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How to sew a boho dress: pattern. Knitted dresses in boho style
How to sew a boho dress: pattern. Knitted dresses in boho style

The word "boho" appeared in the fashion world quite a long time ago. But only a few knew him. And today this style is experiencing a period of real prosperity, winning more and more hearts.

boho style dress

It is impossible to list the origins of boho, this style is too multifaceted and ambiguous. It combines elements of the national costumes of many nations, and bright images of hippies, and handmade accessories, and real bohemian chic. The most important features of boho are originality, uniqueness, an abundance of natural materials, attention to detail and deliberate negligence. In the article we will talk about how to create a boho style dress with your own hands.

Fabrics and materials

Those who decide to replenish their wardrobe with a stylish item of their own production should remember about the attraction of boho to everything natural. Do not get carried away with synthetics. But if somewhere in the closet there are pieces of an old canvas, they must be used! Or maybe lace collars, embroidered tracks, braided braid connected by a grandmother are stored there? We also take it, all this will fit perfectly into the image. Natural fabrics, especially dyed in natural shades, are perfectly combined with each other, it is easy to work with them.These are the ones you should use to sew a boho dress.


Necessary small things today can be easily found in any needlework store. Blocks, scallops and eyelets, plugs for ties, pendants - all boho-chic dresses cannot do without this. And why not use not quite traditional accessories, for example, cabochons and cufflinks? Such unexpected creative solutions are only welcome. There is only one rule - all the same naturalness. No cheap plastic! Only brass, copper, silver or any material similar to these noble metals. Let's not disregard also other textures, natural or imitating them: clay, ornamental stones, pearls, amber, wood.

Features of the cut. How to build a pattern

This style is for free spirits, as its most ardent admirers say. However, a boho-style dress, the pattern of which is built to your own measurements, will fit the figure better. Therefore, it is still desirable to tinker with taking measurements and drawings. But do not think that tailoring an outfit is an impossible task. Take, for example, a simple model of a wrap dress, for tailoring which you need to take only two measurements - FROM (waist) and ABOUT (hips).

boho dress pattern

Colorful fabric with ethnic patterns will create a bright image. A monochromatic boho dress can be accessorized with expressive accessories: heavy bracelets, jingling earrings, fringed and embroidered bags, embroidered boots or sandals with many straps.

Working order

  1. Building a skirt pattern. The web width is two OB.

    summer dresses boho style
  2. Building a drawing of the bodice. The shape and depth of the neck can be made at your discretion. Oval or boat fit this model perfectly.

    sew a dress in boho style
  3. Lay out the details of the pattern on the fabric, leave allowances for the side seams of 1-1.5 cm, cut out.
  4. One of the sloping edges of the skirt needs to be gathered up, forming tails. In this case, the length of the gathering seam should be 20 cm longer than FROM.
  5. Laying the side seams.
  6. Carefully connect the skirt and bottom. Pull the elastic into the seam.
  7. If necessary, we process cuts of the neck, hem, sleeves. If the fabric does not crumble, this can not be done.

Knitted boho dresses

Do you know how and love to knit? Perfectly! Openwork lace fits perfectly into the image. Boho knitted dresses often go beyond street casual fashion and are quite suitable even for brides and proms.

boho style knitted dresses

Knitted elements can be combined with flying fabrics - this layering will give the image lightness and a special charm. For decoration, you can use satin ribbons, pearls, small shells, clay beads … But how to choose a pattern with which a boho dress will be connected? The main thing here is to focus on your own taste and the chosen image. Someone likes deliberately coarse coarse knitting, while someone prefers intricate openwork intricacies. Beginnersknitters may only be able to do a double crochet, but even with this simple ornament, you can make a truly stylish thing. By the way, with the help of knitting needles or a hook, you can create both winter and summer boho dresses. This style is suitable for all seasons.


A new trend in the boho fashion world is altering clothes. Perhaps a dress will get into the alteration, the size of which does not fit the hostess, or a thing that is simply bored. You can also sew a beautiful boho-style dress from a thing that has received damage - stains or rubbing. All these shortcomings can be easily decorated, while remaining within the invented image.

Decor elements

What can emphasize individuality better than unique details? Those who know how to embroider should definitely use their skill when creating an outfit. A small bird, a dragonfly, a boat, a kitten with a ball, a feather - any expressive detail will place the necessary accents and give the image a special charm. Primitive elements similar to national motifs, rock paintings, ancient ornaments are very common.

Applique is also often used. Elements can be designed in similar shades of the same color or, conversely, amaze with a riot of colors. It all depends on the author's design idea.

The heel is a fairly new word with an ancient history. This ancient craft is experiencing a rebirth in our time. The pattern is applied to the fabric using special stamps. The heel allows you to create truly unique and inimitable fabrics and sew a dress from them in style.boho. A pattern or sketch of a future drawing will greatly facilitate the work.

Boho on the catwalks

Why not use the experience of those who have been creating beauty for many years when creating an outfit? Many designers often delight fans with amazing looks, and there are those who work exclusively in this vein. For example, the Chinese brand "Liebo", which combined in its collections both the national traditions of the culture of the Middle Kingdom, and the latest trends in world fashion. Their boho-style dresses, which have been photographed all over the globe, are rather laconic and elegant, but at the same time they are not without deep expressiveness.

boho chic dresses

The well-known "Artka" is no less popular. The company's designers create amazing things, paying attention to every detail. The unique charm of this brand inspires both those who take their first steps in tailoring and those who have already sewed more than one dress in the boho style.

boho style dresses photo

However, do not blindly copy the work of venerable designers. Their experience should be used only for inspiration in finding your own solutions. After all, each of us is unique and inimitable - and it is this idea that is the main postulate of the boho style philosophy.

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