How to make DIY home decoration? Ideas for home decoration
How to make DIY home decoration? Ideas for home decoration

Striving for harmony and comfort in your apartment is a natural desire. There are many possibilities for creating it. Handmade decoration is especially popular now. It is not difficult to make home decoration with your own hands, as there are many ways. The most popular are described in the article. Choose your favorite idea. Create beauty for your interior.

DIY home decoration

How to make DIY home decoration

All types of room decoration can be classified into:

  1. Interior work.
  2. Creating accessories and souvenirs.

The first group in this case includes the decoration of the following objects:

  • sten;
  • ceiling;
  • windows;
  • mirrors;
  • doors;
  • furniture.

This can be done by coloring, applying compositions with special properties and decorative elements.

The second option involves the creation of new objects that are hung on walls, windows; placed on shelves, tables, etc.

Techniques can be as follows:

  • painting on wood, glass, stone, fabric;
  • decoupage;
  • mosaic;
  • cross-stitch, satin stitch, satin ribbons;
  • tailoring of curtains, textile dolls, pillows, bedspreads;
  • knitting napkins, voluminous souvenirs, amigurumi (miniature figurines);
  • execution of threads of openwork balls;
  • creating pom-pom jewelry;
  • production of three-dimensional letters, including those with backlight;
  • sculptural compositions;
  • floristic motifs;
  • weaving from newspaper tubes;
  • use of natural materials (for example, creating a topiary from cones);
  • kanzashi - making voluminous decorations from squares of satin ribbons.

Thus, ideas for home decoration can be very different. They can be used both to create a casual interior, and for a festive atmosphere. Let's take a closer look at some of the possibilities.

Decoupage and stencils

If you can draw, and even better - have at least an elementary art education, it will not be difficult to update your interior. You can easily make any decoration with your own hands for the home using the painting technique: you can decorate windows or make panels for stained glass, update old furniture by painting it in a modern style. A good help for experienced and a great opportunity for beginners are decoupage and the use of stencils.

home decoration ideas

The latter are pre-cut templates. Such blanks are sold in construction and finishing stores, but they are also made independently at home.conditions.

Stencil can be applied to walls, doors, glass, mirror, furniture. With such a tool, even an inexperienced master can make a beautiful pattern on any horizontal or vertical surface.

DIY home decoration

Decoupage is a napkin technique that allows you to decorate the surfaces of wooden, glass and other objects. To do this, ready-made templates with images are bought and glued onto a primed base, after which the object is complemented by hand-painted or decorative effects. Can decorate:

  • furniture;
  • bottles, wine glasses, vases, containers;
  • boxes, caskets, boxes, chests;
  • clock, wall hangings for keys;
  • chopping boards;
  • frames for photos and mirrors;
  • souvenir blanks (houses, plates, hot coasters).

In a word, the possibilities are huge if you master the decoupage technique.

Textile accessories

This group includes everything that you can sew for your home:

  • curtains;
  • dolls in the form of people and animals;
  • soft toys;
  • pillows;
  • spreads, seats for stools and chairs.

As for large-sized objects, such as curtains, lambrequins, bedspreads, they will have to be made from specially purchased material, but the rest of the small decor is easily made from leftovers that you may have at home and gather dust somewhere in the closet.

Flower Arrangements

Very beautifuldecorations for the home are obtained in the form of various floral solutions. Compositions are both embossed, designed to decorate the wall, and voluminous, which can be viewed from all sides.

beautiful home decorations

Flowers are made from the following materials:

  • chiffon;
  • kapron;
  • paper;
  • satin ribbons;
  • fleece;
  • cotton pads;
  • polymer clay and other plastic masses.

Curtains, vases, containers, frames for photos and mirrors can be decorated with separate elements, and beautiful bouquets are created from several parts assembled into a single whole. There are manufacturing options, when using which flowers look very realistic, at the same time they delight the inhabitants of the house much longer than their natural counterparts.

Crochet home decorations

crochet decoration for home

This technique is also easy to master. With it, the following decorative things are made:

  • again voluminous and simply openwork flowers;
  • napkins and tablecloths;
  • curtain decorations;
  • 3D toys;
  • clock;
  • panel on the wall;
  • pillowcases, throws, furniture covers, seats for chairs and stools;
  • rugs and runners;
  • tie cups, vases, boxes, containers.

A few more options

In addition to the above, you can make other decorative decorations for the home. Original light openwork things are obtained from threads. So, they make balls, Christmas trees,pendants. The meaning of technology is as follows:

  1. Take a base that will be easy to remove from the product later (balloon, cardboard cone wrapped in film).
  2. Start wrapping the workpiece with threads previously dipped in PVA glue.
  3. After drying, remove the original template, and you have a light translucent design ready. If you put a light bulb inside, you get an unusual lamp.
  4. DIY home decoration

Interesting decor can be made using the technique of diamond mosaic and thermomosaic, purchased in a ready-made set. It includes everything you need to create a panel. Usually they do just that, but you can make magnets, a photo frame, decorate the rounded surface of a vase or a jewelry box.

Thermomosaic is, in fact, entertainment for children. Colored cut plastic tubes (stumps with a hole) are assembled according to a template or a self-defined composition based on pins, then ironed, resulting in a connection of the elements.

Diamond mosaic - a new kind of creativity. It is a small (several millimeters) multi-colored square elements with a faceted front surface. They are applied according to the scheme (as for cross-stitching) on ​​an adhesive base. The finished product can be framed or glued to the surface of the box.

You have seen that there are many ways to make home decoration with your own hands. The main thing is imagination and creativity. Choose your favorite ideas. Create your own uniqueinterior style, comfort and harmony.

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