Tsar costume: interesting ideas and recommendations for making
Tsar costume: interesting ideas and recommendations for making

The king's costume looks beautiful and impressive. However, in the store they will ask for a lot of money for it, and for craftswomen who know how to sew, it is easier and cheaper to make it with their own hands. This work may seem complicated only at first glance, but if you remember what the costume consists of, then everything will turn out to be much simpler. And step-by-step master classes will only make the job easier.

General recommendations for making a suit

To make a New Year's costume of the king, you need to know its main components. This is what you need to work on. Most often, carnival costumes consist of:

  • white shirt;
  • short pants;
  • jacket;
  • shoes or boots;
  • robes;
  • crowns.
  • king costume

The main details that distinguish the king from other characters are the crown and the mantle, under which you can wear any trousers and a white shirt. To make the image more spectacular, a bright-colored shirt is put on and girdled with a wide belt.

Costumeking: how to sew a cape

Cutting out a mantle is quite simple. Based on the color of the material, the product can become a princely cloak or a royal mantle. When making a king's costume with their own hands, they choose a fabric of red, gold or blue color with ornaments and decorate it with white fur.

To create a mantle, you need to prepare a thick red fabric, white faux fur, a brooch or a shiny button, lining fabric.

do-it-yourself king costume

Work begins with the construction of a pattern. It is necessary to draw a semicircle, the radius of which should be equal to the desired length of the product. A second semicircle is drawn from the same center, the radius of which is calculated by dividing the neck girth by twice 3, 14.

The mantle is cut out of red fabric, adding 1.5 cm on all sides for allowances. Separately, a cape is cut out on white fur. Next, the details need to be sewn. In the neck area, you need to make a fastener: make a loop and sew on a bright button or a beautiful brooch. Now the king's costume is almost ready, the only thing left to do is to make a headdress.

new year king costume

Making a crown

At a children's party, a king's costume for a boy cannot be imagined without a crown. The easiest way is to buy ready-made, but it will be much more interesting and useful for the child to make it on his own (with the help of dad or mom). The crown can be made not only from cardboard or paper, felt is also suitable for these purposes. A beautiful product will complement the overall look and give the boy personality and sophistication.

It is best to use cardboard. It is denser and will hold its shape better. A great idea is to use a template or example of a beautiful product. They decorate the crown with artificial stones, which can be found in jewelry stores.

boy king costume

A red hat studded with the same artificial stones purchased at a sewing store can be a great alternative to the crown.

Original lace crown

Such a bright element will make the king's costume original, the child will remember it for a long time. Also, a similar headdress is perfect for a little princess costume. To make an exquisite and unusual crown, you need to prepare:

  • lace;
  • jewelry;
  • silver or gold acrylic paint;
  • brushes, pencil, scissors, tape, bowl;
  • gelatin;
  • cardboard or cardboard tube.

The first step is to prepare a piece of lace of the required length. The ends are sewn together and give the product rigidity. To do this, 1.5 teaspoons of gelatin are diluted with warm water and left to swell for 30 or 40 minutes. Next, the mass is heated in a water bath and lace is placed there for half an hour.

Next, you need to make a cardboard base. The length of the part is equal to the length of the crown, the width will be about 10 cm. To make a cylinder, the ends are simply fastened with adhesive tape.

Lace is put on a paper base and placed in a microwave oven for 30-40 seconds at maximum temperature. Delivering the producta second layer of gelatin is applied and again sent to the microwave. Such actions should be repeated at least 7-8 times until the crown becomes hard enough.

The crown is removed from the cardboard base and dried in the microwave for the last time for about 30 seconds. When the product dries, it must be painted with a brush in gold or silver. The crown is left to dry on a windowsill or outdoors. When the paint dries well, the finished product is decorated with light jewelry (rhinestones, beads, etc.).

king costume

When making a Tsar costume with your own hands, you need to be aware of its main advantage: this outfit is suitable for both a 4-year-old baby and older or teenage children. Choosing this look is a great option to look bright, dressy and spectacular.

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