Funny pirate costume for son or daughter
Funny pirate costume for son or daughter

New Year's carnival is good because it has an atmosphere of jokes, fun, jokes. Witches and sorceresses do not inspire fear, pirates invite you to dance the perky "Apple", the Snow Queen does not threaten to freeze anyone, and hares and wolves dance together around the discharged Christmas tree!

Getting ready for the matinee

pirate costume

The pirate costume is perhaps one of the most popular among both boys and girls, from kindergarten to middle teens. With a minimum of required funds, it provides ample opportunities for your imagination. And you can make this outfit with your child! What is offered in this article is just one option out of a huge variety of possibilities. Fantasize and dare!

So what do we need? First, the vest. Of course, it is difficult to find a real marine, and even a suitable size. No problem. A pirate costume can be made if you buy a striped shirt, turtleneck, t-shirt. The color of the stripes can be different: white and black, white and blue, black and red … It is not necessary to follow traditions, the main thing is to save yourselfstyle. All this can be easily found in any clothing market, and maybe even in your child's wardrobe. On the "vest" sew a few picturesque patches - this will give the future along with a twist. And if you use a silk blouse or shirt in bright colors - red, yellow - instead of a vest, your pirate costume will take on a dandy Jack Sparrow-inspired tone!

pirate carnival costume

Second, the vest. Its color depends on the color of the previous item of the costume. The material is shiny, for example, silk. Red, black, dark blue - whatever you find, then use it, the main thing is that it does not merge with a shirt or vest. For greater persuasiveness that this is a pirate costume, a traditional print can be made on the back - a skull and bones. If you don’t feel sorry for the vest, apply a pattern with silver paint. But it’s easier to draw the outlines and sheathe them with Christmas tree rain or paste them over with shiny confetti. Small matching badges can also be placed on the front lapels.

Thirdly, the pirate's carnival costume is complemented by such details as a wide leather belt with rivets and a large buckle, or maybe a piece of cloth, preferably bright red, which should be wrapped around the waist. A neckerchief is also suitable - also bright, stylish. The head can be tied with a bandana. Plug a couple of pistols into your belt (borrow from friends who have children, or even look among your old stocks) and a dagger cut out of cardboard or plywood and painted accordingly.

new year pirate costume

Next, pants. If the costume is for a girl, thenfit tight breeches or leggings, cut to mid-calf jeans. You can also apply pirate signs on them, laying them out of confetti sparkles, or you can just tear the fabric slightly here and there. By the way, holes on jeans are a special decorative element, and many things are sold in this form. In the presence of tight-fitting pants, girls can wear blouses, shirts or vests. Another option is trousers flared down or with flounced frills (wash them yourself). Girls can replace pants with short black skirts on a yoke with frills, pleats or straight denim. It will turn out fresh, original, stylish.

New Year's pirate costume looks good with over the knee boots. In their absence, any ankle boots, boots will do.


And now let's complete our martial image with details that emphasize that the costume is still festive. In the ear you need to insert a large clip that imitates silver or gold. On the fingers - a few rings from my mother's jewelry. It’s great if there is a large “gold” or “silver” chain, also from my mother’s jewelry stocks. And an eye patch - you can buy it in the store in the souvenir department or make it yourself. Draw an anchor on the cheek with shadows and cosmetic pencils, and a dashing mustache above the lips. And your wonderful gentleman of sea luck is ready to surf the New Year's holiday!

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