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Volumetric card with flowers do it yourself: options and step by step instructions
Volumetric card with flowers do it yourself: options and step by step instructions

Now on sale there is a wide variety of printed cards with flowers, including voluminous ones. But lovers of hand-made crafts will not deny themselves the pleasure of presenting a voluminous postcard with flowers with their own hands to a loved one or loved one for the holiday.

When a piece of soul is put into the work, the product acquires a completely different value. After all, a person will be doubly pleased that they tried for his sake. In the article, we will present several options for making voluminous postcards with flowers with our own hands.

Vase of roses

To make such a postcard, you will need paper of three colors - dark pink, light pink, pink. You also need to choose a contrasting color for the background. In this case, we have blue. For the manufacture of leaves, you need to purchase a thin green satin ribbon. Each flower is made from four parts of different sizes, representing a five-petalled flower. Draw the necessary templates separately on a sheet of cardboard. Then all the details are cut out according to the number of flowers in the vase.

do-it-yourself voluminous card with flowers
do-it-yourself voluminous card with flowers

The vase and the table on which it stands are made separately. Start gluing the postcard from the bottom. This is a pink table - a semicircle. A vase is glued to it. It remains to work on the flowers themselves. For each individual element, you need to select blanks of different sizes. A flower is assembled by gluing parts from largest to smallest, and in a checkerboard pattern, with a shift in the petals. They must not overlap each other. When all four parts are glued, the edges of the petals are slightly bent up, so that it is voluminous. In those places where there will be leaves from a satin ribbon bent in half, the sheet is first attached, and the flower itself is glued on top of it. Do-it-yourself volumetric card with flowers is completed. It remains to sign the wishes.

Quilling postcard

Many craftswomen are fond of a new technique for making crafts from stripes - quilling. Elements are made by twisting thin strips of paper. Craft supplies are available at many craft stores. Their color scheme is diverse, there are also strips of different widths. For ease of use, you need to buy a paper hook, templates that help you make several identical parts of the same size, for example, do-it-yourself petals for a postcard "Volumetric Paper Flower"

do-it-yourself volumetric card with flowers inside
do-it-yourself volumetric card with flowers inside

To make these daffodils, you need to buy white, orange, yellow, green and light green stripes. You will need more PVA glue andthin brush.

Volumetric flowers on a postcard with your own hands - step by step

1. The hearts of the flowers are made first. To do this, we begin to wind a tight green strip. We glue the yellow one to the end, and the winding continues. The last layer is orange, the end of the strip is glued to the last turn.

2. We press the inner part of the circle with our finger, and we get the concave middle of the flower. We place them in random order, but at a distance from each other, gluing them on PVA.

3. Now we begin to twist the white stripes according to the selected pattern on the quilling ruler. Having prepared all the petals and glued the edge, squeeze them a little to give the correct shape.

4. Glue the petals around the middle by spreading PVA glue with a brush on the end of the petal.

5. Next make the leaves. Alternating light green and dark green colors, we twist the leaves freely. Then we press the resulting circle so that we get long identical leaves. They are glued in the form of a fan - from the middle to the sides.

Felt flowers

Such a voluminous postcard with flowers with your own hands can be made using felt. This is a soft and comfortable material that is often taken by craftsmen to make flowers. The card below is dedicated to Valentine's Day, so the felt flowers are made in the shape of hearts. They are cut out with sharp scissors according to the drawn pattern.

do-it-yourself paper flower postcard
do-it-yourself paper flower postcard

To make the postcard look voluminous, make it multi-layered. For this you needwill do some pretty hard work. On the top sheet of thick paper, you must first draw the outlines of a branch with leaves, and then, laying it on a wooden board, carefully cut it out with a sharp knife or chisel.

Under the prepared sheet you need to put green colored paper and glue them together. At the end, felt hearts are glued and wishes are signed.

How to make a three-dimensional postcard?

Do-it-yourself flowers can be made not only on the top of the card, but also inside. These products look spectacular, and they are easy to make. You will need white thick paper, green thin and pastel chalk. On the inner fold we place several identical flowers cut out of white paper. Make them by folding paper several times. Cut out one petal, then unfold the sheet. It turns out several identical petals with folds. This gives volume to the flowers. Glue them in a circle on one side, leaving the middle free. At the end, you need to glue the last flower to the central part. The edges of the petals sticking up are glued to the flower located in the middle.

how to make a voluminous postcard flowers with your own hands
how to make a voluminous postcard flowers with your own hands

The center of each flower is optionally painted. Then green leaves are glued around the flower arrangement in random order.


Such a voluminous card with flowers inside is easy to make with your own hands. When folded, two cuts are made on the card, bending the cut parts inward. It turns out the envelope of the bouquet. These two triangles are sealed with any color you wish. Canwrap the narrow part with tape or glue a bow, as in the photo below.

do-it-yourself voluminous flowers on a postcard step by step
do-it-yourself voluminous flowers on a postcard step by step

It remains to make each flower separately and glue all the details on the inside of the envelope. Flowers are cut according to patterns. They consist of the same parts, only different sizes. For the stems, they take thick cardboard so that the flowers do not bend them.

Important! Nothing can be glued on the fold!

The article examined several options for postcards with three-dimensional flowers. You can use this information in your work, or you can dream up and come up with your own. Good luck!

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