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Photo Studio Air Rooms: description, services
Photo Studio Air Rooms: description, services

To make a beautiful and high-quality photo is not a problem these days. A modern interior, the right lighting, make-up, hairstyle, elegant clothes - all these are the components of a professional photo. The Air Room photo studio in Moscow provides the services of a make-up artist, stylist, photographer, and also rents out studios. Do you want to get a series of wonderful photos in your portfolio? Then you need to go to the professionals.


Air Rooms is an interior studio with light walls and panoramic windows. It is perfect for shooting professional photos and videos, various events, as well as for master classes in photography, thematic trainings. The Air Rooms studio has two rooms, a dressing room and a relaxation area.

It is important to note that the styles, colors and shades of the interior change every week in the halls of the photo studio. Basically, light, gentle tones and airiness prevail here. This photo studio is distinguished by a large space of halls, which was created due to windows.and light. For holidays, such as New Year's, additional Christmas decor is available.

The studio is equipped with modern lighting fixtures from Hensel. Photographers have access to the necessary synchronization kits for SLR cameras from different manufacturers.

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Rental rules

There are certain rules for photographers who wish to rent one of the Air Rooms studios. To book a room, you must contact the management by phone numbers listed on the official website of this photo studio, or by e-mail. Another main rule is a fifty percent advance payment for renting a room. It must be paid within seventy-two hours from the time of the reservation. Prepayment is a guarantee that the client takes responsibility for the property of the studio, the equipment that is located there.

Before you make an advance payment, you must write to the email of the photo studio, where you indicate: the amount of money deposited, the time of transfer, the date of rent, full name, name of the reserved room, that is, the hall.

If the client refuses to rent a few days before the appointed day of shooting, then the prepayment will not be returned to him. There is also a system of pen alties for canceling a studio reservation. During shooting in the halls, you need to be in changeable shoes, and if there is none, then you should use slippers, which are provided by the administrator. If a photographer rents a studio, he is responsible for the cleanliness of the premises, the safety of interior items.

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Air Rooms is located in the capital - in Moscow - at the address: st. Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya, 24a, building 6. The studio is located on the fourth floor, in the second entrance of the Etalon enterprise.

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The studio offers photographers and their clients a large creative space for family and portrait photography. There are only two rooms in the photo studio. The first is called "Classic" - a standard room (Standard Room Air Condition) with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčthirty-six square meters, the second - "Mediterranean" - sixty square meters. The studio has its own professional photographer - Anastasia Kalinina. She creates amazing and mesmerizing photos for a family album or portfolio. In addition, she teaches at the school of family photography on the topics: "Fundamentals of photography", "Retouching", "Layout of photo books", "Working with artificial light", "Decorating photo shoots" and others.

Regular customers are given special cards with which they can get a nice discount.

The spacious premises of the photo studio allow you to make the highest quality photos. An Air Condition Room without Mattress, with a ceiling height of 350 cm, large windows, natural light - a great location for portrait photography. What other benefits does this studio have?

  1. Paper backgrounds to choose from.
  2. Dressing room.
  3. There is a makeup artist in the studio.
  4. On the wallsthere are graffiti.
  5. Beautiful scenery.
  6. Faux fireplace.
  7. Air conditioner.
  8. Furniture (sofa, chairs).
  9. Fabric backgrounds.
  10. Brick wall.
  11. Various themed props.
  12. Textured walls.
  13. Standard Room Air Condition without Mattress.
  14. There is parking next to the photo studio.

Entry by pass only, customers and tenants need to bring their passports.

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The cost of rent is one of the advantages of a metropolitan photo studio. The minimum booking time for one of the rooms is one hour. If the client rents hall No. 1, then for an hour on weekdays you need to pay 1100 rubles, on weekends - 1300 rubles. (rental time from two hours). Renting hall No. 2 will cost 1,300 rubles, on weekends - 1,400 rubles (from two hours). If the rent is increased by one hour, the surcharge is 200 rubles.


Photographers who previously booked locations at Air Rooms say that the photo studio is not bad, but is far from the center. Some point to expensive rent and strict rules, while others, on the contrary, believe that the cost of rent is minimal. Clients attribute smart, sophisticated and bright interiors to the pluses of the photo studio. Taking pictures in such rooms is easy, and the photos are light and gentle. There is a music center on the premises, so you can work in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Disadvantages include a small entrance hall, ugly ceilings, damaged props (for example, burnt out light bulbs of garlands), studio equipment.

In addition, many complain that the photo studio is very difficult to find, as it is located in the yards. By agreement, the photographer can bring his own props, and if it is heavy, then lift it in a freight elevator. Dressing room rental is a separate fee. All additional services must be paid separately. It is possible to hire a photographer who works there. Please bring your own clothing for the photo session. If the photo session is thematic, then there is an opportunity to rent dresses and suits.

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