How to weave a ''Dragon Scale'' bracelet from elastic bands yourself
How to weave a ''Dragon Scale'' bracelet from elastic bands yourself

Weaving jewelry and various figures from small rubber bands has become a new trend in needlework.

New direction

This exciting creative activity interests not only school-age children, but also many adults, mostly girls and women. And this is not surprising, because such original and bright jewelry as bracelets, rings, necklaces, collars are obtained. In addition, you can weave a keychain of any shape, a brooch, handbag accessories and much more.

Beautiful bracelets made of rubber bands, for example, but they will be a great decoration, and it won't take too long to weave them. You can make the accessory the way you want by choosing the color, size and shape of the weave.


There are different techniques for weaving rubber bands. However, before diving into the world of creativity, you need to stock up on everything you need. You can choose everything separately, but to save time it will be easier to purchase a ready-made set in any store that sells everything for needlework, or order online.

Sets are different, they differ in size and content.

how to weave a dragon scale bracelet from rubber bands

The standard set includes severalsets of multi-colored rubber bands, a loom, a slingshot and, possibly, auxiliary decorations for figures (eyes, beads, etc.).

Weaving technique ''Dragon scales''

It is most convenient to start learning to weave with bracelets. So you can work out and master several techniques. We will talk about one of them below. It's called ''Dragon Scale''.

So, how to weave a Dragon Scale bracelet out of rubber bands? There is nothing complicated about this, especially if you have crochet experience. In any case, after some practice, you will get it automatically.

beautiful rubber bracelets

First, let's look at how to weave a Dragon Scale rubber bracelet on a slingshot, as it will be a little easier than weaving on a loom.

You will need:

  • 14 blue rubber bands;
  • 14 green;
  • 14 orange;
  • 14 purple;
  • 14 yellow;
  • 25 red;
  • 4 clips.

But you can use any other colors you like.

Weave a bracelet using the Dragon Scale technique on a slingshot

Let's get started. To understand how to weave a dragon scale bracelet from rubber bands, you should carefully monitor the progress of work.

  1. Throw a red rubber band over the right column of the slingshot and scroll 2 times.
  2. Put the red elastic over two columns and slip the first loops on it.
  3. Slip the loop from the left column to the right one.
  4. Twist another red rubber band twice on the right column.
  5. Put the red elastic over two columns and repeat the procedure.
  6. Do it all twice. But leave the last gum on two columns. Here we have determined the width of the bracelet. You can make fewer stitches to make it narrower, or more stitches to increase the width.
  7. Drape one red elastic band over both sides. Drop the top two elastic bands from the right column.
  8. Flip the top elastic from the right column to the left column.
  9. Drape one red rubber band over two posts. And repeat the previous procedure.
  10. So, there are two rubber bands left on the right column. And now you can add the next color.
  11. Put the orange elastic band over two columns and throw off the last two elastic bands from the right column onto it. Move the orange rubber band from left to right.
  12. On the next orange elastic, drop the top two loops from the left column.
  13. Repeat these manipulations a few more times until all the red loops are over. There was one orange rubber band on two columns. Add another one to it.
  14. From the right side, drop the two upper loops and throw the elastic to the left side.
  15. So drop all the loops one by one until one orange loop and the top elastic remain on the right. Move on to the next color.
  16. On yellow, drop all the rubber bands from the right column. Then fold all of the yellow elastic over to the right side.
  17. Add another yellow elastic band. Braid the yellow row to the end. And make another one, throwing loops from right to left (in the same way as before).
  18. Knit a few more rows using the remaining ribs in other colors.
  19. At the end of weaving, you should have four pairs of elastic bands. Put a clip on each of them and throw it off the slingshot.
  20. At the very beginning, you wove 4 loops, find them and connect them with clips.
rubber band bracelet dragon scales on a slingshot

Here's how to weave a bracelet - "Dragon Scale" - from elastic bands easily and quickly. As you can see, there is nothing complicated, but at first the lesson requires a certain concentration of attention. But over time, your skill will grow, and the movements will become clear and mechanical.

Weave a bracelet on the loom

To make a dragon scale bracelet on the loom, prepare the loom for two rows.

  1. Place three elastic bands, twisting them into a figure-eight, over three pairs of posts.
  2. Pull 4 elastic bands diagonally, using the outer posts on both sides.
  3. Slip the loops from the row closest to you to the middle. Repeat all this on the other side.
  4. Add three more elastic bands for three pairs of posts.
  5. Throw off the elastic bands on both sides.
  6. And stretch 4 elastic bands diagonally again.
  7. Remove one elastic band from each column.
  8. Keep going until you get the length of the bracelet you want.
  9. Slip all sts to the row closest to you and put clips on all sts. Remove the weave from the posts and connect the ends of the bracelet with clips.
bracelet made of elastic bands dragon scales on the machine

Here's howweave a bracelet - "Dragon Scales" - from rubber bands using a loom. Try to make a bracelet on a slingshot and on a loom to determine which method suits you best. Many people prefer a slingshot, but after trying the machine, they change their minds. Everything is individual.

But there are some figures that can only be done on the loom. However, this does not apply to bracelets.

Such weaving will allow you to create beautiful elastic band bracelets that will fully match your taste.

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