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Application "Frog" from paper: how to make with a child
Application "Frog" from paper: how to make with a child

In kindergarten, children often make applications, origami and other paper crafts. This creative process develops perseverance and independence, accuracy and patience, fine motor skills of hands. The child learns to create something with his own hands, find different and identical details, decompose the general image into elements, develops imagination.

You can do applique even with the smallest children. Already after a year, with the help of adults, the baby can stick various elements on a sheet of paper: colored paper, natural materials, fabric, accessories, and so on. The older the child becomes, the less he needs the help of parents or educators in this creative process.

frog applique

Preparing for the creative process

The first thing to do if you decide to make an application (for example, a frog) with your child is to prepare materials, tools and a workplace. You will need: glue and scissors, pencils or felt-tip pens, cardboard and colored paper: light and darkshades of green, yellow, pink, blue. The workplace must be covered with oilcloth. There should be no unnecessary things on the table so that nothing interferes with the creative process.

Draw and cut out a frog

To make an application, you first need to draw or print the frog itself, which you will then help the child stick on the base. It is quite easy to draw a fairy frog. First, mark with a simple pencil the body of the future character of the Russian folk tale. Then draw the “ears” at the top (these will be the eyelids of the frog) and erase the line that separates the “ears” and the body. In each "ear" draw a pupil or a large eye with an iris. Next, draw the Frog Princess smile and front paws, then add the back. The sequence of drawing the fabulous Princess Frog in the figure below. The main element for the application "Frog" is ready.

princess frog applique

You can draw another frog, more like a real one. You can simply print the image of a frog for coloring or take it from a coloring book. Only in the latter case, first ask the child to color the frog, and only then proceed to cut out the detail for the Frog appliqué.

Preparing the basis for the application

Next, you need to prepare the base on which the child will stick the frog. Take a piece of blue, yellow or white card stock. Any color will do, but it is necessary that after gluing the details of the “Princess Frog” appliqué, the character of the fairy tale is clearly visible.

On the cardboard you need to draw (or paste cut outpaper details) a river or a swamp, reeds, the sun, clouds, an arrow that hit the Frog Princess. You can separately cut out a water lily on which the frog will sit.

Now it remains just to stick the heroine of the Russian folk tale on paper - the application "Frog" is ready!

Paper frog piece by piece

You can cut not the whole frog, but separately paws, head, big eyes and body. This is a version of the paper Frog applique for older children who already know how to lay out the image into details and work with smaller details for creativity.

You need to draw on paper two back and two front legs of a frog, an oval body with a painted smile, two large yellow eyes. You can also cut strips from green paper, and rectangles with rounded corners from brown paper, and make reeds. You can also add water lilies, dragonfly, butterflies, flowers, herbs or any other details to the Frog applique.

You can offer your child to decorate the craft on their own, because there are many application options, for example, the Princess Frog with an arrow that got to her in a swamp, a frog in the grass with butterflies and caterpillars, and so on. You can even make a funny frog with an umbrella. Everything is limited only by the imagination of the child.

paper frog applique

You need to remind the child that after finishing work on the application, you need to clean the workplace, throw away the scraps of paper and other materials in the trash, put the felt-tip pens, pencils, colored paper and cardboard, put everything back.

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