Learning to hem trousers correctly
Learning to hem trousers correctly

Surely everyone has come across a situation where a newly bought item needs a little correction. For example, you need to sew something in, or hem your trousers. But sometimes there is not enough time to take a new thing to the studio. If you have a sewing machine at home, then doing it yourself is not at all difficult. To work, you will need trouser braid, a ruler and a piece of chalk.

Classic men's trousers: how to hem

hem trousers

This model of pants has its own characteristics. In it, the braid can only be sewn on the back half of the product. This is necessary so that the main fabric does not wear out.

First, a man must put on trousers to determine the exact length. You can try on in shoes, then the bottom edge of the leg should be located between the heel and the heel. If you measure the length without shoes, then the border of the hem should be five millimeters above the floor. Don't forget to mark with chalk or pin the leg.

Mark the desired length

Beforethan to hem trousers, it is necessary to make an exact markup. To do this, lay them out on a flat surface. Draw two lines with soap or chalk. Do this with a ruler. The first is the cut line, the second is the length of the trousers in finished form. The margin for the hem should be about five centimeters. The thickness of the fabric is also taken into account. The thinner it is, the less stock you need to leave. Cut off excess fabric along the bottom line and use an overlock to process the bottom edge. The same can be done using a zigzag. Sew on the trouser tape two millimeters above the hemline.

how to hem classic men's trousers

You should know that the new trouser tape must be soaked in hot water, let it cool, then steam it well. It is impossible to hem trousers with untreated new braid - during the washing of the product, it can shrink and pull off the bottom of the trousers. Fold the fabric so that two millimeters of tape remain on the front side. This is necessary so that the trousers do not wear out ahead of time. First, you need to hem with a braid with your hands to facilitate hemming and ironing. Therefore, let's talk now about how to hem trousers by hand.

You can use duct tape by laying it with the main fabric and hem, then ironing with steam. True, this method has a significant drawback - during the washing process, the tape can come off. Therefore, it is safer to simply hem the trousers by hand, with a thin needle and fine thread.

how to hem pants by hand

Shutting down

When the main work is finished without removingbasting, iron both legs, then remove excess thread and iron the bottom of the trousers again.

Important details

Before hemming linen, denim or cotton trousers, soak them for 30 minutes in warm water. Such things "shrink" when washed. Wool trousers should not be washed, it is enough to iron them well through a damp gauze cloth, in this case the wool gives maximum shrinkage.

Today you learned how to hem classic men's trousers correctly. Now you can do this work with your own hands, without resorting to the help of professionals. In the same way, you can hem a skirt or dress.

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