How to weave a dragon scale bracelet out of rubber bands?
How to weave a dragon scale bracelet out of rubber bands?

To show off a new piece of jewelry to your friends, you don't have to buy it at all. The original version can be made from rubber bands of different colors. The article will tell you how to make a dragon scale bracelet.

dragon scale rubber bracelet

A few words before starting work

This piece of jewelry is interesting because it will end up with a wide bracelet, which looks very stylish after putting it on your hand and can replace several knick-knacks at once. It is best to purchase a special machine for such crafts, this is especially true for beginners.

What do you need for work?

Before you get an answer to the question of how to weave a dragon scale bracelet and proceed directly to the implementation, you need to buy the following related products:

1. Special loom for weaving.

2. Hook.

3. Rubber bands in two colors. To make it clearer, green and red rubber bands will be used for the example.

Step by step instructions

how to weave a dragon scale bracelet

8 columns will be used for weavingin one row. The remaining rows can be removed.

First of all, you need to throw 4 green rubber bands on the posts, twisting them into a figure eight. One is worn on the first two, the next on the third and fourth, then the fifth and sixth and the last two columns are used.

The same green rubber bands, also twisted, are put on over thrown ones. One - on the second and third, the next - on the fourth and fifth, the third takes the fifth and sixth and the last - the seventh and eighth.

Then you need to throw off the rubber bands below, one at a time. This method will knit the bottom row.

At the next stage of weaving the dragon scales bracelet, you need to throw red irises on the posts, there should be 4 of them.

Thus, each column carries a pair of rubber bands. Those on the bottom (green) need to be crochet and discarded.

Then you need to put on 3 green elastic bands and knit the entire bottom row, where there is a pair of elastic bands.

Then put on red elastic bands (4 pieces). So, it turns out that each column is decorated with two irises. The parts on the bottom are discarded, and then the 3 green ones are put on, and the ones on the bottom must be discarded again.

How to weave a bracelet "dragon scales" next? It is necessary to sequentially throw 4 red rubber bands, knit the bottom row, throw 3 more pieces, also red, and throw off the bottom ones. Then the same work is carried out with green rubber bands. After some time, you will get a small multi-colored grid. Workis performed until the decoration reaches the desired length.

How to shut down?

There is nothing complicated here, you need to fasten a red elastic band on four columns and throw off the bottom row. After that, one elastic band will remain on each column, and from the very last one you need to throw it onto the next column so that a pair of elastic bands comes out on one. From the other end of the machine, you need to do the same work.

Then you need to pry off the elastic at the bottom of each column, then to throw it off. As a result, one elastic band remains, which must be thrown to the next column.

One of the elastic bands of the "dragon scale" bracelet is supplied with a clasp.

It remains to throw off the elastic band by 4 columns, knit the bottom row, so that in the end there is one elastic band on each column. Throw the elastic bands located from the edges to the posts nearby. As a result, each will have 2 elastic bands, and you need to throw off the bottom one and then put on the clasp.

Now you need to do the rubber bands with which the work began, they are put on the posts, and on 4 four columns you get a pair of green rubber bands.

Green elastic is put on the first two columns, and the same color on the next. Then, with the help of a hook, the irises that were below are thrown off.

dragon scale bracelet

There are columns left, on which there is one elastic band, and the iris is transferred from 1 to 2, from 4 to 3. Then you need to take a half of the decoration with a clasp and fasten it with the second half.

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