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DIY magazine rack: ideas, manufacturing steps, design
DIY magazine rack: ideas, manufacturing steps, design

Periodicals in the form of newspapers and magazines very often do not have a dedicated space in our homes. It is clear that this mess does not decorate the home at all. A do-it-yourself magazine rack made from improvised materials can help deal with the problem.

This is not just an interior decoration, it will be a great helper in cleaning and maintaining order. All newspapers will be in a specific location.

Stores offer a huge selection of magazine racks - for every taste, color and income, but this is exactly the case when a hand-made thing is better than a bought one. The benefits are clear:

  • you choose the design yourself, based on your own preferences;
  • this option is much more economical;
  • the creative process will bring joy and satisfaction from the result.
hanging newspaper rack

Types of magazine racks

They are divided in several directions. By way of application inroom decoration:

  • Desk view.
  • Outdoor.
  • Hanging.
  • Universal - this type is suitable for installation on the floor and on the table.

The outdoor magazine rack is remarkable in that when placing it, the walls do not need to be drilled, respectively, wallpaper and tiles do not deteriorate. There are many models. The sizes, decor, and design style are different.

The second, no less common variety is the wall magazine rack. They are more applicable in small apartments. The wall always has more free space for placement than the floor. Differ from outdoor smaller dimensions. Mounted at any level on the walls. Made from any material - metal, fabric, wood, plastic, etc.

Hanging "vaults" are usually the lightest, made from fabric or yarn.

The assortment is extremely wide, but we will show you how to make a magazine rack with your own hands in this article.

magazine rack floor

What you may need to make

To create a magazine rack with your own hands, you can choose any toolkit and material:

  • Wooden bars.
  • Piece pieces.
  • Metal bars.
  • Willow stems - twigs.
  • Matter.
  • Yarn for knitting.
  • A clothesline and a piece of twine.

Methods of surface treatment are also varied. These include:

  • Painting with any kind of dyes.
  • Varnishing or using stain.
  • Decoupage technique, craquelure, patchwork, etc.
magazine rack on a wooden frame

Diy outdoor newspaper rack

The variant assembled from thin wood bars and leather strips looks very interesting.

Required for work:

  • A bar of wood with a round section and having a diameter of 1.5 cm, a length of 72 cm.
  • Rectangular beam - 1.5x4 cm, length 164 cm.
  • Leather straps or a rectangular piece of leather to make a newspaper bag.
  • Strong threads.
  • Screws with a diameter of 2.5 mm and a length of 3 cm.
  • Wire or ready-made rectangular rings.

Don't forget the tools too:

  • Drills and hacksaw.
  • Thick needle for stitching leather.

So, let's make a magazine rack with our own hands.

The procedure is not very complicated, just follow the algorithm:

  • Bar (round) is divided in half - 36 cm each, and square - into 4 parts 41 cm each.
  • In all square segments we drill holes to the middle (not through), retreating 2.5 cm from the edge.
  • Further, we fasten 2 bars with a square section with screws, laying them together along the wide side. Here we wrap with wire or put on a ring.
  • Spread these structures with a cross and connect them with round bars.
  • It remains to align the legs to give stability. You can finish it in any way - paint or treat with a layer of varnish.
  • The wood frame is finished, let's move on to the leather.
  • We need 6 straps62 cm long, and about 4-5 cm wide. Make loops at the ends, through which pass round bars on both sides.

That's it, the design is ready.

cardboard magazine rack making

Diy paper case made of cardboard

Sometimes, when buying some thing, we part with cardboard containers without regret. We don't even know how to use it. But it is very easy to assemble a beautiful magazine rack with your own hands from corrugated cardboard.

Prepare the following materials and tools:

  • A package of white paper napkins.
  • Cardboard box or sheets of corrugated board.
  • Paint brush.
  • Bowl for making glue solution.
  • Hot glue and gun.
  • PVA.
  • White paint - acrylic.
  • Spray paint.
  • Foam sponge.
  • Colorless varnish.

At the very beginning of work, mark the place of the cut with a pencil and a ruler. Cut off the unwanted part. For the manufacture of internal compartments, the box is laid sideways on a sheet of cardboard and circled. Then, reducing by 2 mm around the entire perimeter, cut out with sharp scissors.

The sides and bottom of the workpiece are carefully coated with glue and inserted into the right place in the box. Almost everything, the newspaper is ready. It remains to decorate it.

To do this, take a napkin and tear it into pieces. In a bowl, dilute PVA with water (1 to 1). Now, with a brush dipped in the solution, we coat a small area of ​​cardboard and apply a napkin - loosely, forming folds. Thus, we glue the wholesurface.

Finally, you can spray paint your magazine rack or leave it white. Then apply varnish and dry. A wonderful container for periodicals is ready - use it with pleasure!

Textile magazine rack

This is probably the easiest way to create! Making a DIY magazine rack out of fabric is as easy as shelling pears!

You will need a piece of fabric measuring 27 by 62 cm. The denser it is, the better. If one is not available on the farm, you can glue soft fabric with non-woven fabric from the inside out.

You also need a block of wood - 31 cm, thread and needle, scissors, braid or cord (length 35 cm).

A rectangular piece of fabric must be processed along the edge by any convenient method - sewn with an oblique trim or simply fold the edges.

Now fold this workpiece in half with the wrong side inward and sew the free edges together. We insert a bar inside and sew a seam, fixing it. We will tie the cord to the ends of the stick, thereby fixing the fabric.

That's all, there are a huge number of options for decorating such a product.

Hi-tech desktop mirror magazine rack

And to create the next original gizmo will have to work hard, but the result is worth it. Tools needed for work:

  • MDF panels (30x30 cm) - 4 pcs
  • Acrylic mirrors (30x30 cm) - 2 pieces
  • Screws.
  • Glue "Liquid nails".
  • Drills.
  • Light gray acrylic paint.
  • Screwdriver.

First, let's assemble the frame of our magazine rack.To do this, the panels must be screwed to each other with screws, forming a square.

Paint all wood surfaces except sides with acrylic paint.

Smear the sides liberally with glue and attach mirrors. Leave to fully set and dry.

This is how - very quickly and simply - a wonderful "keeper" of newspapers and magazines is made! And the mirror surface will give it an extra charm!

yarn magazine rack

Hanging knitted magazine rack

Yes, there are a lot of ways to make it. Here is another one of them - a wall-mounted magazine rack, knitted from yarn with your own hands.

For her, the remnants of the threads from the previous knitting are suitable. Hook, a wooden stick having a length equal to the width of the future product and 5 cm from above.

How to proceed in this case? Tie a rectangle with any pattern you like, fold it in half and tie the free edges, connecting them together.

Then attach the stick and tie a string, which then tie to its ends. Fringe, knitted flowers, beads, etc. are suitable here as decoration.

This option is remarkable in that you can independently choose the texture of the threads, the knitting pattern and the size of your product.

felt magazine rack

Making a felt magazine rack

Perhaps one of the most successful materials for needlework is felt. Its main characteristics are beauty, suppleness, plasticity, strength, no need for additional processing of the edges. To work with this materialabsolutely no special sewing skills required.

To create a newspaper basket, prepare hard felt in brown sheets, thick cardboard, yellow sewing thread, and a needle.

First, on a sheet of paper, we form a pattern of the bottom of the basket, measure its length in a circle (we get 46 cm). Cut out 2 parts from the material.

bottom of felt basket

Now we cut out 7 long strips of felt (49 cm for loose styling and do not forget about 0.5 cm seam allowances) for weaving the sides and 20 short strips 3 cm wide. Each part should be in duplicate.

To seal the magazine rack, you can add cardboard spacers by cutting them out according to the same patterns.

Sew all the details-strips in two, inserting cardboard between them. Sew the seams neatly along the edge with yellow thread.

One blank of the bottom made of felt must be glued to the cardboard and short strips should be attached to them at an equal distance, laying in a circle. Top with a second felt piece and stitch along the edge.

Now, taking the long strips, also stitched with a cardboard lining, sew them into a ring, retreating from the edge by 0.5 cm. Interlace with the short ones, and sew the top ones along the edge. The handle of such a basket is optional, but everything is up to your taste.

Done, it remains to decorate the magazine rack - sew various flowers, leaves, fruits from the same felt with your own hands and attach to the basket.

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