Origami lessons: how to make a paper frog
Origami lessons: how to make a paper frog

Today we will tell you how to make a paper frog. There are several ways to make this animal using the origami technique. Different options for how to make a paper frog differ in results (appearance and craft properties). For example, in origami, static and moving models are distinguished. In today's lesson, we will look at the second option on how to make a frog out of paper. Our design will have an interesting property - the ability to jump. And at a very significant distance.

how to make a paper frog

For those who do not know or do not remember what origami is, we hasten to inform you that this term refers to Japanese art that describes how to make paper crafts. "Ori" means "folding" and "kami" means "paper". In general, origami is the art of creating models from the material mentioned above, without the use of glue and scissors (they may only be needed at the initial stage, since standard sheets are rectangular, and most crafts are made on the basis of a square).

So we only need paper, hands and patience to work.Let's take an A4 sheet of the color that our future jumper should have. We chose green, the most common among these amphibians, but that doesn't mean you have to do the same. We will leave the issue of color to your discretion. So, let's describe the process of how to make a paper frog.

Take a standard A4 sheet.

make a paper frog

And make a square out of it. Fold the paper as shown in the picture.

make a paper frog

And cut off the part that remains superfluous. Here's what it should look like.

how to make paper crafts

Now fold the square along the second diagonal.

fold diagonally

And unfold again.

unfolded square - 1

Next, fold the sheet in half twice. First, press the top edge to the bottom, iron the fold. We wrap and do the same with the two remaining sides. You should end up with a shape with folds like this.

unfolded square - 2

Now we begin to fold the square again along the diagonal line, but not to the end, but only to the midpoint of the line.

diagonal fold 1
diagonal fold 2

And now do the same on the other side. Fold up to half of the second diagonal.

we continue to work on the diagonals

Now press on the formed valve.

press on the valve

This is what we should end up with.


Now take one of the corners of the resulting double triangle.

take one corner

And press it to the top of the figure.

push to the top

We do the same work on the other side.

on the other hand the same

Now we press the working angle to the bottom as shown in the photo.

we continue to work

Same on the other side.

completed first side

Now flip the work.

flipping work

And bend the corner as shown in the photo.

first corner

Now on the other side.

second corner

There is very little left. Making paws.

foot 1
foot 2

Repeat the action on the other side.

paws 3

Now bend the structure forward.

bend forward

Retreat a little and return the paws to their original position.


Work done.

work is ready

When you click on the "butt" our frog will jump.

to jump you need to click on the model like this

If desired, you can add eyes, paint the back or do other decorative work. In general, the modelcan be considered complete. We hope that all the steps were easy for you and did not cause difficulties. Now you know one of the ways how to make a paper frog.

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