How a chair cover can transform your home
How a chair cover can transform your home

Furniture in the house plays a leading role and takes up most of the space. Its main role is to provide convenience and comfort. The need for cabinet structures, such as cabinets, walls, is due to the need to store clothes, books, kitchen utensils. Upholstered furniture is designed to provide a comfortable stay.

chair cover

All these elements fill the space and make it look complete. If the apartment is finished in a certain style, then the furniture is purchased according to the general concept of the room.

Chairs, armchairs, sofas, of course, play a huge role. This, perhaps, is exactly the furniture that is definitely in every apartment. In the old days, the range of this industry was very scarce, which led to the emergence of all kinds of accessories. The desire to decorate furniture has survived to this day. In addition to being a great accessory, a chair cover also protects the upholstery from abrasion and dirt. Furniture covers are a lifesaver for families with pets. Wool, dirt - all this remains on the cape, which can be easily removed and sent to the washing machine.

Furniture coverscan be made in several sets: for everyday use and for receiving guests. For every day, it is advisable to use something simple and more practical, and for a holiday you can decorate furniture with elegant designer covers.

Chair cover

The more different accessories for furniture, the wider the list of options for original interior solutions. Furniture covers can make furniture not only more beautiful, but also comfortable. For example, a foam chair cover can provide extra softness. It can be made by hand. The padding for the cover should be cut from foam rubber to the shape and size of the chair or stool. The fabric is selected dense, wear-resistant. For such purposes, linen or twill is perfect. From this material, it is necessary to cut 2 pieces of fabric larger than the foam piece, thereby taking into account the width of the foam rubber and allowances for the seams. It is also necessary to provide straps for fastening to a chair. A zipper is sewn to one side of the cover. When the cover is ready, you need to fill it with foam rubber and decorate as desired. Ordinary buttons are perfect as decoration. You can also complete the case with embroidery.

Crochet chair cape

Upholstered furniture can also be decorated with various little things. The cape on the chair will protect the upholstery and give the furniture originality and brightness. Knitted accessories look very advantageous. Beautiful openwork covers are obtained by crocheting. It is not so important a bedspread on a chair or a cape on a chair - you can crochet an “outfit” for any furniture. Suitable for a coveracrylic yarn. The color is chosen depending on the desire of the hostess. A knitted chair cover can completely cover both the entire chair and just the seat. The main thing is to initially decide on the shape of the cover and take measurements.

There are a lot of ideas for creating original furniture bedspreads. For example, an elegant cape on a chair is obtained from satin fabric. As an addition to such a cover, a satin bow of a contrasting color, which can be placed on the back, is perfect. Or come up with your own unique version. Do-it-yourself furniture capes can revive any boring chair or old armchair, hide flaws and highlight advantages. Furniture covers will give comfort and originality to any interior.

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