How to make paper boats yourself
How to make paper boats yourself

Unusual quivering feeling is sometimes caused by the simplest things. In the endless stream of days, it is not the hypnotizing brilliance of the showcases of civilization that attracts, but the alluring warm light of cozy handicrafts. A crunchy notebook sheet, businesslike children's participation - and the mysterious world comes to life on the table, mentally taking away cute paper boats somewhere far away.

Generally useful activity with paper

It is known that working with paper is not just a creative process. Joint home leisure strengthens family relationships, gives joy not only to children, but also to parents. In children's institutions, teachers specifically teach children artistic design. Such activities help develop fine motor skills of the hands, increase attentiveness and perseverance. Telling children about how to make a paper boat, adults give them the good light of many generations. Neither gadgets nor computer games can replace the invaluable experience of manual craftsmanship.

Where do paper boats head from

The art of creating unusual crafts originated in the East. Paper was first invented in China many years ago. Later in Japan, they picked up and improved the secrets of the mysteriousproduction.

Where did the ships come from?

Paper was treated with sacred reverence, temples were decorated with handicrafts from it, used in rituals. Gradually, such needlework grew into a kind of creativity, gained many fans all over the world.

It is known that paper inventions gave pleasure to the famous Leo Tolstoy. The popular English figure Lewis Carroll, who wrote Alice in Wonderland, was also fond of origami. The system of iconic drawings, skillfully developed in the last century, contributed to the widespread use of folding paper figures. Akira Yoshizawa, a Japanese origami guru, invented them to describe the technique for making paper figures. Today this system is generally accepted throughout the world.

About ship paper

The toy folding algorithm is simple. First you need to determine what to create crafts from, and then how to do it.

Paper boat is made of strong, fairly thin paper, without the use of glue. Scissors may only be needed to prepare the sheet. You need felt-tip pens to finish drawing important elements on the boat. The paper should be clean, not wrinkled, resistant to folding. Good for work:

  • Sets for origami - colored sheets of square shape with a side of 15 - 20cm. They fold well, keep their shape, do not form cracks.
  • Office paper in all colors is the most comfortable for beginners.
  • Wrapped - easily folded, does not tear, has large dimensions, but a small range of colors.
  • Paper from notebooks andmagazines.
Festive decor "Ships"

Remarkable is the fact that the figurine is folded from a rectangular sheet of paper, not a square one. Having trained to assemble paper boats step by step, many in the future stop looking at the diagrams. If necessary, you can cut the sheet, giving it the desired shape. The instructions for folding paper fun are simple.

Step by step: building a toy

The most popular paper boats are made according to the classical scheme. The assembly algorithm involves the following sequence of actions:

Assembly diagram of a classic boat
  1. Place a rectangular sheet of paper vertically in front of you and fold it in half on itself. The fold line will split it across.
  2. We need to determine its center point. To do this, without unfolding, fold the workpiece in half again and straighten it immediately. The center and median line will be indicated. Workpiece position - free edges down.
  3. Bend the top towards the midline towards you.
  4. Bend the lower part of the workpiece: the top layer - forward and up (towards you), the bottom - back, respectively. At the same time, bend the small corners along the edges of the first layer back. You will get a triangular pocket.
  5. Open it and flatten it.
  6. Bend up the free edge of the resulting square.
  7. Turn the workpiece over and repeat the same. Carefully smooth out all kink lines.
  8. Open the pocket, connect the lower free corners and flatten.
  9. Get a shape by pulling the topcorners.
  10. Fix the ship. The product is ready.

How to fold a steamboat

Another simple paper boat is waiting to be made. The assembly instructions are easy. For this cute steamer, it is better to use colored double-sided paper.

Assembly diagram of a paper steamer
  1. Fold and unfold the paper in half diagonally in both directions.
  2. Work with the top of the paper according to the pattern.
  3. Bend the top layer of the workpiece along the dotted line.
  4. Unscrew the tip of the paper along the dotted line.
  5. Fold the resulting creation in half.
  6. Fold the paper along the dotted line on both sides. This is the outer back pleat.
  7. Rotate the model in the desired direction.
  8. Ready steamer to fix and decorate (add windows, anchor ship name).

The seaworthiness of boats can be improved by adding a little foam to the bottom.

Beautiful figurines can decorate interiors, arrange holidays, use in games. Lots of models. Build paper boats with your kids! Tailwind!

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