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How to make a bracelet "Dragon Scales" from elastic bands without the help of a machine
How to make a bracelet "Dragon Scales" from elastic bands without the help of a machine

Elastic bands for weaving bracelets fascinate everyone: babies, teenagers and even adults. There is a huge variety of models that differ in appearance and colors. One of the most popular options is the Dragon Scale accessory. You can make a Dragon Scales bracelet from rubber bands with your own hands, without a special machine. Yes, you can create this decorative item with your fingers.

Step by step instructions

Making a dragon scale rubber band bracelet is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Many colors are usually used to make an accessory, but for a better understanding of weaving technology, we will use only two basic shades: green and blue. Execution procedure:

Take a green rubber band, pull it and twist it to form an "8" shape. Place one loop of the strap on your middle finger and the other loop on your ring finger. Lower the resulting "eight" a little lower, to the base of the fingers

Stepping through
  • Next, take the gumdifferent color. It must also be stretched and rotated in the same way, put on the middle and index fingers over the green elastic band. Weaving will seem difficult at first, but following this step-by-step algorithm, making a dragon scale elastic band bracelet is quite easy.
  • Take another piece of blue and repeat the second step, putting it on the ring finger and little finger. Next, lower the previously placed green and blue elastic bands down. Then remove both parts of the green rubber band from the fingers, it will be fixed between the blue ones.

Main stage of work

Next you need to do the following:

  • Choose the opposite color i.e. green and simply place one rubber band on your middle and index fingers and another on your ring and pinky fingers. This time they don't need to be twisted. Make sure everything is green on top and blue on the bottom.
  • Next, remove all the lower blue ones from all fingers, they will be fixed on the green ones. Take another blue rubber band and slide it over your ring and middle fingers. Make sure it's above the green one.
  • Take the pieces of the green rubber bands on these fingers and remove them.

You can see that the movements are repeated and turn into a cycle. Actually, this is the whole process of weaving. It is important not to get confused in the sequence. Over time, you will understand the order and scheme of how to make a Dragon Scale bracelet from elastic bands, the movements will become mechanical, and therefore faster.

rainbow bracelet

Shutting down

Need to put another greenan elastic band on the index and middle fingers, as well as one on the ring and little fingers. Repeating the movements, as at the beginning, remove the second part of the lower elastic bands. Then two blue elastic bands are put on the same fingers, and the green ones are removed.

Two more elastic bands are put on top, the lower ones are removed. Then comes the important moment. The green elastic band located in the center is removed. And the whole process is repeated until the bracelet is the desired length. Next, the product must be connected and fixed. To do this, the loops are connected with plastic fasteners.

A bright and stylish accessory is ready! As you can see, it's quite easy to make a dragon scale bracelet with your own hands.

Rubber band set

Elastic band decorations

Today, jewelry woven from rubber bands is quite popular. Many children cannot imagine their life without a new hobby, and parents worry about the quality of goods and the he alth of children. Eyes literally run up from a variety of sets, different in price, manufacturers, color, quantity, shape of parts, the presence of additional fasteners and tools. And the number of weaving patterns pleases with even greater variety.

There are incredibly many options on how to weave a Dragon Scale bracelet from rubber bands. The accessory is often made in iridescent shades, and it looks just amazing. An additional advantage of such jewelry is that the product of the same size can be worn by both a child and an adult due to the elasticity of the material.

For children and teenagers, weaving such bracelets will become an interesting hobby. Moreover, inIn the modern world, needlework is giving way to gadgets, and it will be useful for a child to be distracted from them.

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