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Original and beautiful do-it-yourself plasticine crafts: interesting ideas and recommendations
Original and beautiful do-it-yourself plasticine crafts: interesting ideas and recommendations

Almost all children love to sculpt various figures and use all kinds of materials for this creative process - from sand on the playground to culinary dough. This activity is not only very exciting, but also useful. In the process of creating beautiful crafts from plasticine, the child is engaged in an interesting business that directly affects his mental development, emotional state and instills a sense of beauty.

How useful is modeling for preschool children?

Plasticine molding gets a lot of attention in kindergarten and elementary school. Children now and then make beautiful plasticine crafts with their own hands, which are used for home-made theater or various competitions and exhibitions.

Sculpting is useful for the mental development of the child. Plasticine perfectly develops fine motor skills of the baby's hands, and this directly affects the correct development of speech, goodmemory, logical thinking and coordination of movements. By creating light and beautiful crafts from plasticine, the child learns perseverance and patience, develops abstract and logical thinking, and creativity. Also, the baby learns the basics of independence.

beautiful plasticine crafts for children

When a child works with a plastic mass with both hands (makes a ball or a sausage out of plasticine), both hemispheres of the brain are involved and interhemispheric connections are strengthened. This contributes to the development of attention, memory of all kinds and the ability to compare images and facts.

In addition, classes with plasticine have a positive effect on the mental and emotional state of the baby, the central nervous system. This is a quiet pastime that helps reduce excessive activity and normalize sleep, reduces irritability and excitability.

For the youngest children, modeling is introduced to colors and shapes, and also gives the experience of tactile perception "soft-hard", "dry-wet", "warm-cold". Working on three-dimensional figures, children analyze the features of objects, learn to see the details, they form knowledge about the properties of the world around them.

What plasticine crafts can you do yourself?

You can create a variety of crafts and thematic works from plasticine. It would be appropriate to use additional materials: acorns, pasta, cones, flowers and leaves, chestnuts. Most often, children make the following crafts:

  1. Animals. Such figurines are quite simple in execution and beautiful.look. You can make a spider, shark, squirrel, cat or dog, giraffe, lion, bunny, octopus, turtle, caterpillar and any other animals.
  2. Flowers. With the help of plastic mass, it is easy to create cute decorations and compositions. Preschool children can make a tulip or a chamomile, and older children can already form a beautiful rose.
  3. Toys. Making a craft that you can then play with is even more interesting. Dolls, mermaids and angels are suitable for girls, boys can make a car, plane or tank.
  4. Vegetables and fruits. Such light and beautiful plasticine crafts can be done even by the smallest. Kids can make apple or watermelon, lemon slice, grapes, strawberries and raspberries.
  5. Heroes of your favorite cartoons and fairy tales. It is enough just to mold fixies, smurfs, Masha and the bear, Cheburashka, heroes of the Minecraft game or birds from Angry Birds from plasticine.

Crafts from plasticine for the little ones

The youngest children can be introduced to plasticine (or better with modeling dough, edible plasticine or modeling mass) as early as a year and a half. First, let the baby crumple a small piece of plastic mass in his hand. You can trust him to cover a picture or a plastic jar with plasticine.

beautiful plasticine crafts

When the child gets a little used to working with this material, you can start creating the first simple crafts: try to make a snake by simply rolling a plasticine sausage of any color, or a caterpillar. For a caterpillar, you need to sculpt a fewplasticine balls of approximately the same size and connect together, and then add eyes and antennae.

Step-by-step crafts for kids 2-3 years old

Older kids can handle more complex crafts. For example, it is not difficult to make a chicken with your own hands, and in any color: yellow, red, green, white. For eggs, it is better to choose brown or white. Additionally, you can build a perch. Black beads are recommended for the eyes.

A chicken can look like a real one, or any fairy-tale hero with bright plumage.

beautiful DIY plasticine crafts

First you need to sculpt the torso and head-ball, connect both parts. Then add the crest and beak. Then you need to fashion beautiful wings from green plasticine and also attach them to the body of the bird. The perch stand is available in brown or green. A beautiful plasticine craft made by a child of 2-3 years old (of course, not without the help of adults) is ready.

What to mold from plasticine with a child of 3-4 years old?

Kids love watching colorful fish, so why not build your own aquarium? How to make a beautiful plasticine craft? To create an aquarium fish, and preferably several, you will need plasticine of different colors, a board and a plasticine knife, as well as additional decorative elements (beads, beads).

You can make fish of different shapes and sizes. To the sculpted body (oval, round or triangular), you should add fins and a tail, attach eyes anddecorate the figure with different sequins, sequins, beads or other elements. From several different fish, you can create a whole thematic picture.

the most beautiful plasticine crafts

Sculpt with children 5-6 years old tiger cub

Beautiful plasticine crafts are interesting to do not only for kids, but also for school-age children. Moreover, the complexity of products increases. A very beautiful plasticine craft - a tiger cub - can be made by preschoolers and first graders.

To create a tiger cub that walks in the desert or lies on a platform in a circus, you will need orange, white and black plasticine, a stationery knife, beads or small black buttons for the eyes.

plasticine crafts are light and beautiful

First you need to make an oval out of orange plasticine, which will be the body of the tiger cub, and then start creating paws and a tail. To make the paws look realistic, notches-claws are made on them with a special plasticine knife.

Next, you need to make a tiger cub's head and attach all the necessary elements to it, namely eyes, ears, mouth. It is better to make the inner side of the ears from white plasticine, like the mouth of a tiger cub - this way it will look like a real one.

Now you should paint the tiger cub in a natural color. To do this, it is necessary to roll sausages of different lengths and widths from black plasticine, with which to draw dark stripes on the body and tail of the tiger. The same elements can be used to make eyebrows or mustaches. The figurine is ready.

Step by step creation of an elephant - craft forchildren 6-7 years old

To create an elephant you will need: gray and pink plasticine, buttons or beads for the eyes, a board for working with the material. First you need to roll five balls of gray plasticine - one larger one for the torso and four smaller ones for the elephant's legs.

Incisions can be made on the forefoot for greater realism. It is also good to decorate the legs with white circles - marigolds.

how to make a beautiful plasticine craft

Next, you need to blind the elephant's head. On the trunk, it is necessary to make notches, indicating the folds. To create the ears, gray and pink plasticine is used, rolled into a cake. Next, you need to connect all the details of the figure.

After the base is ready, you can start decorating. You need to roll up the tusks, tail, add eyes and eyebrows. You can give the elephant a bang.

Applique on cardboard for primary school children

The most beautiful plasticine crafts can also be made according to the principle of applications. For example, to make a picture "Space", depicting flat planets, flying saucers and satellites, distant stars and comets on it. All elements must be attached to black cardboard in random order. You can even add aliens.

beautiful crafts from plasticine mountain ash

Hedgehog made of plasticine and seeds for a competition in kindergarten

Hedgehog is a beautiful plasticine craft for children, which can always be presented at an exhibition or competition. First you need to draw or print a prickly character on whiteor colored cardboard, and then fill the needles with seeds glued to plasticine or glue. It is important to ensure that all the seeds are directed in one direction - it will look neat and beautiful. Mushrooms, apples, leaves or mountain ash can be glued to the back of the hedgehog. A beautiful plasticine craft turns out to be very realistic and voluminous.

Making a Christmas tree from plasticine

The plasticine Christmas tree is a craft for children who already know how to work with scissors. First you need to roll a ball out of the green plasticine mass, then make a cone base out of it. For convenience, it is better to fix the workpiece on a wooden skewer. Next, you need to make small cuts with scissors, forming needles. It is recommended that the finished green beauty can be decorated with small plasticine balls, beads and beads. It turns out a really very beautiful craft, which will become a real decoration of the interior on the eve of the New Year holidays.

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