We knit a scarf collar with knitting needles
We knit a scarf collar with knitting needles

The collar scarf has gained popularity not only as a practical part of the wardrobe, but also as an original accessory that adds zest to sports and classic outfits. Light and airy or warm wool, almost every fashionista has it. How to wear a scarf collar, today there is no need to explain. For men and children, dense and elastic models are more suitable, fitting the neck and reliably protecting from the cold, women prefer the snoot option, which falls freely on the shoulders and, if necessary, covers the head.

If you are interested in a scarf collar, tying it yourself will not be difficult. For those who are just learning the art of knitting, an English ribbing pattern is a suitable option, which we will consider in more detail.

scarf collar

For work we need:

- semi-woolen yarn 250-300m long per 100 g - 400 g, - knitting needles, one more number than indicated on the yarn label, - sewing needle with a large eye.

Performing English gum:

In the first row, remove the edging, 1p. front, 1p. slip onto the right double crochet needle, repeat until the end of the row.

In the second row, we remove the edge, we knit the front loop with a crochet,Slip 1 p. onto the right double crochet needle, repeat until the end of the row. Repeat knitting according to the pattern for the required number of rows.

Collar scarf - knitting with English ribbing

Cast on 20 sts and work in loose st. Based on the size of the resulting canvas, we calculate the required number of loops, which will be approximately 120-130 pieces. We knit an English elastic band 50 cm high. If this width of the scarf is enough for you, close the loops, trying not to tighten them tightly. Carefully connect the seam, after which the scarf is slightly moistened and stretched.

How to wear a scarf yoke

The second variant of knitting a collar is just as easy to perform, but for it we need circular knitting needles. We collect the number of loops on the knitting needles, calculated according to the sample, and we knit 10 rows in the round with the front viscous, then the same number of wrong ones. We continue to work until the product reaches the desired length. If you want to widen the scarf to loosely cover your shoulders, inc evenly on the first and last of the purl rows. We close the loops freely, pull out the finished scarf. Such a collar can be knitted simultaneously from two balls, alternately changing the color of the stripes.

scarf tie tie

For a child, you can tie a scarf collar that will fit snugly around the neck and protect the throat, and also go down to the shoulders. We will knit a sample of the product with a 2x2 elastic band, and from it we will calculate the required number of loops in the work. We knit the scarf itself with an elastic band 15-20 cm, after which we expand it, adding 4 purl loops in each row at regular intervals. Tofor example, the work is designed for 80 loops, of which 20 strips are made with purl and 20 with front loops. Yarn over an additional crossed purl in strips 1, 6, 11 and 16, on the next row we shift and add loops in strips 2, 7, 12 and 17, etc., knit with the addition until the fabric reaches the desired length.

Now that we have examined in detail the very principle by which a collar scarf is knitted, you can make this model with any volumetric or embossed pattern you like. A scarf made of mohair yarn knitted with openwork will require more time and patience, but with a certain perseverance, you can become the owner of a real fluffy masterpiece.

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