Beaded insects - simple crafts with patterns
Beaded insects - simple crafts with patterns

Beading has recently become very popular among handmade craftsmen, which can be explained by a huge variety of crafts that are made from the smallest elements. These are brooches and rings, bracelets and earrings, decorative embroidery of paintings and clothes, necklaces and beads, key rings and pendants for bags and purses. The list can be long. Crafts are performed on a plane or made voluminous.

In the article, we will consider how to weave insects with beads. These are spiders and dragonflies, wasps and butterflies. If desired, using the schemes presented in the article, you can make your own striped bee or fly, ladybug or shiny bronze. Crafts are often performed on a strong nylon thread or fishing line, however, many craftsmen like to place beads on a thin wire - after all, such products can be given absolutely any shape.

So, beaded insects can spread their legs to the sides, such as a spider. Butterfly wingsor dragonflies are interesting to lift up a little, simulating flight. The legs of any beetle on a thread will simply be lowered down, and on a wire they will be correctly bent in half. Tight flaps can be made slightly open so that the inside of the insect's body is visible. It will be much easier to fantasize after learning how to work with beads.


Let's start learning how to make volumetric beaded insects with a cute spider. The first step is to choose the right parts for the body and legs. First, the largest pebble in the frame is strung on a wire folded in half, then a silvery center is added and the torso is completed with a blue oblong head. The ends of the wire are folded with pliers into rings in opposite directions. The same procedure must be repeated at the beginning of the head.

beaded spider

Further work is carried out on the paws. They are made in pairs, stringing beads equally on both sides of the wire. Then, in the center of the legs, the parts are shifted to one side and the other, freeing up a small space of wire for attaching to the body. The winding of the front paws is carried out between the head and the silver bead. And the hind legs are attached between the last and largest element. It turned out to be an excellent beaded insect that can be attached to the zipper of a jacket or to the ring of a bag.

Simple dragonfly

One of the most popular craft insects is the dragonfly. It has a peculiar, unlike any other (meaning insect) shape with elongated wings and a thin tail. This is the most convenientmake an insect from beads according to the scheme below in the article.

dragonfly from beads according to the scheme

The work is carried out on two pieces of wire, highlighted in the schematic diagram with green and black lines. To keep the beads on the body together, the ends of the wire are inserted in one row at the same time on the left and right.

The craft begins with two beads, and in the second row one more is added, and in this place the eyes are highlighted with black details. In the third row, the wire is brought out to the sides, and the required number of beads are strung on it to make the front wings. The workpiece is bent in an arc, and the wire is inserted into the 4th row from the other side.

The lower narrow part of the beaded insect in the diagram depicts the tail. Each row consists of only two parts. For the rear fenders, not many small parts are taken, since they are smaller. At the end of the craft, the wire is bent with ringlets with pliers. They will not let the parts fall and hold the structure together.

how to make a beaded dragonfly

You can vary the shape of the dragonfly using elongated beads or alternating their colors, as in the photo in the article.


It is much easier to make a butterfly out of small details. The body is assembled on two pieces of wire at the same time. Antennae are twisted in front with one small pebble at the end.

how to make a beaded butterfly

Larger front and smaller hind wings are strengthened at one point between the beads of the body and tail. Wings can be customizedor different colors, leave gaps in the middle or completely fill the surface.


Knowing the principle of making crafts according to the scheme, try to make an original beaded insect brooch. This is a bee or wasp with a striped body of black and yellow. Her wings are single and small, her head is large and has a sharp sting at the end.

bee bead

As you can see, it is very interesting to create with beads.

In the process of work, it is recommended to cover the surface of the table with a plain light-colored tablecloth, so that if the part falls, it can be easily found.

Try new types of needlework, improve your skills and make original beaded jewelry with your own hands! Good luck!

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