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Styrofoam balls and crafts from them: master classes, ideas and description. Styrofoam snowman
Styrofoam balls and crafts from them: master classes, ideas and description. Styrofoam snowman

Styrofoam balls can be bought from many craft stores or made at home. This is a great material for children's and adult creativity. What kind of crafts can be made on the basis of spherical foam blanks?

We make blanks at home

Styrofoam balls

All Styrofoam Balloon Workshops start the same way: take the right amount of balloons. But where to find them? The easiest way is to purchase ready-made blanks in needlework stores. But if you wish, it is easy to cut the balls yourself from a piece of foam that is suitable in size. To do this, we will make a special device. Take a tube: a cardboard tube from linoleum or a tin cylinder cut from a package from some kind of liquid / spray will do. On the one hand, it is necessary to cut a half to two lengths from the desired diameter of the ball. Inside we glue sandpaper-zero, on both sides of the tube. Take a piece of foam and cut it outusing the resulting device cylinder. Then we turn the resulting workpiece and give it a spherical shape. The final step is to roll the ball along the cut side of the fixture cylinder in all directions. As you can see, making a foam ball with your own hands is not difficult at all. Once the grinding is completed, you can start making crafts.

Christmas tree decorations

Styrofoam snowman

The simplest craft from a foam blank is a Christmas ball for a Christmas tree. It is more convenient to first make a mount for the rope, and then proceed to decorating. Styrofoam Christmas balls can be decorated using various materials in a variety of techniques. Try to draw ornaments, patterns and whole pictures with paints. One of the simplest decor options is to coat the entire workpiece with glue and dip it in a scattering of sparkles. Balls covered with fabric, embroidered with braid and fringe, decorated with beads and ribbons look original and cozy in a special way. Try adding bright sequins and rhinestones. You can use quite unusual materials for decorating toys - multi-colored beads, pieces of a mosaic. Offer the children to glue the foam balls with cereals, figured pasta, and the finished toy can be painted on top with spray paint.

Topiary - magical trees

Styrofoam Christmas balls

Just a few years ago, the fashion for “trees of happiness” began in our country. Most often, such crafts are called topiaries. An ornamental tree consists of a “crown” - most often this isthere is a regular ball, decorated in some special way, a beautiful curved leg and a pot in which the structure is installed. In needlework stores, most often they sell blanks for just such crafts. Come up with a theme and style for your topiary. Decorate the balloon with ribbons, artificial flowers, candies, coffee beans, or other interesting materials. Next, you just have to decorate the wire for the trunk and fix the entire structure in a pot. Topiaries are considered not only stylish interior elements, but also a kind of amulets. Such crafts can be given to friends and relatives with the best wishes.

Decorative balls - not only in the new year

DIY foam ball

If you don't like decorative trees or don't know where to place them, try using Styrofoam blanks in the interior in a different way. Decorate the topiary styrofoam balls, but do not attach them to the trunk. Instead, hang the blanks in the room, put them in a decorative vase, or make a garland out of them. Such decorations can be changed according to the seasons - for example, make flower balls in spring and summer, and make compositions of berries, nuts and colorful leaves in autumn. If you have smoothly polished blanks, you can simply paint them, draw faces with different facial expressions, images of fairy-tale characters or faces of funny animals on them. This idea is especially good for decorating an apartment for the holiday. Styrofoam is an inexpensive material, and you can make balloons for all holidays andparties.

Snowman from foam balls - original craft for the New Year

Styrofoam balls for topiary

You can make an original winter figurine from two or three balls that differ in diameter. Try on the selected blanks for the snowman to each other. For better bonding, cut off each figure a little from one end. Connect the elements with universal glue. Check the figurine for stability, if necessary - cut off a little more and the base. Attention: a regular stationery knife is great for working with foam. When the glue dries, you can move on to the most interesting part - the decor. Sew or knit a hat or cap, you can also make a scarf. Two hands can be cut out of scraps from balls - rectangular parts, you can also make mittens for them. Do not forget to draw a face, you can glue or paint buttons on the torso. A styrofoam snowman can hold a broom, a gift, or a small bag.

Styrofoam dolls

The spherical shape is convenient for fitting with fabric, painting and other decor. Many craftsmen use foam balls to make collectible and play dolls. Such a blank can be attached to a rag softly stuffed body. Styrofoam balls are perfect for making glove puppets that are worn on the hand when playing theater. To make such toys, cover the ball with a cloth. Embroider or draw a face, sew on hair and a headdress. Separately construct a body of the appropriate type. In this technique, you canmake a variety of characters - boys and girls, representatives of some professions and even fairy-tale heroes. On the basis of foam balls, you can also make animals - by drawing the corresponding faces, gluing ears, horns, forelocks and other characteristic elements.

What else can you do with styrofoam balls?

Crafts from foam balls

Due to its availability and low cost, Styrofoam is an excellent basis for children's creativity. You can experiment with this material endlessly. Try to make figurines of Smeshariki or a caterpillar. By collecting several blanks together, you can get different animals and fairy-tale characters. Small foam balls can be used to make jewelry. Try covering them with fabric or painting them with paint. Finished elements can simply be strung on a thread or sewn together. If you have a lot of very small balls, you can use them as a filler for pillows and anti-stress toys. Crafts from foam balls can be made different every time, exercising your imagination and mastering new needlework techniques.

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