How to make flower arrangements with your own hands: a few examples
How to make flower arrangements with your own hands: a few examples
Compositions from fresh flowers with your own hands

Fresh flowers from ancient times are perhaps the most common and favorite element of decor, not only in the room, but also in clothing. They were endowed with magical, magical properties. In the Middle Ages, do-it-yourself compositions of fresh flowers were encrypted messages, keepers of secret secrets about love, fidelity, betrayal, etc. Nowadays, a presented bouquet is also an expression of gratitude, respect and favor. They decorate halls and rooms, cabinets and offices. The beauty of a flower is so diverse and original that you can admire it endlessly, finding more and more facets of attractiveness.

How to make original flower arrangements with your own hands? This is a whole art. Floristry has its own laws of composition, color matching and harmony. But there are a few basic rules, following which, you can make a successful ensemble. First of all, it is important to choose flowers. The material for the bouquet is not only cut buds, but also greenery, branches of shrubs withberries, cones, ears, and finally, small decorative elements (birds, small sculptures, etc.), shells, colored pebbles. In order for the compositions of fresh flowers made with your own hands to be successful, you will need a suitable water container in which the finished work will be installed, and a floral sponge to help hold the elements in the right position. The stems are cleaned of leaves, thorns, side shoots and cut obliquely with a sharp pruner, while keeping immersed in water. Ornamental greenery, ears and branches of shrubs are cut in the same way.

Original compositions from natural flowers

Now you need to think about the shape of the bouquet. What will it be: cone-shaped, round, spiral? Do-it-yourself compositions of natural flowers can consist of elements of different colors and shapes and be bright and multi-color or monochrome, white-green, red-green, red-white. Bouquets made up of plants of the same tone with a smooth transition of shades from dark to light look also very impressive.

The easiest way to make a flower bouquet is parallel. In the center of the floral sponge we place the largest elements (there should be an odd number of them) so that they create a top, and then we place smaller ones around them in a circle. The parallel arrangement of natural flowers ends with a row of ornamental plants that form a fluffy green base of the bouquet.

Table compositions from natural flowers

Another way to create such ensembles isspiral. To do this, we stick the tallest and largest flowers into the sponge vertically in the center or slightly moving to the edge or corner. The subsequent elements of the composition are placed obliquely in a spiral around the central ones, gradually increasing the angle of inclination. It is important that the length of the stems is the same, then the bouquet will be even and beautiful., pour water and place a large head on top, for example, asters. Such compositions of fresh flowers, made with your own hands, are easy to make from the buds of one type of plant or several different, identical or contrasting in color. As a rule, flowers of gerbera, phalaenopsis, dahlia or large chrysanthemum are used.

Handmade flower arrangement is a simple and very effective way to decorate the interior and make an elegant gift.

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