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Summer crochet blouse for a woman with a pattern. Crochet for Beginners
Summer crochet blouse for a woman with a pattern. Crochet for Beginners

Summer blouse (crocheted) for a woman with a pattern is an ideal find for needlewomen who want to update their wardrobe for the summer and knit something beautiful and unusual. Crocheted clothes are perfect for summer. They are not only airy, but also very beautiful. By choosing the right thread, you can achieve interesting effects even with the simplest patterns. Closer to summer, needlewomen most often knit blouses, guided by descriptions and diagrams. Patterns (crocheted) for beginners are not always clear, but they give the most complete picture of the thing that fits in and the features of the pattern.

There is no such description that would give such complete information about the model as a diagram.

summer blouse for a woman crocheted with a pattern

Summer tops, crochet blouses for all occasions

The variety of crocheted tops and blouses for the summer is really amazing. Summer tops, blouses, crocheted, can be weightless and openwork, unlike one another. Needlewomen can create uniqueauthor's things, combining different patterns, motifs, texture of threads, combining elements of different models. Of course, it takes practice and experience to achieve this level of skill.

A summer blouse (crocheted) for a woman with a pattern indicating the number and order of loops is something that any needlewoman who knows at least a little about conventions can create.

It is known that the best color for summer clothes is white. When choosing a thread, remember that natural ones tend to turn yellow, and synthetics are less breathable. The best option is to choose a thread that contains about 70 percent natural thread, and everything else is synthetic. Remember that a crochet pattern for a blouse made of natural thread without stretch is somewhat stiffer and more embossed. Errors and flaws are not allowed here. In any case, before starting knitting, make sure that the motif that you have turned out looks the same as in the diagram.

Summer blouse (crocheted) for a woman with a pattern of small motifs

This model can be made from a thread of any color, but the original version is white. Its peculiarity is that it is made in the technique of continuous knitting. In addition, despite the rather large number of motifs and seeming painstaking work, the product is knitted quite easily.

crochet patterns for beginners

The motive itself is not difficult. Like all patterns (crocheted) for beginners, his pattern may not be completely clear.

The first row is always a ring of air loops. The work is done with a thin thread, so the hookshould be no more than number 1.5. In some cases it is considered preferable to use 0.9. Please note that working with such a thin thread is a painstaking and long task. If the hook for some reason hardly enters the loops, then either the knitting density is very tight, or the hook is larger than it should be to work with such a thread.

An interesting effect is achieved through the use of melange threads. They allow you to experiment with color and create really unique things.

Description of motif

light crochet blouse tops

When the chain is dialed and closed in a ring, the second row is knitted. It consists of a repeating report. This is a double crochet and two air loops. A total of 7 repetitions are done. The number is odd, since the last element is always the lifting loops, which in our case are always three due to knitting double crochets.

The third row requires special attention and focus. So after lifting, three double crochet stitches are knitted, and then 11 air loops, and after them - four double crochet stitches. Knitted air loops when assembling the product will form a connection with other motives. After four columns with two crochets, we knit three air loops, which will also participate in the connection of motives. Rep four double crochets with 11 chain stitches. We knit the motif in a circle. The result is a total of eight repetitions of 4 columns and 4 arches of loops to connect.

Product assembly features

This summer crochet blousefor a woman (with a diagram) is collected directly during work. Knitting the second motif, attach it to the first one in the process of work with the help of air loops. Do not use a needle - everything is crocheted here. Remember that it is easier to use a ready-made pattern, laying out connected motifs on it. Also note that the sleeves of the model are initially made as separate parts and then sewn in.

Don't be intimidated by the fact that all the contours are square. This is normal and will not be noticeable. An additional recommendation is to slightly steam each motif and stretch the finished canvas, and not single elements.

Unusual combinations are the hit of the season

If desired, you can combine motifs with the finished canvas. Crochet patterns for beginners mainly consist of one repeatedly repeating pattern. For example, the sleeves will look good from an openwork fabric, the basis of which is a French mesh, as well as small "shells" from double crochets knitted from one loop.

crochet openwork summer blouse

Another option to revive the model, which even the most inexperienced needlewomen can do, is to use different colors of threads. Multi-colored motifs look unusual, stylish and elegant. By arranging them in different sequences and combining them in different parts of the fabric of the product, it is possible to ensure that the finished product will be completely different from the original version. The main thing here is to remember that all skeins must be from the same series. It is impossible to combine threads that are completely different in footage and composition,if you need a flat canvas! Different composition may cause uneven shrinkage.

Different density - different style

crochet pattern for blouse

A crocheted openwork summer blouse is an element of romantic style in clothes, while tighter knitting can even be combined with shorts or jeans. Depending on the density of knitting in general, models can be both lined and unlined.

Some wear over jersey tops and are only good for summer. Even motif-related products can be designed for cool evening weather if the thread chosen for work is a little thicker.

Asymmetric models that open one shoulder look perfect with trousers and jeans. They combine romance and audacity. Perhaps that is why they are the hit of this season.

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