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Applique "Mushrooms" from various materials
Applique "Mushrooms" from various materials

If you want to expand your baby's knowledge of the world around you, teach him to create. For example, the application "Mushrooms", created in various ways, will be an excellent cognitive creative process that teaches the child the basics of artistic skill. In addition, it is easy to perform and does not require special material and time costs. It will be useful to perform each work on a different blank - a picture or photograph with one or another type of mushroom.

applique mushrooms

What will it take?

To perform the application in any way, you need the following:

  • Paper or cardboard for the base on which everything will be glued.
  • Glue (PVA or pencil).
  • Scissors.
  • Mushroom template (outline or color picture, drawn or printed).

Other materials depend on which method you choose. In work, you can use colored or corrugated paper, napkins, cereals, plasticine and paints.

application on the theme of mushrooms

Applique on the theme "Mushrooms" from natural material

Very simple, but beautiful, you can makecrafts made from natural material - dry leaves. Freshly collected material must be dried with an iron or between the pages of an unnecessary book. You will get a beautiful and original application. Mushrooms in this technique are made like this:

  1. Cut out a blank for the hat and legs from thin paper.
  2. Wrap each piece with dry leaves of the desired shade.
  3. Glue all pieces in place.
  4. In the lower part of the base, weed from thin leaves or dried blades of grass.

Mosaic of cereals

Very unusual, but original and natural application "Mushrooms" will turn out if you use grains. For these purposes, you can also use cereals. As a template, a drawing of a porcini mushroom is suitable. It will allow you to preserve the natural shades of materials, although they can be painted. It is better to apply any shade after gluing. It is usually difficult to color loose mass.

To make an applique of cereals, work in the following sequence:

  1. Print or draw an outline drawing of the mushroom.
  2. Apply glue to the inside of the stem shape. Sprinkle semolina on top.
  3. Glue the hat. Lay out the shape with buckwheat.
  4. applique mushrooms templates
  5. Cut out a strip of green paper and cut a fringe from one end.
  6. Glue grass at the bottom of the sheet.

By the same principle, you can lay out a picture of watermelon and squash seeds.

Use wrinkled paper

In order for the child to get a beautiful application "Mushrooms", it is better to take ready-made templates. They needprint it out and give it to the kids. Even a 3-year-old kid can make crafts using crumpled paper. Work like this:

  1. Draw the outlines of the mushrooms.

    applique mushrooms templates
  2. Prepare crepe paper or napkins in a color scheme that suits the selected template. If there is no such shade, take the appropriate gouache color.
  3. Have a child pinch paper and roll it into balls or similar shapes.
  4. Dip the blanks in gouache paint of the desired shade and lay on a flat surface to dry.
  5. After the parts are dry, start gluing. You can lay out a mushroom leg and a hat in the form of such a mosaic, and the grass must be made from a strip of green paper, on which a fringe is cut with scissors from one edge.
applique mushrooms

Interesting activity: application "Mushrooms"

For work in an organized group of preschool age, the option with paper is suitable. You can make a fly agaric, focusing on the fact that although this mushroom is beautiful, it is inedible. You can't take it to the basket. A sample lesson plan might look like this:

  • Read the children a poem about autumn, forest, mushrooms.
  • Let the children look at the toy mushrooms in the basket or their pictures.
  • Tell us about what you will be doing today. Read a poem about fly agaric or make a riddle. Ask if you can take a fly agaric, if you need to break it, kick it, crush it.
  • Give the children pre-prepared parts orpaper with stencils for making them (depending on age).
  • Cut out red hat, white stem, white small rectangle for frill, green for weed.
  • Stick a hat and foot onto the paper base.
  • Cut the fringe on the white rectangle and tuck it in with your fingers, scissors or chopsticks.
  • Do the same with green weed.
  • Glue the white fringe on the leg, the green fringe on the bottom of the sheet.

If the kids are tired, take a break or split the work in half. Next, you need to make white spots on the hat. They can be done like this:

  1. Just stick white circles made using a stencil or a hole punch.
  2. Make balls from cotton wool, napkins, thin paper.
  3. Make using quilling technique.
occupation applique mushrooms

The third option is the most unusual and interesting. To work with this method, proceed as follows:

  • Cut several (5-6) strips of white paper. Give them to the children.
  • Explain what technique they will use to do the spots.
  • Show me how to wrap strips on sticks.
  • Let the guys make the blanks themselves, and then glue them to the hat of the mushroom made earlier.

At the end of the lesson, it is worth organizing an exhibition of works and again focusing on the fact that if they meet this beautiful mushroom in the forest, they need to bypass it. So, the application "Mushrooms" can be made from various materials. Choose the right and interestingoption according to the age of the child and the convenience of working at home or in an organized group.

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