How to make a garland of balloons with your own hands?
How to make a garland of balloons with your own hands?

Not a single event, especially for children, is complete without decorating the hall with balloons. Adults and children of all ages love this element of the holiday, which, by its very appearance, evokes a good high spirits. And if some, in anticipation of a solemn event, turn to special firms to prepare for the holidays, while others, on the contrary, prefer to organize the event on their own. However, if buying and inflating balloons is not something overwhelming, then creating a beautiful composition out of them is not always possible. In today's article, we will share how to make a balloon garland that will delight everyone in the audience.


Before you get to work, you should decide exactly what you want to do in the end. The first is the color scheme. It is usually selected in accordance with the overall decor and style of the event. For a garland, it is better to choose from two or more colors of balls. The best and brightest solutions are usually garlands of two colors of different contrast. Red and white. Burgundy and green.Blue and black.

The second is the size of the balls. Decide what you want to achieve from the garland. If you need something noticeable, airy and voluminous, then feel free to choose large balloons for work. If you need to make an exquisite decoration and emphasize the elegance of the decor, then small balls are more suitable. However, most often both sizes are used for the garland.

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Learning to perform the "four"

The first thing to learn is the so-called four of balls. Having learned how to make it, you can easily start making garlands of varying degrees of complexity. To do this, you need to inflate four identical balls and tie them in pairs to each other by the tips. And then tie the pairs together. You should get a "cross" or in other words "four".

four of balls

How to make a garland

After the color scheme is chosen and the balloons are prepared, it's time to learn how to make a DIY balloon garland. Step by step instructions will help you:

  1. Prepare thin fishing line and narrow tape. The fishing line will serve as a kind of basis for our garland. And the adhesive tape will strengthen the balls on it more firmly.
  2. Divide the balls into pairs and tie one with the other with tails. You can use thread for this purpose.
  3. Take the fishing line and cut off the length of the proposed garland, adding one meter on each side. This is necessary in order to have something to attach the garland to.
  4. Twist two pairs of balls around her to make"four". Next, secure the balls with tape.
  5. Gradually build up the design of the garland, tightly pushing each new "four" balls to the existing ones. After each commit, check if your work is harmonious.
  6. When stringing balls, you need to adhere to a checkerboard pattern in their arrangement.
  7. After finishing work, twist the fishing line several times, for greater structural strength.
  8. If desired, you can decorate the ends of the garland with paper or rain tassels. Or attach one ball on each side, of the opposite size.
bright garland

Following all the steps in turn, you will end up with a garland of balloons with a "spiral" pattern. If you want a striped garland, then each "four" should consist of balls of the same color. By alternating two or more colors, get a bright and unusual decoration.

Garlands of larger size

If you need a garland of balls of a larger diameter and size, then, following the instructions above, you can create a garland by taking not two pairs of connected balls, but three or five pairs. Then the garland will be wider.

If the fishing line is not suitable as a frame because of its thinness, then it can be replaced with a thicker base. For example, a bundle or a thick wire.

What can be done with a garland?

There are a lot of options on how to use a garland of balls. Here are examples of such decor:

  • Car. Often cars designed for weddingcelebrations, they decorate it with garlands, attaching them to the hood.
  • Walls. A universal way to decorate a room is to decorate the walls. And garlands are perfect for this occasion.
  • Numbers. In honor of the birthday of a child or a loved one, you can make an increased number indicating the age of the birthday.
  • Arch. A great way to emphasize a specific place in the ceremonial hall. For example, on the day of the wedding, this is the table of the newlyweds. Or a wedding arch. And on a birthday - a table with a birthday cake or a table for arranging gifts.
balloon arch

Stairs. Beautifully designed stair railings will add solemnity and mood to guests, starting from the very entrance

Helpful tips

In order for your balloon garland to turn out exactly the way you intended it for yourself, remember a few recommendations:

  • So that the garland does not sag or fall off at all, follow the rule: no more than 50 cm between fixation points.
  • If the event is planned outside, the weather can bring an unpleasant surprise and blow the garland away with the wind. To prevent this from happening, string the "fours" as close as possible to each other so that the garland is elastic and even hard when finished.
  • So that one of the guests does not accidentally hit one of the balloons by bursting it, place the garland above the average height of those present.
  • In order for the resulting drawing not to deteriorate over time, use as many fixation points as possible to the fishing line or other base.
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  • If the balloons are filled with helium, the garland should be extended in a horizontal position. And if by air, then in vertical.
  • For a small room, do not use a garland of large balls. Choose medium and small.

Try different options and colors. Your loved ones will certainly appreciate your efforts!

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