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"Pekhorka" (yarn): description, reviews, prices
"Pekhorka" (yarn): description, reviews, prices

Despite the abundance of ready-made knitwear for every taste and budget, interest in knitting does not weaken. Such love for knitting needles and crochet is very easy to explain: handmade clothes, accessories, interior items are always favorite and precious things. And Pekhorka, domestic yarn, helps to create them.

pekhorka yarn

History of Creation

The textile factory, which set up a line for the production of knitting threads, was established back in pre-revolutionary times, back in 1905. The location of the enterprise gave the sonorous name "Pekhorka". The yarn is so named after the river on the bank of which the factory is located.

Its founding fathers were the Korzinny brothers, they founded a business that successfully exists to this day. A rich assortment, high quality products and its availability are the main criteria by which the enterprise operates today, and Pekhorka yarn (reviews, high sales are confirmation of this) is really good and loved by manyneedlewomen raw.

Great choice

Can you imagine a damp chilly autumn without a cozy cardigan, and a cold winter without a warm scarf and mittens? Of course not! The requirements for these products are the most stringent, because they must be warm, comfortable, and durability plays a role.

"Pekhorka" - a yarn that will satisfy the most fastidious and demanding customer. Finding the right composition, color and texture is not difficult.

pekhorka yarn reviews

Samples from 100% natural raw materials, as well as with various synthetic additives, are presented to the attention of needlewomen.

Cotton, lambswool, merino, camel wool, alpaca, acrylic, blends - all these types and many others (there are more than 100) are created with love and care. Threads without knots and irregularities are very easy to use in knitting by hand and on special knitting machines.


It's amazing how many colors in the assortment Pekhorka can please. The yarn of this company is monophonic and melange. Moreover, in each series there are up to several dozen different shades.

With the help of melange threads, knitwear is obtained with a pattern. It can be clear contrasting stripes, a colorful multi-colored canvas or a smooth transition from one tone to another. This effect is achieved due to the sectional dyeing of the thread in a strictly specified order.

Coloring in monochrome color occurs with the help of high-quality and persistent dyes. knittedproducts are absolutely safe if their basis is Pekhorka yarn. Reviews about her are very good, she is used for knitting adult and children's clothing, a variety of home textiles (plaids, toys, tablecloths, napkins).

This is already interesting

It's no secret that for success in any business, its owner must be very sensitive to consumer sentiment. Pekhorskaya factory is trying to diversify its range. That is why there are quite interesting positions among simple threads.

baby pekhorka yarn

To create clothes with a twist, you should pay attention to the "Shimmering" yarn. This is an acrylic yarn with the addition of the finest lurex yarn. It is perfect for knitting dressy clothes: dresses, shawls or boleros.

"Beaded" yarn - another copy of "Pekhorka". In it, the threads are intertwined in a special way, rather tight and dense. Such a thread in the finished product forms a granular structure and, indeed, looks like the product is embroidered with tiny beads.

For lovers of bulk knitting, manufacturers produce yarn called "Creative". For its manufacture, an acrylic thread with a slight whitish tint was used. Products from it are incredibly soft, pleasant to the touch and very warm - just what you need for cool autumn days.


Most often, knitwear is associated with the cold season. But this is a serious misconception! The Pekhorskaya factory offers needlewomen a large selection of yarn to create a summer wardrobe. It can be clothes and adult, andchildren's. "Pekhorka" is a universal yarn, and its use as a basis for children's suits, sweaters, dresses and demi-season hats or coats will be an excellent solution.

Summer assortment is rich in natural yarns. This is primarily mercerized, gas-opal and plain cotton, linen and viscose. Clothing made from this material is light, breathable and hygroscopic, and these are exactly the qualities that things should have in hot weather.

All the best for children

Every mother wants the best for her baby. And which of the mothers and loving grandmothers did not knit cute booties, lace hats and cozy suits? And although Pekhorka children's yarn is a novelty, such a line appeared in the assortment relatively recently, it quickly won its customer.

pekhorka yarn children's novelty

Delicate texture of the thread, ease of knitting, variety of colors, naturalness - these are the qualities that the children's range of knitting yarn can boast of.

In addition, the positive characteristics of the threads are also manifested in finished products. Children's things get dirty very often, they need to be washed regularly. Often it is this procedure that distorts the appearance of knitwear. The right wash cycle and gentle detergents will help keep hand-knitted wardrobe items in perfect condition even after many washes.

To avoid allergic reactions and irritation, thread manufacturers use the best raw materials. So, the yarn “Pekhorka. Children's whim» is made of wool and fiber.This composition provides warmth and hygroscopicity of clothes, which is very important for little fidgets.

pekhorka yarn children's whim

A penny saves the ruble

"Pekhorka" is a high quality yarn, but at the same time it has a very affordable price. In many ways, it depends on the composition. So, acrylic threads in skeins weighing 50 g cost around 100 rubles for a package of 5 skeins. Most often, manufacturers use just such a weight. But yarn with a special weave or the addition of decorative elements is sold in 100 g skeins. The complex production technology, as well as double the weight, make it more expensive (300-500 rubles per pack).

Natural wool threads become the record holder for prices. The more it is in the composition and the more exotic the origin of the raw materials (alpaca, llama, merino, camel wool), the higher the cost of such yarn. On average, budget types of threads fluctuate within 500 rubles for 5 skeins weighing 100 g each.

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