DIY idea for kids and adults
DIY idea for kids and adults

Handmade gifts are the best and most original. With great pleasure, moms, dads, grandmothers and anyone else who sees how magnificent photo frames, a decorated candle, a money tree or a beaded crocodile can be will be waiting for them. In the article you will find not only interesting ideas for children's creativity, but also schemes for making original crafts.

DIY photo frames

The desire to capture the happiest moments of life on film haunts every person. However, for a good photo, there must be a good frame that will emphasize the dignity of a small masterpiece and make it more expressive. Factory products have outlived their time, and most people tend to make household utensils with their own hands. Glamorous photo frames are the best ideas for creativity and gifts, for the manufacture of which you can use any decoration: buttons, shells, sequins, beads, coins.

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First you need to make a cardboard base - it can be square, rectangular, oval. Cut out the backcover to which the photograph will be attached. After the base is ready, proceed to the most creative part - decorating the frame. Gather all of the most beautiful unwanted small decorations around the house and stick them with double-sided tape or glue. If you decide to use beads, they must be sewn on for strength.

Flowers are the best paper craft ideas

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Any appliqués can be used both as independent products and as decorations for a gift box. Cutting flowers from paper is interesting for both adults and children. To perform this application, you need to draw a contour on white paper with a simple pencil, fold colored cardboard in four layers and cut out a drawing along the contour. So you get a perfectly even and symmetrical flower. By the way, this idea for creativity can also be useful for making snowflakes from paper or foil. It is necessary to prepare the template in advance, circle it with a simple pencil and cut it out along the contour.

Candles decorated with dry flowers

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Traditionally, in decoupage technique, three-layer napkins or rice paper are used as the main material. However, resourceful craftswomen who seek to improve this manufacturing method decided to try the leaves and flowers dried in advance. Do-it-yourself decoupage technique using natural materials began to look much more beautiful and original. So that dry flowers do not crumble,an exceptionally smooth surface should be selected. It is not recommended to use glue for fixing, otherwise all the beauty will disappear in an instant. Wax candles are the best idea for creativity with napkins. So, in order to get an impeccable craft, you need to dry medium-sized flowers in advance. The process can be speeded up by wrapping the greens in newspaper and placing them under a heated iron. Think over the arrangement for candles in advance, heat a spoon over a burning candle and smooth the flowers with it. Repeat the procedure until the craft takes on a finished look. Under a hot spoon, the wax will begin to melt, and the fragile flowers will stick and quickly take the desired shape. The candle can be decorated with sparkles or rhinestones.

Money tree

Perhaps this is the most original idea for creativity today. It is believed that a person who has a money tree in his house will always be financially secure. This souvenir can be purchased in many stores, but a handmade gift is always more pleasant to receive.

The money tree can be made from counterfeit banknotes or coins that have holes drilled into them. The most generous for a major holiday can donate real rubles, dollars or euros. The trunk of the tree is made of real wood or plastic, the branches are made of strong wire. The template must be wrapped with dark tape or paper. If gold or silver coins grow on the tree, the trunk must be painted with paint of the appropriate color. This spectacular gift is quick and easy to make.

Plasticine animals for the little ones

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Preschool children are encouraged to work with any materials so that they successfully develop motor skills. Plasticine is what the smallest boys and girls start with. Ideas for creativity with children can be found even in ordinary children's books. Among the animals, the favorite is the tiger cub, known from the cartoon about Winnie the Pooh. To make it, you will need plasticine of four colors: orange, white, black and brown. Make a small ball to represent the head of the tiger cub, then use a plastic knife to cut out triangular ears and glue them on. Two indentations will make up the eyes, and a black ball will make up the nose. Cut out three strips of different sizes and stick them on the tiger cub's face. Prepare the body and legs. Assemble a tiger cub with your child from all the components, and he will be happy with the resulting plasticine animal.

Beaded crocodile

This beautiful key chain can be woven even by beginner needlewomen. A beaded crocodile will be a great gift for parents, a child or a friend. The craft is made using the "parallel weaving" technique, which is the simplest. Two shades of green beads perfectly convey the color of the natural skin of a reptile.

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Two rows of one bead are strung on a wire or fishing line, then six rows of two. Colors must be combined. The next four rows are made of three beads, then two of five, two of four, one of three, three of four, two of three, and the finala row of four. This great idea for creativity will be finally realized when you complete the crocodile legs. Don't forget to make a loop for this keychain so you can attach it to your keys or bag. Care of beadwork should be carried out as needed: wipe them with a dry brush and do not allow water to enter.

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