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"Pearl" ("Pekhorka"): universal yarn for summer products
"Pearl" ("Pekhorka"): universal yarn for summer products

Among the amazing variety of varieties of modern yarn for hand knitting, a significant part is occupied by threads made from natural and mixed fibers, most suitable for making light summer things - dresses, blouses, swimwear, children's sets, hats.

pearl pekhorka

The presented publication will tell about one type of yarn with the luxurious name "Pearl".

Meet: "Pearl" yarn

"Pekhorka", a well-known Russian yarn manufacturer, positions "pearl" yarn as a summer version of yarn, which contains cotton and viscose in equal proportions. The cotton component, as a true natural fiber, provides a high hygroscopicity of the thread, its breathability and comfort in use. Viscose, on the other hand, makes the knitted fabric soft, delicate, flowing, superbly draped and firmly holding its shape, does not allow it to stretch anddeform. A significant advantage of the yarn "Pearl" ("Pekhorka") is that knitwear made from it does not irritate the skin at all. They also do not cause allergic reactions even in the smallest children and customers with sensitive skin. Here is such a wonderful product offered by "Pekhorka".

"Pearl": the history of the name

The cotton-viscose composition of the thread not only makes clothes made from this yarn comfortable and convenient, but also gives it new decorative properties.

pearl pekhorka

Unusual twisting, and cotton and viscose are combined using a new original technology that has not been used before, gives the yarn a magnificent mother-of-pearl sheen, visually reminiscent of the noble matte surface of a pearl. This interesting quality is reflected in the name.

Yarn characteristics

"Pearl" ("Pekhorka") is produced in coils with a standard weight of 100 gr. The thread length is 425 m, which is also an advantage, since the yarn is very economical. Master knitters appreciated "Pearl": as a thread for knitting summer things, it has a number of advantages. Knitwear made from it is light and comfortable, since the air between the skin and the fabric circulates freely, preventing overheating or stagnation. Therefore, yarn is used to create touching children's things - from booties and socks to hats, sandals and dresses: even on the hottest day, the child will be quite comfortable in such clothes."Pearl" ("Pekhorka") is perfect not only for knitting original women's blouses, tops, swimwear, summer hats, but also men's mesh jumpers.

In addition, a light noble sheen of yarn gives knitted products an element of festivity and solemnity. This property is used by high-class craftsmen in the creation of exclusive evening dresses.

Knitting parameters

Yarn "Pearl" ("Pekhorka") is universal: it is equally successfully used when knitting and crocheting. The masters of machine knitting claim that the thread "lays" excellently in the knitted fabric, made on machines of the 4th and 5th grades.

pearl pekhorka yarn

For knitting, the manufacturer recommends their optimal size - No. 2–2, 5. The loop test in this knitting option is 4 loops horizontally and 5 vertical rows in one square centimeter.

The most acceptable crochet hook size for knitting from "Pearl" yarn No. 1, 5-1, 9. When working with a crochet, 1 cm contains about 3 single crochets horizontally, and vertical rows of them - 3, 5.

The recommended density for machine knitting is 5-6. There are 42-44 stitches and 55-57 rows in a 10x10 cm pattern in stockinette stitch.

Attention! The calculations indicated in the publication are made for the front surface. If the knitter uses any other pattern, then the sample should be made with this particular pattern and the loop test should be calculated from it.

pekhorka pearl reviews

So, we introduced the reader to the yarn produced by the Russian company "Pekhorsky textile" under the name "Pekhorka pearl". The reviews of the masters who have already become acquainted with this cotton-viscose thread are very optimistic. Knitters emphasize the softness of the twist and the uniformity of the thread, the noble sheen, the comfort when working and the variety of drapery options in any product. Customers also note the convenience and comfort when wearing, ease of care for products made from this yarn.

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