Lesson for the soul: knitting napkins with knitting needles
Lesson for the soul: knitting napkins with knitting needles

Almost everyone has a favorite activity. Men go fishing, hunt, or disappear in the garage for days. Women visit beauty salons, do shopping, cross-stitch, knit clothes, scarves, napkins with knitting needles or crochet.

napkins knitting

Let's take a closer look at a hobby like knitting.

Knitting calms the nerves (assuming you succeed). You can create real masterpieces with your own hands. This activity does not require large investments. All you need is thread and knitting tools.

Knitting is divided into three types, depending on the tools:

  1. Knitting. They come in different sizes and types - the size corresponds to the thickness. There are coated and uncoated needles (for example, Teflon provides better thread glide). They are also divided by purpose - for example, toe, circular (knitting in a circle with knitting needles allows you to get seamless clothes).
  2. Knitting on a mechanical or electric machine. This equipment is used to speed up the workflow, but does not provide such a wide selection of patterns,as when knitting by hand.
  3. Crochet. Hooks are divided by size and material from which they are made. Metal ones are more reliable, but they are significantly smaller than those made of plastic.
knitting in a circle with knitting needles

Plastic hooks are large (e.g. for knitting with thick threads), but they are less reliable (often break).

Knitting has become more widespread than using a hook. Beginners need to first master knitting and rib knitting (English and French), and then you can try to create napkins with knitting needles or some other small product. At this stage, you should stay longer.

In the specialized literature and on the Internet, materials are presented that describe in detail the process of knitting napkins with knitting needles for beginners. In them you can find all the information about what tools and threads you will need. Hand-knitted napkins with knitting needles will be a good decoration for your home and great gifts for friends and loved ones.

napkins for beginners

After getting your first knitting experience, you can move on to more complex patterns and products. Start with small things and gradually master the implementation of larger and more laborious ones. Any complex pattern on a blouse will favorably emphasize your perseverance and ability to create exclusive and original items of clothing. When knitting children's things, it is best to use a seamless method. This will avoid rubbing the baby's skin with seams, and the baby will becomfortable and warm. The seamless method is used when knitting hats, berets, sleeves on clothes, children's pants. It provides not only comfort when wearing clothes, but also a beautiful appearance of the product.

Whatever you do - knit napkins, cross-stitch, go fishing - remember that your favorite hobby should bring pleasure. And if your hobby gives you not only satisfaction, but also a tangible profit, then this is doubly pleasant.

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