Where can bulk embroidery be used?
Where can bulk embroidery be used?

Needlework is a great way to learn how to create real masterpieces at home. Many women start embroidering during maternity leave, when there is a little more free time than usual. But once you start wielding threads or beads, it is very difficult to stop.

3D embroidery

After all, three-dimensional embroidery is a unique creative process in which each housewife can express her own vision of beauty. And the result is always pleasing to the eye. Many girls, as a result of such training, end up embroidering real canvases. And such works are evaluated not only by guests, but even participate in competitions, exhibitions, win prizes.

3D satin stitch embroidery

3D satin stitch embroidery is the most popular variant of this needlework. Such patterns sometimes give the impression of real paintings. The main difference of this embroidery technique isspecial imposition of threads on each other. As a result, the flower receives volume and the necessary bulge over the fabric. In this case, the shades are able to seem to flow into each other. A similar effect is more difficult to achieve if volumetric cross-stitch is used. But in the second case, everything is possible if you make enough effort. Volumetric flowers, patterns and animals will be a wonderful decoration for clothes. Such decor becomes a real trend of the season. Many fashion designers bring embroidery to the forefront of their collections. After all, this makes the thing truly unique. Do-it-yourself voluminous embroidery is a guarantee that you will no longer see such clothes on any of the passers-by.

It's not just threads that are involved. Often, needlewomen use thin satin ribbons or woolen yarn along with them. And in some cases, materials can be combined.

Volume embroidery with beads

Their varied texture will better convey each item in the picture. Such a technique will look especially successful when animals are embroidered. Using fluffy yarn, you can accurately convey their appearance.

3D beadwork is a very complex and time-consuming process. Not without reason, finished paintings are put up for sale at a fairly decent price. Such works are distinguished by their luxurious appearance and richer colors. Each bead is attached to the fabric separately. The most popular are icons embroidered in this way. They look like a real historical gem. But volumetric embroidery with beadsappropriate not only as pictures. Decorate an old handbag in this way or a lapel collar on an ordinary nondescript blouse. And the thing will sparkle with new colors, once again becoming a bright detail of your wardrobe. Make your kids happy. Girls will be delighted with beaded jewelry: hairpins, brooches, headbands. And the boy's clothes can be quite diversified with the image of your favorite cartoon character. There are a lot of options for using bulk embroidery. And ready-made schemes of drawings can be found in specialized magazines and the Internet. Therefore, you do not have to puzzle over what to portray again.

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