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Beautiful New Year's decoration of the hall with your own hands
Beautiful New Year's decoration of the hall with your own hands

New Year is a special holiday for both children and adults. And not only because it happens once a year. Many associate the end of an important life period with the New Year. There are many such segments, but each should be marked with dignity. Therefore, the atmosphere for a gala event is extremely important.

New Year's decoration of the hall at a high level can be created even with your own hands. Without the involvement of specialists and professional graphic designers, you can create a bright and memorable environment in which it will be pleasant to celebrate the New Year.

New Year's decoration of the hall

Required attributes

It is unlikely that you will be able to do in the design of the hall for the New Year's holiday without a Christmas tree. Even if it is not possible to establish a natural forest beauty, needles must be present without fail. It can be wall compositions, wreaths on doors or table decorations using spruce or pine branches.

Light illumination, garlands under the ceiling, lanterns and balloons - these elements do not have to be used alltogether, but somehow they must be in the hall. You can make a beautiful and original New Year's decoration of the hall with your own hands if you approach the process creatively.

Any room has its pros and cons. If you identify them in advance and close the shortcomings with an elegant decoration, and arrange the main festive composition in a favorable, convenient and well-lit place, then even from an ordinary room you can make a hall for receiving guests.

New Year's decoration of the hall in kindergarten

New trends

Increasingly, in modern shopping centers, visitors on New Year's Eve do not see a standard spruce tree dressed up in a traditional style. It is replaced by various interpretations using winter-themed decorations. Such a New Year's decoration of the hall, as a rule, is carried out by graphic designers and is developed according to the canons of a spatial and thematic installation.

Compositions can be created by craftsmen from objects existing in the room with the addition of various household items and natural plants. The overall impression of the scenery is positive and unambiguously festive, because New Year's motifs are guessed in them. This effect is achieved by including elements of textual and visual information.

However, many remain true to tradition. Natural spruce, as an attribute of the New Year, is still present, although sometimes it can be seen not in the room itself, but on the grounds in front of the building. In the interior, the Christmas tree can be replaced by a cone-shaped design of balloons or soft toys matched in size and type. Quiteit would be appropriate to use a frame "Christmas tree" made of cardboard or fabric.

New Year's decoration of the hall photo

Features of the design of the halls

Recently, it has become a tradition to associate each new year with a certain animal: a lion, a tiger, a rabbit… These features are already firmly rooted in everyday life and are perceived even by children. The use of animal figurines in the design of the halls, symbolizing the departure of the old year and the arrival of a new one, would be quite appropriate. From the photo from the holiday, even without notes on the back, it will be possible to understand in what year it took place.

New Year's decoration of the hall with fresh flowers in compositions with coniferous branches will add freshness, naturalness and naturalness to the interior. A Christmas tree built from balloons looks no less impressive than a tree cut down in the forest. Such an alternative symbol of the New Year holidays can be seen as a desire to preserve wildlife.

Thoughtful lighting of the hall is an important point in the design work. For a luxurious hall with bright decorations, the lack of light will not make it possible to appreciate all the advantages of the room. In another case, when the room has modest dimensions and is overly lit, it becomes even smaller visually. In this case, it is better to use separate point lights aimed at specific scenery.

Christmas decoration of the hall in kindergarten

Not every child will be able to appreciate the introduction of new trends in the design of festive halls. If in his imagination the New Year is associated with a smart Christmas tree,Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and Snowman, he will not be satisfied with the spatial composition of the winter theme, even if it is done at a high level with lighting, animation and visualization effects.

Sooner or later, the child will ask when Santa Claus will open the bag and start distributing gifts. Therefore, you should not deviate far from the traditional scenario of the New Year's party. A round dance around the Christmas tree, a costumed scene calling Santa Claus - all this requires suitable decorations.

New Year's decoration of the trading floor

New Year's decoration of the hall in kindergarten can be diversified with modern garlands, soaring balloons, safe fireworks and other holiday elements. However, handmade decorations, especially those made by the children themselves, should also be present. Homemade snowflakes, garlands and colored paper lanterns are just as important as flashy store-bought decorations.

Christmas decoration of the banquet hall

Winter is the time for corporate parties. Large companies, as a rule, entrust the organization of celebrations to firms specializing in this. If a cafe, bar or restaurant is chosen as the venue for the celebration, then the design of the hall, including the premises where the banquet will be held, will be handled by the host. The customer can entrust the design in any price range.

Luxurious New Year's decoration of the hall (photo below) is not at all necessary for a party in the circle of a small team. But even if the banquet will be held in the dining room of the enterprise or in another hall suitable for this, it can beneed to prepare for the event. The purpose of decorating is to distract from everyday worries and create a festive mood even in a room not intended for celebrations.

Drapery of chairs, tables for a banquet, tablecloths, dishes, serving - all this is important for a holiday and should not be left to chance. These moments characterize the attitude towards the team. It is clear that the quality of the decoration of the hall will depend on the budget allocated for the organization of the event.

Most of the funds will go to the preparation of the festive table and gifts. But even a modest New Year's banquet, organized on its own, should have New Year's attributes: a Christmas tree or a structure that performs its role, light illumination, balloons, garlands and a surprise at the most crucial moment. Such decorations will help you relax and have a good time.

New Year's decoration of the banquet hall

Trading room

Showcase - the face of the store. If the owners of the outlet brightly and elegantly decorate it, then they are obliged to take care of the decorations of the trading floor. Customers who are carried away by elegant New Year's advertising have the right to hope that the holiday will continue in the store itself.

It is quite difficult to surprise adult buyers, but you can make a holiday for their children. In any case, the New Year's decoration of the trading floor should correspond to the concept of the establishment. If this is a grocery outlet, it should not have a lot of New Year's toys. Store owners who offer clothing and accessories to customers can dress up New Year's characters from the scenery in samples of their own.products.

However, do not be zealous, everything should be in moderation. A reasonable balance of decor should be present everywhere. A brightly decorated room can distract the attention of customers, which will cause a loss of interest in products and, as a result, reduce sales revenue.

New Year's decoration of the hall with your own hands

Safety and decoration work

Besides the beauty and harmony of New Year's decorations, all decorations that make up the holiday must be safe. This primarily applies to events organized for children. Corporate and adult parties should also be as thoughtful as possible in terms of safety.

New Year's decoration of the hall is a responsible and very important moment. At the moment of apogee of fun, adults often behave unpredictably. Therefore, all structures must be fixed, open fire, fireworks and other special effects are best carried out under the supervision of professionals or reliable and responsible team members assigned in advance for such events.

Fire-fighting equipment storage areas, emergency switchboards, as well as evacuation exits in case of emergencies - everything needs to be checked. Such places should not be covered with decorations, even if it is required by the script. Only in this case can we hope that the holiday will succeed.

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