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How to make an owl out of rubber bands without using a loom?
How to make an owl out of rubber bands without using a loom?

If you are fond of weaving from elastic "irises" of the "Fanny Lum" series, you will certainly be interested in an owl made of rubber bands. How to weave such a figure? Arm yourself with detailed instructions, any Fanny Lum set and a good plastic hook. Let's get to work!

how to make an owl out of rubber bands

Magic ring

You will need to weave a special magic ring, which forms the basis of all figures in the style of "lumigurumi". An owl made of rubber bands is no exception. The pattern of the canvas consists of this magic circle and an arbitrary number of rows imposed on it from above. So:

  • Throw a black elastic band over the hook in four turns. Crochet the second black Fanny Loom.
  • Slip all loops off the hook on her.
  • From the two remaining loops, make one, stretching the left loop through the right one.
  • Insert your hook into the four loops that were dropped in the first step.
  • Draw a black "iris" through them.Pull the left loop on the hook through the remaining two loops.
  • Repeat the previous steps five more times. Thus, you have woven the first row of the canvas - that same magical "lumigurumi" ring.

Continue work

Anyone who is interested in how to make an owl out of rubber bands will need information on how to make the base of the figurine correctly.

  • To make the base ("bottom") of the figure, you need to continue weaving in the same way, only in the second row, knit two rubber bands into each loop. In the third row, weave two "Fanny Loom" in every second loop, and in the fourth - in every third.
  • Continue to work, but now put one rubber band into each loop, alternating colors: 5th row - black elastic bands, 6-7th - white or transparent, 8-16th - black "Fanny Lum", 17th - white or transparent, 18th - black, 19th - white or transparent. You will have a body. At this stage, it can already be stuffed with padding polyester or holofiber.
owl from rubber bands how to weave

Torso treatment

You've almost made an owl out of rubber bands. How to weave the rest of the details? Follow the directions below.

  • To connect the parts of the body, insert the hook into the first two loops of each of the two fragments located opposite each other. Pick up the black rubber band with the tool.
  • Pull this "Fanny Lum" through the loops and slip the other half of the elastic over the hook.
  • Pass the left loop through the remaining rings.
  • Continue weaving in this way until both parts of the body are connected. The last loop must be tightened and tucked inside the toy. If you have already made similar figures, then you probably know that it is convenient to use such a little thing as a keychain. An owl made of rubber bands will be a great souvenir and a true friend!


You can also make ears for your beauty:

  • To form the ears, insert your hook into the middle loop of the last row.
  • Pass the black rubber band through this loop.
  • Pull the left loop on the hook through the right loop to form a loop, then repeat the previous steps again.
rubber owl keychain


How to make an owl out of rubber bands if you don't have a single machine? Very simple: just one hook and any set of "irises" from the "Fanny Lum" series. If you chose multi-colored or black rubber bands for the body of an owl, try making contrasting big eyes, that is, black and white.

  • To make eyes, weave a new magic lumigurumi ring with black rubber bands, then make a second row of white Fanny Lum. Pull the last white loop to the wrong side, thread a black rubber band through it and make a ring. The second eye is made in the same way.
  • If you have already figured out how to make an owl out of rubber bands, then you will probably guess for yourself how to attach eyes to the body. To do this, just choose the place where the owl eyes will be located, pull out the loop from thereand pass through it the ring left on the wrong side of the part. Then drop the loop from the hook and loop it over the base of the eye.
rubber band owl scheme


The beak is usually made of white rubber bands:

  • Throw on the hook "iris" in three turns, pick up two more elastic bands and drop the loops on them from the tool.
  • Pass two more Fanny Looms through the rings on the hook, then return the dropped loops to it.
  • Crochet a new rubber band and drop all the collected rings onto it.
  • Slip two loops from hook to fingers.
  • Attach the beak to the body: insert the hook into the loop located between the eyes, and pull the right loop of the beak through it. Put the left ring from your finger on the base of the left eye, and the right ring on the base of the right.

The figurine is ready. Now you know how to make an owl out of rubber bands using a regular crochet hook.

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