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Charming cross-stitch pattern "Pansies" will give you a feeling of happiness
Charming cross-stitch pattern "Pansies" will give you a feeling of happiness

Embroiderers have their own motto, which says: embroider until the threads run out. Why is this type of needlework such as embroidery gaining popularity today? It has a long history. In ancient times, embroidery on clothes and household items was used not only for aesthetic purposes, but also served as a talisman and had magical powers. Currently, it is used only for decoration, to create an unusual, original style. Many people use embroidery in home decor.

A bright flower and its meaning

What will make you smile? Cross-stitch scheme "Pansies", "Violets"! These flowers, looking like cute faces, will make you smile at any time of the year. The name of pansies is viola. There are many legends about this flower.

pansy embroidery

In the nineteenth century, when flowers were actively used to express feelings, he symbolized the following: "I love you", "I think aboutyou" or "I miss you." Even now, many people believe that embroidered pansies mean happiness and the desire to be near your loved one always. Pansies also symbolize a person's admiration for other people. That is why such an image is used in the emblems of numerous charitable foundations around For those who do not think about signs and the secret meaning of embroidery, these plants, unusual in their color diversity, evoke only joyful associations with summer, sun and joy.

Large and small shapes

The "Pansies" cross stitch pattern is done on Aida fabric or on any other fabric suitable for this type of embroidery, for example, on cotton, linen or a mixture of cotton, linen and viscose.

pansy stand

Fabric may vary in color, sometimes repainted. The main thing is that it is in harmony with the chosen embroidery scheme. The finished work must correspond to a certain idea. Simplified embroidery patterns are usually intended for beginners. Experienced amateurs are also subject to very complex images. Sometimes simple embroidery is no less beautiful than large embroidered paintings. To create small-form products, a small number of flowers and a stylistic image of a flower are required. However, neat, lovingly done cross stitch looks beautiful anyway.

Pansies are especially good in the design of napkins, tablecloths, small postcards, needle beds and biscorn. Experienced embroiderers decorate clothes with embroidery. The process itself gives an internalsatisfaction, the opportunity to express yourself and create something beautiful. Cross stitch is both difficult and useful. The one who does this type of needlework deserves respect for dedication and skill.

Miniature for postcard or stand

The Pansy Cross Stitch Pattern can be found ready-made, store-bought or designed by yourself in any, even the most intricate, color combination that suits your taste.

Diagram of a pansy

Nature endowed them with a variety of colors. Pansies are perhaps the second most popular flower used in needlework after the rose. No need to waste your imagination on what shades to give the petals. Just look at the original photos of the plant and start embroidering. The diagram below makes it possible to embroider a single flower or all three. You can combine their arrangement as you wish. This embroidery is perfect for three greeting cards. Perhaps you know someone who needs to cheer up or want to share positive thoughts with others. Send them a postcard. Violas will give you pleasure and make someone smile.

Beautiful pillow

Using the following embroidery for home textiles, you can complete your home with a charming product.

Pillow with pansies

Sofa cushion - a great solution to place the cross stitch pattern "Pansies". Undoubtedly, this flower will give a feeling of summer and happiness.Embroidered in purple and blue tones will find its rightful place in any room of your home.

Embroidery scheme 1

Second part of the scheme:

Embroidery scheme 2

Fold the selected fabric in four and determine the center of the future embroidery. The center should be marked with a water-soluble marker. We recommend that beginner needlewomen divide the fabric into squares, for example, 10x10. This technique will help not to get confused and not to spoil the work. The same cross-stitch pattern "Pansies" will also look great as a framed picture on the wall.

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