ball. We drip on the place where the toothpick will be, a little glue and stick the element. We do the same with the rest of the blanks. They should be tightly fixed so that there are no gaps. Next, we prepare a solution of alabasteraccording to the instructions on the package. Glue a hole in the bottom of the bucket. Pour the solution there and insert the trunk of the tree. When the alabaster hardens, cover it with sisal. Decorate the tree with dried flowers, shells, beads.

Styrofoam balls for creativity will come in handy in every home where the owners want to create comfort. They can be made jewelry in a single copy, because what you personally fantasize, no one can repeat.

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