Russian coins of value: denominations and description
Russian coins of value: denominations and description

Dozens, sometimes hundreds of coins pass through our hands every day. We pay with them in kiosks and shops, in public transport and cafeterias. Even without paying attention to their appearance, we throw the rest into the piggy bank of a son or daughter for various children's expenses. Although some of them deserve to show off in a special album for numismatists. After all, there are Russian coins of value. Such rare specimens sometimes cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of rubles.

50 kopecks 2001

Which Russian coins are valuable? First of all, these are those that have never been put into general circulation. This is how you can characterize the unique 50 kopecks of 2001. It is known that this monetary unit was minted by the Moscow Mint. And somehow a part of the party, quite a small one, got onmarket. Numismatists immediately appreciated the rare specimen - only on it, under the hoof of a horse, can one find the coveted letter "m", which made the coin the target of hunting for all collectors. It is made from an alloy of zinc and copper - brass. The obverse depicts George the Victorious. Sitting on his faithful raven, he pierces the head of the monster with a spear. The original costs 100-120 thousand rubles.

Russian coins of value

Knowing the value of the sample, scammers try to cash in on fakes. To do this, they use 50 kopecks, but only in 2004, where the number 4 is neatly and imperceptibly for ordinary people corrected for the cherished one. But even a counterfeit coin is relatively expensive. For a high-quality fake, you will have to pay 3–4.5 thousand rubles.

5 rubles 1999

It is also called the most coveted coin in Russia. There is only one officially released copy. It was discovered in 2009. Therefore, it costs more than other valuable Russian coins. The list of unique numismatic samples is headed by 5 rubles of 1999. Rumors still circulate around the history of its appearance, discussions continue. Could the St. Petersburg Mint issue only one coin? Be that as it may, no other analogues have been found to this day.

valuable Russian coins, list

The obverse is convex, it depicts a double-headed eagle. On the reverse are branches of a stylized plant. Distinctive features are letters, the edges of which are drawn in the form of pointed steps. BUTalso rounding five in the upper left corner. The coin is made of bimetal: copper, on top of which a cupronickel ball is superimposed. Russian coins of value may envy its value. It is simply astronomical - 250 thousand rubles.

1 ruble 2001

We are talking about a simple ruble, not an anniversary one. Just in 2001, the Moscow Mint, in honor of the tenth anniversary of the existence of the Commonwe alth of Independent States, launched a commemorative banknote into circulation. Of course, it can also become a decoration of your collection. But it is not very expensive and rare. The issue has a circulation of 10 million and is easy enough to find and buy.

valuable modern Russian coins

But the hunt for 1 ruble of 2001, made according to the model of 1997, will be fruitless, since only a few copies are known to exist. These coins were not going to be officially released to the market, but a couple of them still fell into the private hands of collectors. Like all modern Russian coins of value, it costs 30 thousand rubles, respectively. Its appearance is similar to the previous coin: an eagle with two heads and a beautiful twisted twig. The coin is made of an alloy of nickel and copper and is not attracted by a magnet. The color of the banknote is silver.

2 rubles 2001

This one differs from the previous coin even more in value. The price ranges from 30 to 50 thousand, depending on the appearance and degree of preservation. Like other valuable Russian coins, the list (list) of which is published inthis article, it is very rare and unique in its kind. It is not known what reasons prompted the officials to first put into production 2 rubles of 2001, and then postpone the entire batch of goods to gather dust in the warehouse. Some copies have come into use, but only their exact number is difficult to determine. This coin has the usual appearance - the color is white-silver, edging is observed along the edges. The image of a traditional double-headed eagle is on one side of it, on the other side there is a denomination decorated with a tree branch.

the most valuable Russian coins

Collectors claim that it is difficult to find a real copy. Therefore, monetary samples that have not been released into the world are a treasure for every numismatist. By the way, they also pay attention to various valuable Russian commemorative coins. 10 rubles with the inscription "Chechen Republic", for example, are made of inexpensive metals. But due to the fact that the banknote is timed to coincide with a certain event, its prices grow annually, which means that demand also increases.

Olympic coins

They are not as expensive as the ones described above, but very cute and beautiful. They depict the symbols of the Sochi Olympics: a polar bear cub, a leopard and a bunny. The face value of the holiday coin is 25 rubles. Its actual cost is 5-6 times more. The Moscow Mint issued a banknote on the eve of the 2012 event.

what Russian coins are valuable

In addition, a whole series of coins dedicated to winter sports and other features of the event was released. For example, 3 rubles - biathlon, figure skating, hockeyand mountain skiing; 50 rubles - bobsleigh and curling; 100 - "Russian winter"; 1000 - "Flora" and so on. A copy with a face value of 25 rubles called "The Emblem of the Games" was made in color. Namely, the name of the city of Sochi and the rings, the symbol of any Olympics, are painted in blue, yellow, green and red.

The Paralympic Games also received their own banknote. The 25 ruble coin, which depicts Ray and Snowflake holding hands, was put into circulation in March 2014.

10 rubles. Gagarin

This is the name of the banknote, which in 2001 was issued by two mints at once: Moscow and St. Petersburg. Its circulation was huge - 2 million. Despite this, the sample is considered valuable, as it is dedicated to a great event in the country: the 40th anniversary of the conquest of space. Its edges are made in golden color, the central part is silvery. On one side is a portrait of the legendary Soviet pilot - Yuri Gagarin, on the other - the denomination of 10 rubles.

valuable Russian coins: 10 rubles

In specialized stores it costs about 200-300 rubles, at the auction even less. Despite this, private individuals are selling "Gagarin" for tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of rubles. The inflated price is unjustified, since the most common inexpensive metals were used in the manufacture of the sample. But the coin is a memory of the anniversary event, so we can talk about its cultural value for society, which is also important. Coins like this will be a worthy decoration for yournumismatic collection and a pleasant memory of the anniversary of the solemn date.

Other Russian coins of value

If everything is simple with rare and commemorative copies, then how to determine the significance and uniqueness of regularly issued banknotes? There are three options here that will help novice collectors accurately distinguish valuable modern Russian coins from the general mass:

  • Wide edging. If it is present in a coin, then it can be classified as unique. For example, the ruble issued in Moscow in 1997 has a wide edge. At auctions, it can be sold for 10 thousand rubles.
  • Copies without a mint mark. All modern samples have the abbreviations MMD or SPMD, abbreviated versions are possible - "M" and "S-P". The chances of finding a specimen without these marks are low, so they are highly prized and popular with collectors. For example, 5 kopecks of 2002, which do not have a mint mark, cost 4–5 thousand rubles.
  • Small circulation banknotes. Due to their small number, they are in demand among numismatists. Their cost is different - from several thousand rubles to tens, and sometimes even hundreds.

2015 Mint Plans

You can say that they are very extensive. The most valuable Russian coins to be issued will be made from precious metals. For example, samples from the series "George the Victorious": 3 rubles from pure gold 999, 50 - from silver 925. Series "OutstandingPersonality "will also be replenished. Silver copies dedicated to the artist Serov, composer Tchaikovsky and pianist Richter will be minted. Coins in honor of the architects Shekhtel and Rinaldi will be made from the same metal. And the series "Save Our World" will include seven more samples under the general name " Elk". Also, gold and silver coins will be issued in honor of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the USSR in World War II.

valuable Russian coins: 2015

As for non-precious specimens, then the plans are more modest. The series "Cities of Military Glory" will be replenished with eight more settlements. Namely, they will depict: Mozhaisk, Taganrog, Khabarovsk, Kovrov, Lomonosov, Petropalovsk-Kamchatsky, Kalach-on-Don and Maloyaroslavets. One banknote will be dedicated to Mordovia as a subject of the Russian Federation, and a number of coins will also appear in honor of the Great Victory.

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