Strikes in billiards - "Russian pyramid"
Strikes in billiards - "Russian pyramid"

Billiards is an imposing and highly intellectual game. To win in billiards, you need endurance, a keen eye, a firm hand, knowledge of geometry and physics. If you have all these skills, then in order to play confidently, you need to master the correct strokes in billiards. Below in the article we will talk about the main types of strokes that will help you win in Russian billiards.

Main rule

No matter how long you play billiards, putting into practice this rule will help you in the game. Your movements while hitting the ball with the cue should be as smooth as possible. Not sharp and jerky, but calm and smooth.

Beats in billiards

The speed of the hand holding the cue must be constant from the beginning of the movement until the moment the cue sticker touches the cue ball. This rule makes it possible to hit the cue ball exactly in the right place, which will allow you to set the cue ball (the ball that you hit with the thin end of the cue with a sticker) the desired trajectory of movement.

The smoother you accelerate the cue, the more accurate youit will hit. If, just before the cue ball touches, you loosen the hand holding the cue a little, you will create ideal conditions under which the cue ball will receive a springy hit caused by the weight of the cue, and not your hand. This technique of hitting in billiards is considered the most correct and accurate.

A variation of billiards

Besides hitting the cue ball correctly, you must know and follow the rules of the game. A regular amateur game takes place without the participation of a referee, so compliance with the rules will become your common concern with a game partner. You cannot count on the spectators present at your game, as they, for various reasons, can make subjective assessments. Ignorance of the rules will turn your game of billiards into just a series of pointless hits on the balls, which will soon bore you, and the game itself may disappoint. Whether you play well or badly, you should know the rules of the game.

Kickoff ("Breaking" or "Smash")

This is the first blow in Russian billiards when the pyramid breaks. He can be tricky, especially for beginners.

Disruption of blow in billiards

On impact, one of the following requirements must be met:

  • one or more balls were pocketed;
  • at least three balls from the pyramid must touch the sides of the table;
  • two balls touched the sides of the table and at least one of the balls crossed the center line of the table.

If you do not meet one of these conditions, you will be penalized, and the first ball you pocketedwill not count.

Flip off

In billiards, an unsuccessful shot has a biting name - kiks, which came to this aristocratic game from music. There, this term refers to a breakdown of the voice.

In billiards, a smeared hit on one's own ball does not bode well for the player. With some varieties of the Russian "pyramid" for such an oversight in the game, a fine is imposed - the player puts one of the early pocketed balls on the table.


This type of blow in billiards in all varieties of Russian billiards entails a fine. When you continue to hit the moving cue ball until it hits the object ball, you will definitely incur a pen alty. Simultaneous contact of the end of the cue (sticker), the cue ball and the object ball must not be allowed. If you pocket a ball with the help of "push" it will not be counted and you still have to put in one of your lucky balls.

Double Strike

Repetitive blows in billiards, following one after the other on the cue ball, are prohibited and are also punished with pen alty points. Remember once and for all - in billiards, only a single touch of the cue sticker and the cue ball is allowed during the stroke.

"Guard", "reel" and others

This is the name of the blows in billiards, which are struck not in the center of the cue ball, but below or above it. This pullback technique results in the cue ball moving backwards after hitting the object ball. In the event of a roll, the cue ball continues its forward movement after contact with another ball. Such strikes allow you to exposeballs on the field according to the desire of the player.

"Masse" - a blow with strong rotation, giving the cue ball a trajectory of movement in an arc. With it, an experienced player can pocket a ball, a direct hit on which does not guarantee a hit in the pocket. To perform such a stroke, the player must have an excellent eye and great experience in playing billiards.

Strike technique in billiards

For a person who recently picked up a cue or plays this game from time to time, it is almost impossible to carry out such complex (technically) strikes. However, if you are a beginner, this does not mean that you should give up trying to make such a blow during the game. Beginners are usually lucky, and in order to learn how to pocket such difficult balls, even billiards virtuosos had to play more than one hundred games.

Jump, brother-in-law and effe

To overcome an obstacle in the form of a ball between the cue ball and the object ball, an experienced player can make a "jump" - a shot that makes the cue ball jump over the table and overcome the masking ball. Only experienced players can afford such blows in billiards. For beginners, they usually end with the ball flying out of the table.

A shot in which a player directs not an object ball into the pocket, but a cue ball, is called "in-law". This hitting technique is quite common when playing Russian billiards. Unlike the American one, in our version of the game there is no pen alty for a pocketed cue ball.

Beats in Russian billiards

If the cue ball moves when hitin a straight line, rotating around its axis - this is an "effe", a twisted blow. Professional billiard players can use this technique to give the object ball the desired trajectory, other than moving in a straight line.

We have examined what kind of strokes there are in Russian billiards. Perhaps this will help you improve your skills in this exciting game. Have a good game!

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