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Unique shadow knitting patterns
Unique shadow knitting patterns

One of the many knitting techniques, characterized by ease of execution and original appearance, is shadow patterns.

Execution technique

Shadow patterns with knitting needles - this is perhaps the most interesting kind of knitting. It is so simple that even a beginner can handle it. With a simple alternation of front and back loops, shadow patterns are created with knitting needles. Schemes, these patterns can be found on the Internet, you can use a ready-made scheme of one-color embroidery or create it yourself. The main thing is that the drawing should be large enough. The simple execution of the pattern creates amazing patterns.

Shadow patterns with knitting needles
Shadow patterns with knitting needles

As you can see, simple shadow patterns with knitting needles are very easy to perform. If the scheme is intended specifically for this type of technique, then only the front rows are most often indicated on it. At the same time, in odd (front) rows, a pattern is knitted with front loops, and its background is knitted with a wrong side stitch.

As for the even (purl) row, there can be two options. The technique of knitting the purl row depends on the complexity and fullness of the pattern. In the first case, the loops of the purl row are knitted strictly according to the pattern, and in the second case, when the pattern is notintricate, absolutely all loops are knitted with the wrong side.

If the purl row is knitted according to the second pattern, then the pattern looks more voluminous. When shadow patterns are created with knitting needles according to the second scheme, the pattern from the face turns out to be embossed, and its “negative” image is knitted on the inside, which is also called “shadow”, from where, in fact, the name of this knitting technique came from.

In order to achieve a good execution of the pattern and it looked clear, it is necessary to choose the right threads, which in no case should be fluffy, since the silhouettes will be erased in the pattern, and they should also be thick enough.

Shadow patterns knitting description
Shadow patterns knitting description

Most of these patterns are used to create potholders, blankets and pillowcases, but they will look no less impressive on clothes.

Basic rules

Shadow patterns are always knitted with a thread of the same color, otherwise the pattern pattern will not be visible. That is why absolutely any monochrome picture, stencil or fillet pattern can be suitable for this knitting technique.

The pattern itself is knitted with purl loops in the front row, and vice versa in the purl row.

To form the background, it must be knitted in the back row with purl loops, and in the front row, respectively, with front loops.

In the scheme, one knitted row corresponds to one line of the scheme, most often they are numbered.

In order to see the line of the picture, it must be connected to the end of the row.

The pattern is always visible, as withfront, and from the wrong side, this highlights the shadow patterns with knitting needles.

Shadow patterns with knitting needles
Shadow patterns with knitting needles

Scheme Description

Linear patterns in the shadow knitting technique look especially beautiful. Consider the shadow patterns with knitting needles using the example of a description of the pattern of the picture.

This is a linear pattern of lines made by alternating knit and purl stitches.

There are only two types of loops in the diagram, the front loops are marked with a cross, and the empty light cell is the wrong loop.

Even rows of this scheme must be knitted according to the pattern. Rapport in width repeat from 1-10 loop, and in height from 1-15 row.

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