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What do you need to know to crochet a bat sweater?
What do you need to know to crochet a bat sweater?

In today's world, everyone wants to stand out. Therefore, when choosing clothes, preference is given to original and unusual models. One of these is an interesting jacket "bat". This item belongs mainly to the women's wardrobe. However, due to the popularity of the unisex style, fashion magazines sometimes show us guys dressed in this original little thing.

If you would also like to have it in your wardrobe, we suggest crochet a bat jacket.


bat jacket

It's easy to bring an idea to life. Craftswomen note that the ability to knit simple columns is enough. In this case, you can diversify the fabric with unusual knitting threads. By the way, about them. There are no strict recommendations regarding the choice of yarn. When crocheting a bat sweater, you can rely on your taste. But still it is worth considering the season for which the product is being prepared. Accordingly, for the summer it is worth buying linen or cottonyarn, and for winter - mohair, angora or merino wool. It is also worth noting that the lace should be crocheted, the diameter of which is equal to the thickness of the thread. But the effect of large loops can be made with a tool three or even four times thicker.


Another important part of the preparatory stage involves measuring the parameters of the person for whom the "bat" crocheted sweater is conceived using a centimeter tape. Moreover, professional knitters are advised to do just that, and not to use the standard parameters that are presented in abundance on the Internet. Otherwise, it is unlikely that it will be possible to create a product that will fit exactly on the figure.

To take measurements, you need an elastic centimeter, a piece of paper and a pencil. Having prepared, we invite the model and measure certain parameters. It is important that the person is dressed in tight clothing. Otherwise, the measurements will be incorrect.

So, we are interested in the following values:

  • chest circumference (OG) (through the most convex points in front and behind);
  • knit sweater bat
  • jacket length (DK) - from the bottom edge to the point of intersection of the neck and shoulder;
  • circumference of the base of the neck (OOSH);
  • armpit level (ALL) - measure from the bottom edge;
  • sleeve length (SL) - from shoulder to cuff.

How to work with measurements correctly?

Quite often, novice craftsmen encounter problems when knitting a conceived product. The reasons may be different. But the mostcommon is that they knit, constantly checking with a centimeter tape. However, often they do not even manage to cast on loops correctly, to say nothing of further work.

Therefore, experienced craftswomen advise beginners who decide to crochet a bat jacket using simple calculations to transfer centimeters into loops and rows. How to do it?

So that the reader does not have any problems, we offer step-by-step instructions. Using it, you can calculate the number of units of interest for knitting any other thing. The principle is as follows:

  1. We take prepared threads and a hook.
  2. We knit a chain, the length of which is 10 cm.
  3. Focusing on the chosen scheme or knitting simple columns, we raise the canvas by 10 cm.
  4. As a result, we get a square 10x10 cm.
  5. Now count the number of stitches (bottom) and rows (side).
  6. Divide both values ​​by 10.
  7. So we can calculate the number of units needed in 1 cm.
  8. Now we compare them with the taken measurements. We multiply the loops by OG, OOSh and DR, and the rows by DK and UPV.

How to knit a sleeve?

Since we are crocheting the batwing sweater from the bottom edge to the shoulder seams with a smooth addition of loops for the sleeve, we have to make a very important calculation. Our task is to increase 1/2 of the chest circumference by two sleeve lengths. How to do it?

jacket bat scheme

We again offer instructions:

  1. Additional loops - this is the length of the sleeve,and the rows for additives are the level of the armpits.
  2. Dividing the first value by the second.
  3. We need to knit two sleeves. Therefore, we multiply the resulting value by two, round up to an integer.

Thus, we calculate the size of the product in the units of measurement required for knitting.

Working principle

In order not to get confused when knitting sleeves, crochet a "bat" jacket should be done according to the instructions:

  1. The conceived product consists of two parts - front and back.
  2. We knit a chain with a length equal to 1/2 OG.
  3. If desired, knit a small cuff. Or we immediately begin to expand the canvas.
  4. Additional loops are air. We knit them after and before the hem.
  5. After reaching the desired width, we knit the fabric in length.
  6. Close the loops.
  7. In the likeness we knit the second part.
  8. Sew the product along the shoulder and side seams.
crochet bat jacket step by step

The linked model can be decorated as you wish. Some craftswomen sew on beads, others make a contrasting piping. The main thing is that the product looks harmonious.

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