How to sew a pleated skirt yourself?
How to sew a pleated skirt yourself?

The pleated skirt has not lost its popularity for many years. It is a mandatory attribute in the wardrobe of a woman of any age and profession, from young

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schoolgirls to experienced ladies in years. Having a pleated skirt in your wardrobe allows you to create new looks by pairing it with matching tops and a variety of accessories.

This skirt is appropriate to wear in any situation, from the office to a romantic walk in the park. This type of clothing is suitable for all women, regardless of figure and height. Modeling the length of the product and the width of the folds, you can create skirt styles for obese women that will hide all figure flaws.

The figure of each woman is individual, so it is not easy to find the right model in stores that you will like. Having unsuccessfully bypassed all the shops of the city, any of us will eventually ask ourselves the question of how to sew a pleated skirt by ourselves? Is it possible to create such a model at home? Certainly yes. Sewing such a product at home is not only possible, but extremelysimply. Spending

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minimum amount of time, you will receive an exclusive skirt, tailor-made specifically for your figure according to measurements taken from you.

Before you start the sewing process itself, you need to build a pattern for the future product. It is built in the same way for any figure. Skirt patterns for obese women do not require any additional measurements. We will need to know the circumference of the waist and hips, and then calculate the depth of the folds. To do this, from the number of centimeters of the width of our entire fabric, you need to subtract the value of the measure of the girth of the hips, and then divide the resulting number by the desired number of folds - this way we get the depth of one. However, remember that the total length of the fabric must be at least three times the circumference of the hips, otherwise the appearance of the product will be unsightly.

There is nothing complicated about how to sew a pleated skirt. As a material for a future product, it is better to choose woolen or silk

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fabric. The fact is that ironing will not hold well on cotton fabrics.

To make it easier and clearer for you, we will present a step-by-step instruction on how to sew a pleated skirt.

First of all, take measurements, which include the length of the skirt, waist and hips. The width of the entire fabric, as we have already said, should be equal to three values โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹of the girth of the hips, plus a couple of centimeters. In addition, you need to add a few centimeters to the seams, edging and hem.

Then on the wrong side of the fabricthe line of the hips is marked, the height itself is postponed from the top, plus one centimeter for attaching the belt. Next, folds are noted, while their depth and width are taken into account. Then everything needs to be swept away, the folds ironed.

Then the panels are chipped off at the side seams and ground down. Seam allowances must be overcast. Now you can outline the future belt and try on the skirt.

A zipper is sewn into the back, its edges need to be stitched. After that, the belt is already sewn on.

This way you will learn how to sew a pleated skirt and make sure it is very easy.

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