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How to make a Batman costume with your own hands? New Year's outfit for a child
How to make a Batman costume with your own hands? New Year's outfit for a child

Batman is one of the most popular superheroes, along with Superman and Spiderman. The number of his fans is huge and covers representatives of different ages - from young to old. Not surprisingly, many craftsmen make their own Batman costume for various events - from children's parties to theme parties and gatherings of fans. After all, this is a fairly simple outfit to make, the cost of which can be minimal. Do not know how to make a Batman costume with your own hands? Ideas that will help you spark your creativity are waiting for you later in the article.

Canons of image

The first Batman comics came out in 1939. For more than 70 years, this character was painted by different artists, each of whom made his own adjustments to his image. Initially, the hero was in gray tight clothes, then it became darker, at times there were versions in blue-purple shades. The shape and size of the cloak also changed, but, like the mask, it was most often black. Logo toounderwent changes, as well as the color of the belt. There are no strict canons for the appearance of the character - therefore, when you make a Batman costume with your own hands, you have a lot of options for how to beat him. And they will all be correct. The main thing is that the child and you like the result.

DIY batman costume

Batman mask: make an accessory with your own hands

This required attribute can be bought ready-made, or you can make it yourself. The easiest way is to take heavy felt, cardboard or craft foam and use the template below.

DIY batman mask

Cut out the black mask, the yellow bat and make slits for the eyes. After that, the workflow is intuitive. Simply glue the bat onto the mask and glue or sew black elastic to the edges.

DIY batman mask

From daddy's old pants

Kids love to copy their favorite characters, especially if you can dress up like them. But they grow quickly, and it is not always possible to once again spend money on things that are useful only for the duration of the game. This DIY Batman costume is made with minimal effort and will last a child for several years.

DIY batman mask

It is based on the usual wardrobe items that every boy has - a black long-sleeved T-shirt and dark sweatpants. In addition to them, you will need:

  • unnecessary men's trousers;
  • gluefor fabric;
  • felt (black and yellow);
  • tape (black and yellow);
  • pins;
  • sewing machine and accessories.

The manufacturing process includes several stages:

  1. Cut off one leg and open the inseam. This will be Batman's cape. Finish the edges of the fabric and sew on a ribbon to tie the cape around the neck.
  2. Then print out the Batman logo and cut out an oval from yellow felt and a bat from black. Repeat the operation to get 4 parts. Glue them together. Attach one emblem to the raincoat, one to the T-shirt with pins. So, you can easily wash things by removing the logo. In this case, the felt will not deteriorate in the washing machine.
  3. Use the yellow ribbon as a superhero belt.

To complete the look

But how is Batman's mask made in this costume? You can make it with your own hands in many ways, but the way it is made in this kit is one of the simplest and most economical:

  1. Take the remaining trouser leg and attach it to the child's head. You will be able to determine the place where its width most closely matches the girth of the head. Cut off the leg with a good margin. Again, try on and mark the baby's nose with a small one. Fold the fabric in half, draw an arc and make a cutout on the front of the mask. Then cut holes for the eyes.
  2. Draw an arc along the upper edge of the trouser leg to get pointed ears. Cut and sew the top seam.
  3. Shoes can be used any, and so that it does not get out of the general style,it can be closed with thick black socks with non-slip rubber specks on the sole.
do-it-yourself batman costume

Beautiful Batman costume for kids

Do-it-yourself New Year's outfit is a little more difficult to make, because it should not be inferior to store options in any way. A superhero is recognized not only by the costume, but also by the impressive muscles, so the boys really like the “muscle” costumes. Do you think it's incredibly difficult to make them? Not at all. Let's look at how to make a "muscular" New Year's Batman costume with your own hands.

For the top of the outfit you will need:

  • 2 black t-shirts that fit baby well;
  • dark felt;
  • felt or other dense yellow and black fabric for the emblem;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • hot glue;
  • sewing machine and other sewing supplies.

Then let's get to work:

  1. Take the felt and cut out the outlines of the muscles of the arms, chest and press from it.
  2. Then glue it onto a black T-shirt, leaving small holes.
  3. Stuff the padding polyester into the resulting pockets. When the "muscles" acquire the desired volume, seal them. Do not be alarmed that at this stage the work looks extremely untidy.
  4. Prepare the Batman logo as in the previous costume.
do-it-yourself batman costume

Take the second t-shirt, put it on over the first one. Pin them gently with pins. Don't forget to place the superhero emblem. Sew all the elements.

DIY batman costume ideas

Beautiful raincoat

To make a full-fledged Batman costume with your own hands, you definitely need to sew a beautiful cape. For its manufacture were used:

  • black satin (1 m);
  • black felt (1m);
  • thick black ribbon;
  • Velcro fastener (3 pcs.);
  • yellow and black fabric for the emblem.

To make beautiful pointed scallops on your raincoat, fold the fabric in half and use a plate. Then open the same piece of felt and stitch them together. The dense fabric will give the cloak an expressive shape, and the beautiful sheen of satin will make it festive and elegant. Make a Velcro closure around your neck. And to make the cloak flutter beautifully, sew ribbons to its ends, with which it will be attached to the hands. Velcro fasteners are also made to make putting on a suit easy and simple.

batman costume for kids do-it-yourself new year outfit

Finish the job by gluing the emblem to the cape. Find black sweatpants, tie a yellow ribbon as a belt - you get a finished Batman costume. A hand-made outfit will come out original and beautiful.

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