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How to make a heart out of felt with your own hands?
How to make a heart out of felt with your own hands?

A soft felt heart is easy to sew with your own hands. This will require several sheets of felt, crayon, scissors, a needle and thread, and minimal sewing skills. To get a more voluminous product, you will also need a small amount of holofiber, synthetic fluff or ordinary cotton wool for filling.

Such a heart can be given to your soulmate as a sign of your love, used as a cute accessory or made a beautiful garland to decorate the interior. Felt is an ideal material for needlework, as it has no wrong side and is equally beautiful on both sides, it is easy to cut and does not crumble, so the edges do not need to be processed.

How to choose felt?

There are several varieties of felt for needlework. It differs in composition, thickness and rigidity. For small soft toys, a material made of polyester, 2-3 mm thick, is best suited. It can be soft or hard, the choice of this parameter is up to you. Rigid felt holds its shape better, but soft felt has a delicate texture that is more pleasant to the touch. For a garland, a hard look is more suitable,and for a brooch or a romantic gift - soft. Choose bright, juicy and delicate colors, then the decoration will turn out beautiful and interesting.

Types of felt

Cut and sew

Before starting work, you need to make a pattern for a felt heart. You can choose any shape and draw the figure yourself. The heart can be narrow and elongated or more rounded, symmetrical or creative, it all depends on your desire. However, if there is no time to mess around, you can use a ready-made template.

Heart pattern

Draw a beautiful heart of the desired shape and size on paper, cut it out with scissors, and then proceed to cutting. Lay the pattern on a sheet of felt, circle with chalk and carefully cut.

Felt hearts

To make a three-dimensional felt heart, you need to cut out two identical halves. Then, using a thread and a needle, sew them together with an over-the-edge buttonhole, leaving a small opening for filling. Fill the void with holofiber, sintepuh or cotton wool, then sew it completely. The felt holds its shape well, so try not to tighten the seam, otherwise the heart will come out uneven.

How to use hearts?

The resulting product can be used in different ways: string a few felt hearts on a cord and make a beautiful garland; attach a loop and hang somewhere, for example, on a Christmas tree or other plant; sew a pin on the reverse side and wear a heart as a cute brooch; put your heart ina beautiful box and give it to your loved one as a symbol of your love.

Helpful tips

If there is no time for sewing, you can simply glue the felt halves together. The best for this purpose is "Crystal-Moment" or silicone hot melt adhesive.

If you chose thick felt, you can not stuff the toy with filler, as the material itself is quite voluminous and the heart will turn out beautiful without additional effort.

Aromatic herbs such as lavender, mint or chamomile can be used as filling.

Garland of hearts

To make a long garland of felt hearts with your own hands, you can use a different manufacturing technology. For this purpose, hard felt 2-3 mm thick is best suited. To begin, cut two identical strips 6 cm wide and 20 cm long. Fold them together and sew on a typewriter along the long edge. If you want to get a bigger garland, you can use thicker felt, and make the strips larger, for example, 10 by 30 cm.

Expand the resulting canvas. Using a ruler and chalk, draw 9 straight lines perpendicular to the seam. The distance between the lines should be 2 cm. Connect the canvas again so that the drawn lines are on top and the seam is inside. Align the strips evenly along the long edge, and then sew on a typewriter. If the felt is too bouncy and slips out of your hands, secure it with safety pins.

Now cut the felt along the drawn lines with scissors and as a result you will get charming hearts - even, neatand incredibly cute! For a garland 1 meter long, about 30 hearts will be required.

Cut off a piece of thick thread or cord about 1 meter long. On one side, tie a loop on which you will hang the future garland. Thread the other end of the thread into a needle and collect your beautiful hearts on it. Make a loop at the end of the thread. To make the garland more interesting, use felt of different colors. Decoration is ready!

Heart garland, felt

Whatever way you choose to make felt hearts, they will turn out beautiful, interesting and very romantic. The manufacturing process is simple and does not require special sewing skills, and felt sheets are very inexpensive, so it will not be difficult to create a wonderful decoration with your own hands. Felt hearts will be a great decoration for an outfit or a cute gift, and a garland will make the interior of the room festive and cozy.

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