Tacks for curtains with magnets
Tacks for curtains with magnets

Almost every woman wants her home to be cozy and beautiful. Fortunately, today in supermarkets you can find a huge number of useful things (and even more useless) for home improvement.

However, there is no need for needlewomen to go to such stores, because they can do everything they need with their own hands. First of all, sofa cushions and knitted napkins come to mind, but their field of activity is much wider. Modern craftswomen are able to make carpets, bedspreads and blankets, chests and suitcases, various organizers for storing things, decorate vases, photo frames and mirrors: the list goes on and on. Tacks for curtains can also be included among such useful products.

tacks for curtains master class

Types and functions of clamps

The main task of these accessories is, of course, to support curtains and curtains in the assembled state. This is true for those who prefer to decorate their windows with complex decorative textile designs.

Quite often, such design solutions do not simply allowmove the curtain from the center of the eaves to the edge. In addition, even if this is possible, all the beauty of the fabric and drapery is lost. Curtain holders gather material, opening part of the window and emphasizing the advantages of the decorative design.

Tacks are matched to the style that dominates the interior. You can make classic accessories with tassels, rhinestones, gold and silver surfaces, or opt for a simple, even minimalist style. It will be much easier for a craftswoman to make just such tacks for curtains, the photos of which are posted below.

curtain holders

Material can be:

  • Leather straps.
  • Textile tapes.
  • Cords.
  • Stripes of fabric.
  • Beads or beads strung on a strong thread.

Magnets are picked up in specialized stores and attached to both ends of the decorative part.

How to make a curtain holder for a nursery

The process of creating accessories for children's bedrooms and playrooms is approached a little differently than when decorating rooms for adults. A variety of decorative ornaments become appropriate here, even those that many consider too bright.

One can argue for a long time about what colors are best for educating good taste in children, but it is obvious that they themselves like rich and deep tones. In the event that the nursery already includes a large number of eye-catching elements, curtain holders can be made relatively neutral.

A good example is shown in the followingphoto.

make a curtain holder

Here, a very light and translucent curtain is decorated with bright fragments, including magnetic tacks for curtains in the form of multilayer flowers. How to make them will be described later.

Tools and materials

To sew accessories for curtains, you need to prepare:

  1. Fabric.
  2. Cardboard for patterns.
  3. Fleece or thick base fabric (such as felt).
  4. Scissors.
  5. Needle and thread of matching color.
  6. Four identical buttons.
  7. Ribbon (satin or lace).
  8. Small round magnets (4 pcs).
  9. Glue gun or rubber glue.

3D flowers can be made from almost any fabric. However, you need to understand that the threads will fall out of the raw sections over time. There are materials that behave a little differently: their cuts stay neat longer. But, as a rule, they have a rather high density and look rough in crafts.

You can get out of the situation if the cut parts (or the finished product) are impregnated with a solution of PVA glue or gelatin. Then the sections will appear as if “canned”, and the threads will not spill out. In this case, additional items (glue or gelatin) will be added to the list of materials.

Getting Started: Cut Fabric

To get two identical flowers, you need to draw two types of blanks on cardboard: a large one (5 cm in diameter) and a small one (about 4 cm). Then cut them out, attach to the fabric and circle with a pencilrequired number of times.

curtain holders with magnets

You will need eight colors of each size in total. If the tacks for curtains are soaked with a solution, then this procedure is carried out at this stage. Or you can process ready-made flowers.

curtain holders photo

Sew tacks for curtains: master class

Next, you need to fold each cut flower in half.

how to sew curtain ties

Then we lay both sides with the outer edges to the center.

magnetic clamps for curtains

Thus, we get something that looks like a paper airplane.

make a curtain holder

To keep the part in this state, you need to sweep it in the narrowest place with a few stitches. The thread must be firmly fastened.

In the same way we form the rest of the petals for flowers.

magnetic clamps for curtains

Fixing blanks to the base

When all the small and large petals are ready, they need to be attached to the felt or fleece circles prepared in advance. Here you can go two ways:

  1. Sew on with a needle.
  2. Glue with any reliable glue.

Most often, craftswomen use an electric gun and silicone glue, as it hardens quickly, and you can continue working in just a few minutes.

how to sew curtain ties

Petals should be placed in this order:

  • First - inanywhere.
  • Second - opposite the first.
  • Third and fourth are opposite each other.

When the wide tier is finished, you should proceed with the design of the next one. The order of fastening parts is the same. In the process of work, you need to ensure that one petal is strictly above the second.

curtain holders with magnets

With this arrangement, the gaps between the elements will match, which will give the product a neat look. In general, the description of how to sew curtain holders is completed. It remains only to decorate the flowers and supply them with the most important thing - magnets.

Final stage

Again we take a glue gun or a needle and thread, close the central part of the flower with a beautiful button and fix it.

One end of the prepared tape must be glued to the wrong side of the decor (to fleece or felt). Place a large drop of glue on top and lay the magnet.

The second end should be inserted between the round magnet and the button and fixed with glue. The first clamp is ready, then we repeat the described steps to assemble the second element.

curtain holders photo

When making these accessories, you need to use only the amount of glue that is needed. Do not overdo it, otherwise the excess will form drops and stains.

The same goes for decor - it is better to limit yourself to beautiful buttons and not sew on any beads and rhinestones so that the curtain holders on magnets do not look colorful.


OutlinedThe above principle will be relevant for those craftswomen who are going to make magnetic tacks for the living room or their bedroom.

As a decor, you can use some beautiful brooches or just plain buttons covered with fabric. They are glued or sewn to the basic mugs.

Instead of a ribbon, you can attach strong threads or fishing line with strung beads. To achieve the maximum decorative effect, not one, but several such layers are placed. Threads with beads intertwined with each other or twisted into a bundle look extremely interesting (types of beads do the same). True, in this case, you need to use a more powerful magnet, since the design will be quite heavy.

If you could not find such magnets, you can stick a few small ones nearby.

Tacks with thread tassels are very popular. To make such a decor, mark the cord or ribbon used to attach the brush exactly in the center. Of course, if, according to the idea of ​​​​the craftswoman, this element should not be on the side. For brushes, silk or viscose threads, as well as some types of polyamide, are best suited. It should be noted that working with such slippery materials is extremely difficult: the cut threads are constantly scattered, and the knots are untied.

However, the finished product looks really amazing. Grips with tassels will fit into a classic interior.

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