How to fold an origami bird out of paper
How to fold an origami bird out of paper

As children, many of us heard the story of a little Japanese girl who got sick with radiation sickness but struggled to survive. Once, her mother told her that there is a belief that a thousand paper cranes will help fulfill the most cherished desire if you fold them yourself. And the child who was injured in the bombing of Hiroshima asked only that wars stop in all corners of the planet.

origami bird of happiness

The baby died after folding more than 640 birds, but her story was known everywhere. A stream of “happy” origami cranes literally poured into the World Museum. The bird of happiness has made many take a fresh look at life and what is happening around.

Craft history

Origami as an art form dates back to Ancient China. At first, the inhabitants of the country learned how to make paper, and then they came up with an interesting occupation.

Oddly enough, but at the dawn of origami, only representatives of noble families were engaged. It was believed that only the chosen, worthy and intelligent people could master such a craft.

The main rule of art: any figures should be made only from a whole sheet of paper, by repeated addition andstraightening of its individual parts. Valuable advice was passed down from generation to generation, neatly recorded or memorized. The art continues to develop, and each new generation keeps the knowledge of their ancestors, improving the skills of folding paper figures. Many have seen the origami bird, but besides this, there are many different crafts in the form of animals, plants and decorations.

origami bird

The benefits of origami practice

Like any other craft, origami helps develop skills such as mindfulness, perseverance and patience. This activity is calming and helps to focus. Scientists have long noticed that doing small manual work makes the brain work more actively.

You can make an origami bird out of paper yourself, as well as teach it to your children, nephews or grandchildren. By the way, this is a great activity that allows relatives to get together, discuss some issues and help each other.

Where to start learning the art of origami

If you've never made a craft like this before, don't be intimidated. In fact, there is nothing complicated here, and even a child can do origami. A bird made of paper, for example, would be a great option for those who decide to master a simple and interesting technique.

There are many simple origami shapes that you can fold before you start making complex crafts. Be careful, try - and soon you will be able to show off a whole collection of interesting paper products.

Add frompaper origami bird - a symbol of happiness

The basis for the future "bird" will be a paper square with sides of 20 x 20 cm. The easiest way is to take an A4 sheet and cut off an extra piece. First, the square is folded in half on both sides, unfolded and similar folds are made diagonally.

Fold lines should be clearly visible on the unfolded sheet. This will allow you to make an origami bird out of paper easily and quickly. We fold the sheet in half and turn the resulting triangle with the vertex (right angle) towards us. We grab the corners that look to the sides with our hands and fold them inward, holding the opposite side with our hands. If you get a double square, then you did everything right.

paper bird origami

Bend the free corners of the upper part of the square to the center. As a result, the upper part will look like a "flying" kite, the bottom layer is still square. Flip the shape over and repeat the same procedure using the free corners. Gently iron the fold lines, this will give the figure the desired shape.

Return the figure to the shape of a square again, pull the bottom corner of the paper and gently bend the sides inward, do the same with the other side. From the resulting rhombus, carefully bend the necessary fragments to the sides for the head, wings and tail of the bird, give them a shape. For more clarity, view the photo presented in the article.

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