DIY mosaic painting
DIY mosaic painting

Each of us must have heard about the unique works of art that were used to decorate the interiors of palaces in the distant past. A modern mosaic picture, similar to a classic creation, has evolved to the level of home crafts available to everyone. With some free time to study, you will be able to create a beautiful masterpiece with your own hands.

To work on such a work, it is not at all necessary to have extraordinary talents and be a brilliant artist or designer. Many mosaic paintings can be made using special kits that contain all the necessary materials and instructions.

What is the set?

For example, under the trademark "Snow White" such kits are produced in convenient tubes. Their surface is covered with a protective film, and their light weight makes it easy to transport the package home.

mosaic picture

Each pack shows a specific mosaic picture, the tools and parts for making which youreceive. In this box you will find:

- the basis on which the marking scheme is applied (you can easily recreate the desired image using it);

- a set of mosaic particles of the colors you need;

- special tweezers for work;

- plastic containers for sorting "puzzles" to make it easier to find what you need;

- help that will coordinate your actions.

The foundation comes first

"Snow White" - mosaic paintings that can be collected not only by adults, but also by children from 12 years old. A convenient and understandable diagram drawn on the basis greatly simplifies the work. It is divided into many small multi-colored sectors. Each of them shows a sign indicating the color of the part that needs to be placed in it.

mosaic paintings

This marking is much more convenient than digital. The fact is that do-it-yourself mosaic paintings are created from a large number of shades. If each of them were designated by a separate number, these numbers would be large and would not fit well in small squares. Compact icons don't have this problem.

Their decoding is under the diagram. Its location simplifies the process of creativity, because the hint is always in sight. And at the end of the work, this part of the canvas can simply be cut off.

Important Features

The surface of the base is lubricated with special glue and covered with a protective film. Since the fixing agent dries very quickly, the additional coating must not be removed completely. Everytime,before starting work, remove small fragments of the film and apply details to the area freed from it.

To make it more convenient for you to collect mosaic paintings, do not jump from one area of ​​the canvas to another. It is better to move smoothly between opposite edges. Even if the fixative on the untreated area dries out prematurely, you can replace it with a special adhesive for plastics. Although this option will require more time and effort.

snow white mosaic pattern

Mosaic details are very small. But they are arranged by color in small bags and containers, which makes it much easier to work with this material.

Where to start?

Do-it-yourself mosaic paintings are created according to the following scheme. Lay the base on a straight, hard surface (table or floor) first. Further, your main task is to fill each cell on the canvas with pebbles of the corresponding color. Pour them little by little into containers and take them out one at a time with tweezers. Put the pieces one by one into the drawn squares.

The details that make up the mosaic picture are very clearly cut. Therefore, such ready-made sets are often called diamond. After a certain part of the base is completely covered with them, you will see how the sun plays on the edges of each element. Although they are made of plastic, light rays are refracted in them and create a unique glow.

How is it done?

DIY mosaic paintings

Sets of "mosaic paintings" are best to collect a row fornear. It is recommended to start work from the upper left corner and move square by square to the end of the line, and then move on to the next one. But many hand-made lovers cannot resist the temptation to lay out the figures diagonally. Which scheme is more convenient for you to deal with - you will understand when you get down to business.

Collecting a mosaic from a pattern is a bit like painting a picture by numbers. The creative process in both cases must be divided into several sessions. Each of them should last no longer than three hours. Each time you will notice that your mosaic picture is getting easier.

The fact is that the skills necessary for this type of creativity are very easy to develop. You will quickly memorize the icons that mean a particular color, and the need for peeping into the cheat sheet will decrease with each session. Your movements will become faster and more coordinated. Thanks to this, with each run, you will cover more and more area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe base with details.

Additional design

"Snow White" - mosaic paintings, the canvases of which can be decorated with additional elements upon completion. For example, many craftsmen glue their canvases to plywood and frame them with beautiful baguettes. This operation is performed by specialists in art stores. If you want to do it yourself, consult with an expert on how best to indent the canvas from the edge of the frame. As a rule, this number fluctuates around one centimeter or half.

mosaic picture sets

On packagesmosaic paintings do not indicate the level of their complexity. As a rule, it grows in direct proportion to the size of the canvas itself. In addition to the basic work recommendations listed above, remember a few more features.

Don't forget

mosaic picture of rhinestones

Firstly, if you make a mistake in the process of folding the mosaic, it will be very difficult to correct it. Therefore, when gluing parts, you need to carefully monitor what color is required for a particular square. To make your creation look neat, try to make the rows as even and uniform as possible.

Secondly, getting started, be prepared for the fact that you will need a lot of effort to achieve your goal. The fact is that the details in the mosaic are very small, there are an extremely large number of them in the set. Therefore, you must be as calm and focused as possible in order to make everything perfect.

Third, never deviate from the plan given by the scheme. It makes no sense to show your creativity in this lesson, since the box contains exactly as many squares of a particular color as the creators of the set intended. If you want to replace one shade with another, you may simply not have enough of the necessary material.


The process of collecting a mosaic picture can hardly be called simple. But it will bring you a lot of pleasure when the first results of the work appear on the canvas. Examining new finished fragments will cause you joy and pride. And the shine of the details in the rays of the sun will add even more charm to the finished creation.

Such sets are always very high quality and thought out to the smallest detail. You can even collect them with your child, which will positively affect his fine motor skills, creativity, and ability to concentrate. Another interesting option for creativity is a mosaic picture of rhinestones. It sparkles even better than the standard ones and looks amazing.

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