The articulated doll is a toy of amazing beauty
The articulated doll is a toy of amazing beauty

Recently, the phrase "articulated doll" is increasingly heard. These amazing toys have only recently appeared in our country, which do not leave indifferent not only children, but also adults. Many we althy people collect entire collections of exclusive articulated dolls, despite the fact that most of them are real works of art and are very expensive.

General information

articulated doll

It is believed that the articulated doll is an invention of Japanese masters. The inhabitants of this country have built a cult style of "anime", in which the main characters are characters with characteristic beautiful faces. So most of these toys, even despite their adult outfits, have an image that is distinguished by a kind of "childhood" and beauty. Today, the articulated doll is the main product of many companies producing toys in Japan, China and Korea. They are also produced in the USA. Recently, some manufacturers are trying to move away from the "anime" style, creating more and more realistic products.

Articulated dolls: manufacturing technology

According to its technical solution, this toy isa figurine consisting of various parts fastened together with a special cord. The articulated doll has spherical joints between the elements (hinges). They repeat all the main joints of a person (neck, wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee, hip). This provides the toy with high mobility, very reminiscent of the movements of people. When creating articulated dolls, designers pay special attention to balancing them, which allows them not only to sit, but also to stand even in the absence of a rigid skeleton.

Sizes and materials

Articulated dolls (manufacturing technology)

Most manufacturers of these toys use a special hard polyurethane (“resin”) for their manufacture, which feels very similar to porcelain to the touch. As a rule, this material has a flesh color. Due to its properties, this polyurethane is very reminiscent of old and very valuable toys made of porcelain, which gives them a special appeal.

The mass-produced articulated doll measures from 9 to 90 cm in height. These toys have a special marking: Tiny - 9-19 cm; Small - 20-39 cm; MSD - 40-49 cm; SD - 50-69 cm; 70+ - height 70 cm or more. Distinctive criteria for such dolls: body parts are connected by special fasteners (rubber bands); the toy has a head consisting of 2 or more parts with interchangeable eyes; they may have a change of wig, shoes and clothes; may be subject to individual sculptural or cosmetic changes.

Homemade articulated dolls

Scheme of a jointed doll

Manycreative people make such toys with their own hands. To do this, you must have an idea about the structure of the human body and be able to work with suitable material for modeling. The scheme of the hinged doll is quite simple. It completely repeats the structure of the human figure. In this case, the hinges are located where the motor joints are located in people. In large dolls, even fingers often move. Strong rubber bands are stretched inside the hollow body, connecting all the details of the doll. The body and face are mostly sculpted by hand, although a special mold can be used for this. To create cavities inside the parts of the toy, tubes of different sizes are used. Various hinges (joints) are formed separately. Holes are made in them through which an elastic band is threaded. A homemade articulated doll is decorated and dressed depending on the desire of its creator.

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