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Boris Spassky: biography and achievements
Boris Spassky: biography and achievements

Among the large number of games and competitions that are regularly broadcast on television, board games occupy a significant part. One of them is chess. They regularly come into fashion, and then for a while they are forgotten. Popularity passes from one grandmaster to another. Among the many talented players, Boris Spassky stands out, who at one time became the youngest chess player to participate in an international tournament.

Early years

Boris Spassky

Boris Spassky was born in 1937, on January 30, in Leningrad. At an early age during the war, the future chess player was taken out of the city and settled in an orphanage with many other children who were rescued from the siege. During this period of his life, five-year-old Boris got acquainted with the game and became interested in it.

After the end of the war, all the evacuees returned home, the normal course of life was restored. In 1946, Spassky was brought to the circle of chess players in the Leningrad Palace of Pioneers bymother. Every day for two years after returning home, the young chess player played and invited all his relatives to play a game with him.

In this organization, the still inexperienced Boris Spassky attracted everyone's attention with his skill and skill, and at the same time, modesty and shyness. But even during that period of his life, he decided to become one of the most outstanding chess players in the world.

First victories

One of the first achievements that Boris Vasilyevich Spassky wrote in his biography is that he became an international master at a young age. He was then only 16 years old. Two more years of training led him to a new junior world title. After graduating from school, Spassky entered the institute at the department of journalism. But he continued to train constantly.

At the age of 18, he took third place in the USSR Championship, and this gave him the opportunity to participate in the Candidates Tournament, which was to be held next year. Thus, Boris Spassky became the youngest participant in such a championship at that time.


Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky

First appearance at the Candidates Tournament, the future champion shared places from 3rd to 7th with eminent chess players of that time. All experts called it a big breakthrough and predicted a successful future.

After several years and a large number of defeats and victories, Spassky in 1969 met Tigran Petrosyan at a tournament and won the champion title. He held the honorary title of chess player for 3 years. BeanFischer and Boris Spassky had a match in 1972, as a result of which the title passed to a new owner.

Famous matches

Boris Vasilyevich Spassky

The strongest and most famous matches are those that took place in the Candidates Tournaments. The first of these was a game with Tigran Petrosian in 1966, in which Spassky was defeated. Critics said that the newly minted grandmaster was too presumptuous and young. After 3 years in the fight against the same opponent, the champion title was won by our hero with a score of 12.5: 10.5.

Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky met at the Candidates Tournament in 1972. On the appointed date, the American did not arrive, and the match could not take place, which was demanded by the Soviet side. Nevertheless, the reigning champion acted with his usual gentlemanly, and, by decision of President Max Euwe, the day of the match was postponed. The whole game was difficult, and despite the fact that Spassky won the first and second games, he lost the fight, and the title passed to Fischer.

Many said that the behavior of the American was deliberately played out to disorientate the opponent. The abandonment of the stage due to an unsuitable place and the use of new playing techniques in the next game made the tournament results memorable, as did the names of the players - Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky. Who won and who should have won, many are still arguing.


bobby fischer and boris spassky who won

The first serious coach for Boris Spassky was Igor Bondarevsky.It was thanks to his persistent instructions and long-term training that significant results began to appear, with which it was possible to reach the championship. Also in the team was Nikolai Krogius, who helped prepare for the game with Tigran Petrosyan.

Having received the victory and the championship, Boris Spassky, a chess player who by that time was known and invited to interviews and sporting events, began to devote little time to the game itself. After 3 years, it was necessary to confirm the title, and this should have been preceded by a strong and hard training.

A new person appears in the team - Grandmaster Efim Geller. With the old coach of the champion, the latter had strong disagreements, quarrels and disputes constantly arose in the company. Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky were supposed to meet in the championship game. While preparing for it, the chess player and his coach Igor Bondarevsky had a strong dispute, as a result of which the latter resigned.

As a result, the preparation of the current champion for the game was weak, and despite a decent game, Boris Spassky was defeated and lost his title.


boris spassky biography

After several defeats and the appearance of new young and strong players on the stage, Boris Vasilyevich Spassky left big sport, but did not give up his favorite pastime. In 1976, he married Marina Shcherbacheva. Since the chess player's wife worked at the French embassy, ​​the family moved to France. Despite living far from his homeland, Spassky continued to compete at international championships for the USSR.

Gradually, chess began to fade into the background, and by the 90s, the grandmaster appeared less and less at big tournaments. Boris Spassky, whose biography is filled with the strongest games, still remains an example for many. He never ceases to observe the activities of the association, sometimes gives interviews and consultations.

Spassky's son was born in France, who was also named Boris, and later a daughter was born.

The family lives in the south of the country.

The former champion suffered a stroke in 2010 and was bedridden for extended periods.


Boris Spassky chess player

In 2012, Boris Spassky came to Russia, where he continued the treatment of the consequences of a stroke. This event shocked the public. Many media wrote that the chess player ran away because he was not given decent treatment, and his family isolated him from society. Others described the process of escaping, in which Spassky was assisted by an old friend. He took him out of the house and sent him to the Russian embassy.

The grandmaster himself tries to avoid this topic and gives meager and streamlined comments. His son flew to Russia, but Boris was going to divorce his wife Marina. Recently, he lives in his homeland. Boris Jr., who entered a French institute, is now studying to become a lawyer in St. Petersburg.

Interesting facts

In the 90s, Boris Spassky rarely played and did not go to big events. In 1992, the International Chess Association held a commemorativeand a $5 million exhibition match between Fischer and Spassky. As a result, the winner received most of the money, but the loser also left with a prize.

The game was long, but friendly, as a result of which the American became the first again. Many observers claimed that the match was not inferior in strength to modern tournaments, but the old school was still clearly visible. A lot has changed in the world of chess with the advent of computers.

With the money won, Boris Spassky bought apartments for his relatives and friends. This man has always been distinguished by kindness, perseverance and an open heart.

Over the years, he has been friends with eminent grandmasters, even with those he has repeatedly lost to.

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