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Yarn "goat down": products, reviews
Yarn "goat down": products, reviews

Goat down yarn is suitable for knitting almost any product, except for summer. She is very warm, soft and gentle, the process of working with her is a pleasure. Products are soft to the touch, light and very warm. When knitting, the thread does not slip and lies very evenly. This type of yarn is very easy to work with. Even a novice craftswoman will cope with the process.

Recently, leggings knitted from goat down have appeared on fashion catwalks. They immediately gained popularity among fashionistas around the world. Previously, such products were used only in everyday life by residents of the northern regions. Now this model has become a fashion brand and is worn all over the world.

goat down
goat down

What is goat down for? The down of this animal has unique properties, light and delicate, and also very practical. In order to get fluff, the goat is not sheared, but combed out with a special brush. In this way, thin and delicate hairs are obtained, which are much thinner and weightless compared to wool. Down allows you to knit light products,which will not prick. This technology was introduced into mass production when yarn manufacturers compared down and wool and concluded that down has many advantages.

Yarn specifications

The yarn is made from natural goat down. Spinning is carried out on industrial equipment so that the thread is uniform throughout its thickness and even. Sometimes in the markets you can find skeins of yarn that have been twisted by hand. This is now a rarity, since the range and availability allows you to buy it without problems.

goat down yarn
goat down yarn

Benefits of goat down yarn

Goat down yarn has advantages over regular wool yarn:

  • dry heat, which is provided to the human body, has a healing effect and can relieve pain in the spine, joints and muscles;
  • environmental cleanliness. Goat down is made without the addition of acrylic or polyester threads and is completely natural. Some manufacturers add a thin cotton thread during the spinning process to give products from this yarn stability and elasticity;
  • goat down products keep the pattern well. Due to the long fibers, it is stored for a long time. At first, there is a slight hair loss, but after several uses it stops;
  • durability. Products can be used for a long time, because such yarn is durable. It is better to wash the thing by hand in warm water, and dry it on a horizontal surface;
  • yarn "goat down" is not prickly. Unlikesheep wool, it is much softer and more pleasant to the body. Therefore, you can knit children's things from it: hats, mittens, socks, blouses and others. They will not displease the baby with sharp touches;
  • does not absorb moisture. The yarn is able to warm without retaining moisture, so it is almost impossible to freeze in such a product.
goat down scarves
goat down scarves

Unusual Uses for Goat Down

Goat down has been used in life for a very long time and people have learned to use it to treat and maintain he alth. Here are some folk recipes for using products from this material:

  • for premature babies whose thermoregulation system has not yet formed, knit a blanket and socks;
  • for pain in the lumbar spine, a goat down belt is used:
  • for headaches, cover your head with a downy shawl or scarf;
  • in case of throat diseases, a downy scarf or scarf is tied around the neck;
  • when heel spurs occur, this material is used to make insoles that are placed in everyday shoes;
  • for varicose veins, wrap the legs with a down product or simply cover with a scarf.
goat down knitting needles
goat down knitting needles

Orenburg shawl

This is the most famous product made from goat down yarn. It's just amazing! Goat down shawls can be passed through the ring, they are so thin. They are also called "gossamer" for the subtlety of patterns and transparent structure.

Orenburg knitting patternsyou can find a lot of scarves. Orenburg knitters have their own secrets of craftsmanship, which they prefer not to share. In order to knit an openwork scarf or stole, you can take any pattern with crochets and do the work on large knitting needles. For a denser and warmer product, patterns with braids and arans are suitable.

Shawls are knitted with goat down needles and cotton thread added to give structure and stability to the product. They are unique and keep the warmth of the hands of their creator. A set of loops is made in any quantity depending on the width and shape of the future product, as well as based on the location of the pattern.

goat down reviews
goat down reviews


Hats knitted from "goat down" yarn are very warm, not prickly and almost weightless on the head. Such a hat can be made for both an adult and a child. Before starting work, it is necessary to produce an increasing number of loops based on the girth of the head. Knitting can be done on a single needle, followed by stitching the hat, or on circular needles without a seam. First, an elastic band is performed, the width of which is determined arbitrarily. Further, knitting is carried out with the front stitch with or without the addition of a pattern. If you add a pattern of braids or arans, the cap will turn out to be more voluminous. For frost, you can tie a double. If desired, you can decorate the finished product with a pom-pom, beads or a brooch.

Sweatshirts, cardigans and sweaters

Sweaters, cardigans or sweaters knitted from goat down yarn are very light and comfortable to wear. If you make a cardigan from this yarn with a dense canvas, then itcan be used as a coat. This product is so warm. Many crafters use goat down yarn to create Irish patterns in combination with other types of yarn. For this knitting method, it is important to choose another type of thread equal to the thickness of the downy yarn. The product is spectacular, light and very practical.

In order to knit a warm sweater for the winter, you need to take a pattern of your size, the required number of threads and choose a pattern. You can not use the pattern, but knit the product with the front stitch. The process will not take long as it should be done on thick needles to emphasize the structure of the down and allow it to open up.


Knitting socks from goat down is made according to the classical pattern. But since this material is very delicate and subject to wiping with intensive use, it is worth adding a special thread. This will give the socks extra strength, but retain the healing properties of downy yarn. Socks made from such a thread have unique properties: they do not allow the feet to get wet and cold, prevent the appearance of corns and heel spurs, and also relieve fatigue after a busy day. You can wear these socks at home and walk in them until relief in the body with fatigue, heaviness and pain in the legs.

Baby stuff

Goat down yarn is very widely used in the manufacture of children's clothing. It does not prick, warms well, light and comfortable. Due to the fact that knitting is done on large knitting needles, the products stretch perfectly, they will not hinder Knitting baby clothes is very easy and fast. Experienced craftswomen recommend that young mothers make sure to make a goat down blouse and a small blanket for the baby, which is convenient to use on walks.

Yarn reviews

Such a warm and delicate yarn, like goat down, gets the most enthusiastic reviews. Those who have ever tried to knit something from it speak with enthusiasm about the process itself and the result.

goat fur products
goat fur products

There are reviews that the ordered goat down yarn turned out to be sharp and tough. Unfortunately, no one is immune from fake. When buying, it is worth considering that it cannot be cheap. It is better to purchase it from manufacturers from factories.

Very many craftswomen note in their reviews about some of the difficulties that arose during the first experience of knitting. They say that the thread is difficult to catch and fix in one place. Experienced craftsmen recommend getting used to the features of this material a little and knitting for a start some simple product with front stitch. After the hands get used to constantly holding the thread at the right tension, the pattern will begin to turn out.

what is goat down for?
what is goat down for?

Many noted the highest quality of down yarn products. Shops selling Orenburg products receive many thanks for supplying the whole world with such unique and elegant products. The unique yarn created in Orenburg is designed to keep people warm, give them warmth and comfort, and even help with someailments.

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