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How to sew a New Year's cap with your own hands?
How to sew a New Year's cap with your own hands?

The New Year holidays are approaching, and this means preparing for fun parties, matinees at school and in kindergarten. There are events with the obligatory putting on of carnival costumes. You can, of course, take and buy a cheerful colorful cap made in China in the store, but this will be a one-time option, since the material is always cheap in such products, and the quality is appropriate.

If you want to look your best so that your child has the most beautiful and original costume for a matinee, we can give you some useful tips on how to sew a New Year's cap with your own hands. It's not difficult at all, and you won't need to spend a lot of money.

Santa hat

Recently, the traditional outfit of American Santa Claus has come into fashion. It attracts with its simplicity and ease of wearing, and in tailoring too. This simple New Year's cap can be put on by both an adult at a corporate party and a kid in kindergarten. Basically, such a headdress is a tight-fitting sock trimmed with fur or a plain white cloth. On top there is a pompom made of fur or fabric.To look original, you can decorate it with small details, for example, sheathe it around the circumference with rain, attach small elements, creating a pattern on the rim.

New Year's cap

To sew such a New Year's cap, you must first make a pattern and buy the necessary materials. If you have a sewing machine, then a minimum of sewing time will be spent. If there is no technology, then with the help of a needle and thread, you can also do a great job with your own hands.

Required Materials

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  1. A piece of red cloth. It should have a knitted texture, as the cap fits snugly around the head and stretches. You can take more expensive velvet or velor. A felt headdress will look beautiful. Half a meter of fabric is enough for cutting.
  2. A small strip of white fur 62 cm long, 10 cm wide. You can also buy a felt sheet instead of fur.
  3. If other material is used instead of fur, then you still need to have cotton wool to create a pom-pom.
  4. A sheet of drawing paper for drawing a pattern, a long ruler and a simple pencil.
  5. Sewing kit: needle, white and red threads.
  6. If you decide to decorate the New Year's cap with rain or other decorative elements, then purchase them in advance too.

Pattern drawing

To make a drawing correctly, you need to measure the head of a child or an adult. A line is drawn on a piece of paper,corresponding to the volume. Don't forget to add 1-2 cm for the seams. Then you need to measure the middle of the segment and put a point. A perpendicular is drawn from it up to the height you like. Approximately 30 to 50 cm.

New Year's cap

Connecting lines are drawn from the top point to the corners of the base. The resulting isosceles triangle will be the pattern of the New Year's cap. It remains only to transfer the dimensions to the fabric. To do this, cut this triangle along the contour with scissors. Then the template is attached to the matter and circled around the perimeter with chalk.

Further, you can proceed in two ways. The first method is to cut the fabric that is folded in half. Then the seam will be on one side. If the material is not so elastic, then two such triangles are cut out, only the length of the base will be half as long.

Assembly of parts

The New Year's cap is sewn on the sides either on a typewriter or by hand with a red thread. Then white fur is sewn from below by folding in half. It is done like this. Fur is sewn to the front side of the fabric with the wrong side, then turned over to the face and sewn with the other side to the wrong side of the fabric. It turns out a double layer of fur, which serves as a rim.

do-it-yourself New Year's cap

Pom pom is also made by yourself. To do this, cut out a circle from white material. A piece of cotton wool is placed in the middle. Stitches are made along the edge of the circle with threads, and they are pulled together. The resulting pompom is sewn on top of the cap.

Next work on decorating. Of course it is possible,leave it in this form, but it will be more beautiful to sheathe it along the rim with silver or red rain.

Dwarf Hat

On the New Year's holiday, you can sew another version of the New Year's cap for the matinee. This is a hat of gnomes, helpers of Santa Claus. They are usually green in color with a red backing.

New Year's cap knitting

It is sewn from two parts. Instead of a bubo, a round metal bell is sewn on. Consider carefully the pattern of this headdress. In order to draw it, you need to be a bit of an artist. First, the circumference of the head is measured and the base of the cap is indicated, equal to half the volume of the head plus 1 cm for the seams. Then you need to measure the height of the cap and draw two sides perpendicular to the base.

Pattern drawing

After the main dimensions are drawn, you need to draw the cap itself. In order for the lines to be smooth, you can use patterns. It's okay if they are not available, you can do this work manually, smoothly rounding the lines.

christmas hat

Sharp triangles are drawn from below. You need to measure the length of the side and divide it equally. The tongues must be the same size. Further, the same triangles are transferred to the red material. The height of the red fabric is 10 cm.

New Year's cap pattern

After the parts are sewn together from the wrong side, the cap is turned inside out and the bell is sewn on.

Christmas cap with knitting needles

Before you start knitting, you need to calculate the loops. To do this, knit a small sample of the knitting used. If the product uses two types of knitting, as in the photo, you need to knit a sample of elastic and a shawl pattern. Then you need to steam this knitted piece with an iron through a damp cotton cloth.

The number of loops of the sample must be divided by its width in centimeters. You will get a calculation of how many loops you need to dial per 1 cm. Then you need to multiply these data by the head circumference. To the resulting number of loops for dialing on the knitting needles, we also add two edge ones.

New Year's cap

Having knitted the length of the elastic, tie a red thread and continue to knit with a garter stitch. The knitting height before decreasing is 15 cm. Then a gradual decrease in the number of loops begins.

Here you will also need to take a measurement. You need to think about how high the cap will be. The length of the knitted part of the product must be divided by the number of rows in the sample and multiplied by the desired length of the cap. Thus, the number of rows that remain to be connected is calculated. Then you need to calculate how many rows you need to knit two loops at the same time from one side and the other. At the end, only 8 loops should remain on the knitting needles.

When the work on reducing the loops is finished, the thread is torn off, and its edge is inserted into the needle, threaded through the remaining 8 loops and tightened. Then both edges of the cap are sewn together.

Making a pom-pom

To make a fluffy pompom on a cap, you need to cut out two identical ones from cardboard"bagel". Putting them together, we begin to wind a tightly white thread, threading it inside. When many layers have been wound, the thread is tied into a knot. Then the scissors are inserted into the gap between the two cartons, and all the threads are cut in a circle.

New Year's cap

Next, they take a simple dense thread, also white, and tie all the layers into a knot inside (between the "donuts"). At the end, the cardboard boxes are cut and removed from the pompom. It remains only to sew it to the top of the cap.

The article presents several options for making a New Year's cap, and you already choose which one you like best.

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