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The best books on personnel management - list, features and reviews
The best books on personnel management - list, features and reviews

It's no secret that not everyone is capable of becoming a successful competent manager. The leaders of large organizations are the strongest personalities with a huge store of knowledge and acquired skills of diplomatic communication.

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Management is an art that takes years to learn. A leader cannot stop in personal development. His authority is built by daily efforts aimed at working on himself, on the desire to learn and train his team.

In this article, we will look at the best books on personnel management. Ratings, reviews and fair reviews of currently popular publications - this information should be read in order to choose the appropriate personal training strategy.

Books for the manager. Where can I find publications with a clear presentation of the material?

Books written in dry formal language are not interesting for anyone to read. If a manager wants to improve his professional level, you need to read those authors who have already embodied their thoughts and advice onpractice and provide specific examples. How did they solve their emergency situations, how did they motivate employees? Many interesting successful authors praise and promote their product. But which one to trust?

Now you can order any book you need via the Internet. But which one to choose? Here is a list of interesting and important books for personnel management. Authors present the same truth in different ways. The manager is the father of his firm. He is in charge of the entire team. So what does he need to learn?

Books for the personal growth of a manager

You need to understand that it is life itself in society that is the main school of a manager. The best HR books are not those that provide theoretical knowledge, but those that are written to inspire the development of leadership qualities in yourself.

Here is a list of especially interesting books for becoming a strong, capable of leadership personality.

  • "Say YES to life!" is the famous story of psychologist Viktor Frankl, a man who experienced all the hardships of a concentration camp and did not harden.
  • "Think and Grow Rich" - Napoleon Hill.
  • "Moral letters to Lucilius" - Seneca.
  • "Dialogues" - Plato.

First of all, you need to start developing your own will, raising your authority. After all, a leader is someone who sets an example. Therefore, the manager must not only be savvy in the field of management, but must also know the origins of leadership. The best books on personnel management will help you with this. Rating is important for publishers-sellers. For readers, it is more interesting how honest with himauthor.

Basic List of Beginning Manager Tutorials

Which books to choose from the whole variety of literature for the manager? There is too much information provided now. And the manager especially has no time to sort through the literature and select "grains from the chaff." Busy people often need a ready-made list of useful books for an executive.

What are the must-read books?

  • "My Life, My Achievements" by Henry Ford - explore the experience of founding the greatest company of the 20th century.
  • Good Growth, Bad Growth by Robert Sutton - The book highlights the major development challenges that any manager faces in building their business.
  • Yitzhak Adizes "Corporate Lifecycle Management".
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.
  • "Involve and conquer. Game Thinking in the Service of Business” by Kevin Werbach.
  • "Work rocks" by Laszlo Bock.
Stephen Covey bestseller

This is only an approximate list of worthy books. It is impossible to read all the books in a lifetime. But this is the bare minimum that you just need to master in order to feel confident when building your team.

Best HR books

What distinguishes a leader from a subordinate? The fact that the first one knows how to set goals for himself and his team members. To learn this, it is important to be on the lookout all the time. Do not stop there, but move forward more and more decisively.

best books list

If you managehimself, it is easy to manage personnel. Popular management books are flooding the book market. How not to drown in this flow of information? We will highlight the top 8 books for the manager's library:

  • First place - "The Tao of Toyota: 14 Management Principles of the World's Leading Company". The book is about how to take a leadership position in your market due to the quality of the product. Edition by Jeffrey K. Liker.
  • The second position is occupied by “Tough management. Make people work for results” – a work by Dan Kennedy.
  • In third place is Peter Drucker - The Practice of Management. This is a classic of executive literature. Every leader should start their career after reading this book.
  • Fourth place in the ranking given to the book "Help them grow up or watch them go. Development of employees in practice.”
  • Fifth position is occupied by the book "From good to great" - an analysis of the activities of well-known companies that have come to amazing success. Considered companies Gillette, Philip Morris, Pitney Bowes.
  • Sixth place - “Dream job. How to build a company that people love” Sheridan Richard
  • On the seventh step "Delegation and Management" is a book by Brian Tracy.
  • The eighth place in the list (but not in terms of content) is occupied by the book "The Ideal Leader". It was written by one of the best management lecturers - I. Adizes.
Books about management. I. Adizes

Itzhak Adizes is one of the top 30 management writers worldwide. He has written over 20 books anddelivers his lectures to numerous audiences. After reading several books by this author, the manager will already be head and shoulders above his competitors.

The best HR books are not always the ones from the most famous authors. But the books written by the hand of the Macedonian I. Adizes are really in the top of the best all the time. It is especially important for a manager to study the issue of enterprise development cycles, which Yitzhak Adizes also raises in his lectures.

This small rating, of course, is far from complete and is subjective. Despite the fact that each work occupies a certain place in it, they are all worthy of the most careful study.

List of good HR books

What other books would be interesting for a creative but inexperienced leader?

  1. "Decisive Man". Author Dennis Bakke is President and Founder of the energy company AES. This is a publication that will help make your company strong and reliable for partners.
  2. The Big Game and Business - explains how to unite employees around a specific goal.
  3. "Great by choice." By Jim Collins and Morten Hansen.
  4. "Speed ​​of trust. The Thing That Changes Everything by Stephen Covey Jr. and Rebecca Merrill.

These are the best HR books. Book reviews abound with compliments on authors and predict success for all who read the literature.

how to choose the right book?

But is it really necessary to read everything that is recommended? Definitely desirablefind for yourself one or two favorite authors whose style of presentation you like, and follow their system. It is absolutely pointless to grab onto all known ideas at once.

The best managers of our time. What are they reading?

To raise your own motivation, it is useful to read what the greats of the world read. What do the most famous executives of the most famous brands like to read?

  • Bob Iger. Disney CEO. He took over the company and Disney took over Pixar and Lucasfilm.
  • Eric Schmidt. One of the Google executives who ran successful multi-million dollar deals.
  • Steve Jobs. It makes no sense to introduce him.
  • Allan Mulally. Ford representative.
  • Mark Zuckerberg is the parent of Facebook.
  • Jeff Bezos, Amazon. The brand value is now about 96 billion.

So what books are these management monsters reading? It is known that Mark Zuckerberg recommends reading The Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley, as well as the book Why Some Countries Are Rich and Others Poor by D. Acemoglu and D. Robinson.

Mark Zuckerberg. Development

Jeff Bezos believes that a book by Elia Goldratt - "The Goal: The Process of Continuous Improvement" should be on the shelf of the leader.

Eric Schmidt, together with Jared Cohen, recently released their bestseller, The New Digital World.

Choice of control strategy

Create a strategy and form a brilliant team - these are the main tasks of a manager. How to achieve this? promptthe development strategy of the company can be those people who have already gone their own way and from the height of their success can advise.

Recommended several books on management strategy:

  • I. Ansoff - Strategic Management.
  • Brandon Webb - "Managing a Business the SWAT Way"
  • “How is a development strategy developed in practice?” – R. E. Mansurov.
  • Strategic Cost Management – ​​J. Shank and V. Govindarajan.

The manager is always responsible for the personnel he selects and for the results achieved by his subordinates. It is important to immediately develop a personal style of command, your own development strategy. The list of useful books for the leader is the one that he chose for himself.

Relax or read?

One of the most upbeat books on management is the brilliant 2010 bestseller Delivering Happiness. From Zero to a Billion,” written by Tony Shay. The author describes his personal experience, how he started a business at the age of 9, trying to sell worms. Then Tony grew up and created Zappos. For his offspring, he received 1.2 billion from the giant Amazon.

Book by Tony Shay

The book is a great read. It is about the case, but it is written very accessible and lively. It can be read on vacation, sitting by the pool. The author gives many useful tips for those who dream of a major breakthrough, gives inspiration and shares his life situations and lessons.

Quotes from books

The main idea of ​​management was formulated by Dennis Bakke in his book The Decisive Man. About activityleader he said this:

It's like in basketball: the coach does not play for everyone. …. He only trains the team and forms the squad, but does not play himself.

Quite useful quotes from Stephen Covey Sr.:

We must not stop looking. And at the end of them we will arrive at the same place from which we started, and see it as if for the first time.

This is a phrase from the world-famous book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

When you stand at the crossroads…

The company is losing money and the manager is terribly confused and unmotivated. This often happens. Is it possible to find a way out of the situation? What to read to take important steps to restore performance?

Believe in yourself again and do your best to endure. Brian Tracy, the most famous specialist in the world of motivational literature, will help with this. And here are his best books:

  1. "Get out of your personal comfort zone."
  2. Kiss the frog.
  3. "Full Engagement".
  4. "Negotiations".

The book “Get Out of Your Personal Comfort Zone” was the most paid back book in the field of personal management. The publisher has sold more than 1.2 million copies, which speaks of the true professionalism of the author.

Here are a couple more well-known and worthy publications:

  • “David and Goliath. How underdogs beat favorites.”
  • "Built to last. The success of companies with vision.”

All the powers that be know that there are no hopeless situations, so you need to take the best books onpersonnel management, find the best team and try your hand over and over again.


From a great variety of business literature, a good manager needs to find something that will lift his team. Books on organizational personnel management are better to choose those written by authors who have personal experience in management.

Those books that are given in the article are the most popular and publicly available. They are produced in large quantities and are easy to find in online stores. But each leader of the organization chooses his personal list of the best books on personnel management with age.

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