Surprise for lovely ladies, or How to make paper tulips
Surprise for lovely ladies, or How to make paper tulips

Men should give flowers to women. And not just on holidays. But what if a man is so small that he has no money for an expensive bouquet? Or the shops are already closed, but you want to please your beloved ladies right now? There is only one answer - arm yourself with improvised means and think about how to make paper tulips.

colored paper tulips

There are a lot of ways to make such crafts. Answers to the question: "How to make paper tulips?" - a great variety, flowers can be made in the form of applications, from corrugated cardboard and even from cells from eggs. But without a doubt, the most popular style is origami. Indeed, with sufficient skill (and if you make a whole bouquet, it is acquired quickly), this method allows you to get beautiful voluminous flowers. They can be put in a vase to bring joy for more than one day.

Steps in making an origami tulip

First, let's figure out what it takes to make paper tulips:

- colored paper sheet (forstems and leaves - green, for buds - any);

- scissors;

- decoration accessories.

The hardest thing is to make a flower bud out of paper. To do this, take a red, pink, yellow or any other sheet and perform the following actions with it:

  1. Fold the sheet diagonally, cut off the part protruding beyond the triangle. As a result, we should get a square.
  2. Fold the square along another diagonal, carefully iron all the folds with a ring of scissors.
  3. Now fold the square in half in the direction opposite to the diagonal folds, unfold and fold in half along the other side. The result should be a workpiece with distinct folds along the diagonal and in the middle parallel to each side.
  4. In order to avoid problems at the next step with how to make paper tulips, it is important to ensure that all folds are carefully ironed. We connect the two sides of the square, at the same time turning one of the center lines inward, as shown in the figure.
  5. how to make paper tulip
  6. We put the resulting triangle with an angle opposite to the base towards us. We bend the upper free corners, connecting in the center. After that, we turn the triangle over and repeat the procedure. The result should be a diamond.
  7. Insert the left corner into the pocket of the right one, iron it. We do the same on the opposite side.
  8. Holding the corner with three fingers, blow into the opposite hole. Filled with air, the craft willresemble a pyramid.

Hardly for those who are just learning how to make paper tulips, the resulting

paper craft tulip

the design will already resemble a flower. To turn the pyramid into a bud, you should put it on the base and bend the free corners so that you get petals. Now we make a stem with leaves from a sheet of green paper, put a bud on it - the tulip is ready.

By the way, the best gift for March 8 that a child can give to mom or grandmother is a paper craft. A hand-made tulip will not only please loved ones and maintain the festive atmosphere, but will also help develop perseverance, accuracy, and fine motor skills in the baby.

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