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Yarn "Pekhorka children's novelty": reviews, description, characteristics
Yarn "Pekhorka children's novelty": reviews, description, characteristics

When knitting, about 50% of success depends on the choice of yarn. It affects not only the functional characteristics of the finished product, but also its appearance. The process of obtaining initial knitting skills also depends on the choice of yarn. At the same time, it must have several mandatory qualities, including low cost. According to customer reviews, "Children's novelty" from "Pekhorka" has all the necessary properties.

About company

Pekhorsky Textile LLC has been operating since 1996 on the basis of the Cloth Factory, built in 1905 on the banks of the Pekhorka River near Moscow. This Russian manufacturer during its existence has been awarded the diploma "100 best goods of Russia" more than once. Products are certified and meet international quality standards.

In the assortment of this company there are more than 90 types of yarn for hand knitting. In addition, Pekhorsky Textile LLC produces yarn for mechanical knitting and kits for creativity. These products are sold in Russia, the CIS countries, and are also supplied to Europe, America and China.


Yarn "Children's novelty" is produced in skeins of 50 gr. The length of the thread is 200 meters. Buyers note that the yarn consists of a dense, but not tight weave of three threads, it is poorly divided into components, so that it does not delaminate during the knitting process. Products made from this material, according to the manufacturer, are light, soft, voluminous, do not cause allergies, are easy to wash and dry quickly.

However, according to reviews, the yarn "Pekhorka children's novelty" does not quite correspond to the declared parameters. With loose knitting, the fabric is really soft, but the same wool mixture makes the products much more delicate. But even before such yarn, "Children's novelty" has an advantage - it is not prickly.

The color palette is quite extensive and includes more than 30 shades. Here you can find both bright and pastel colors, as well as melange thread dyeing.


Label Kids Novelty

This yarn is synthetic. It contains 100% high volume acrylic. Due to this, it is hypoallergenic, keeps its shape well, does not shrink during washing at high temperatures. In addition, it guarantees the durability of the paint. Yarn "Pekhorka children's novelty",reviews, does not shed or fade, retaining its original colors even after prolonged use. This allows you to create bright products by combining threads of different colors.


Canvas. Yarn "Children's novelty"

On the package, the manufacturer indicates not only the color and footage, but also the recommended tool number, in this case, these are knitting needles No. 3, as well as the number of loops and rows in one square decimeter.

However, according to experienced needlewomen, the canvas from the "Pekhorka children's novelty" yarn turns out to be loose and not neat on such knitting needles, the size of one loop is 44.5 mm. Therefore, they advise using knitting needles No. 2-2, 5 or hook 1, 75-2.

The thread itself is quite voluminous, but thin, stretches a little, which makes it easier to knit complex patterns, but at the same time, the finished product keeps its shape and the shape of the pattern well, even if it is in 3D technique.

Yarn, thanks to its synthetic composition, glides easily on the needle and hook, so knitting from it is quick and easy. Coupled with low cost, this material is ideal for beginner needlewomen.

However, according to numerous reviews, "Pekhorka children's novelty" has a significant drawback - it creaks in all states: in a skein, in the process of knitting, in the finished product. Most fabric softeners can't handle the squeak, so wearing the product may not be very comfortable.

Care and maintenance

Caring for things made from this yarn is quite easy. Thanks to the synthetic composition ofeven stubborn stains from berries or tea are washed off, things dry quickly and do not deform. According to reviews, after washing, "Pekhorka children's novelty" practically does not roll down, which allows for a long time to maintain the original appearance of the thing. When wet, the canvas stretches a little under its own weight, but after drying it easily returns to its original shape.


Clothes for dolls from Pekhorka

Like any other type of yarn, "Children's novelty" of the Pekhorka factory has certain advantages and disadvantages.

From the pros:

  • not expensive;
  • easy to get even in small towns;
  • wide range of colors;
  • permanent dyes;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • glides well over instruments;
  • keeps the shape of patterns, including 3D;
  • easily unraveling, after the thread becomes a little thinner, but this is not noticeable in the canvas.
  • products are not deformed;
  • unpretentious care;
  • virtually does not roll;
  • dries quickly;
  • Easy to wash.


  • 100% synthetic;
  • creaks;
  • colors in different batches may vary significantly;
  • thickening threads come across (interspersed with non-twisted raw materials in the overall weave of the thread);
  • when knitting with needles smaller than 3, the fabric becomes quite stiff;
  • twisting the skein does not allow you to get the second end of the thread to knit in two threads from one ball.
Yarn Pekhorka

In connection with all the characteristics of this yarn, "Pekhorka children's novelty" in the reviews, experienced craftsmen recommend for the manufacture of slippers, toys, blankets, rugs, scarves, clothes for dolls and other decorative items. But it is highly undesirable to use it for knitting children's, especially underwear, things. Despite this, this yarn received a solid four plus among needlewomen.

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