How to make simple crafts from matchboxes
How to make simple crafts from matchboxes

Everyone tried to make something in childhood. Not everyone succeeded, but many liked the process. The ability to do something with your own hands can bring joy and pleasure to a person. And the modern ecological life strategy prescribes not to throw away anything, but to use it for the manufacture of original and convenient household items. For example, making crafts from matchboxes will help the creative principle dormant in each of us to manifest itself and will make it possible to store small things in a convenient place: buttons, beads for needlework or jewelry. Each container can be labeled with an icon indicating what is stored there.

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To make such crafts from matchboxes as a multifunctional box, you will need the boxes themselves, adhesive tape, paper, ruler, pencil and glue. It is most convenient to work at the table.

To create a matchbox craft, you need to take twenty boxes and put them four in five piles. With a thin adhesive tape, you need to carefully pull off each of the five piles, thencollect them all together and also connect, carefully trimming.

Then you need to cut out a strip of paper, equal in width to the length of a matchbox, and in length to the volume of five stacks glued from them. Now you need to stick a paper strip on a stack of boxes, attaching it to places not covered with tape. The second same strip must be glued on the opposite side.

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Paper stripes can be decorated with ornaments. The pattern is best applied with gouache with a thin brush. You can decorate the box using the decoupage technique. The short sides of the drawers can be fitted with glitter-headed sewing pins to make them look like tiny drawers. It is not only beautiful, but also comfortable.

To make crafts from matchboxes, you need to use new containers, the shape of which has not yet been broken by intensive use. If long-term use of the product is expected, then it is better to take thick paper, in some cases it is even better to use cardboard. Cardboard-reinforced compartments can store heavier items such as hardware or rare coins. Since paper is afraid of moisture, it is better to store the craft in a dry place or cover it with a protective varnish.

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In addition to boxes, you can also make crafts from matchboxes for children. For example, if you decide to give your little one baby jewelry for Christmas, you can put it in a matchbox decorated in the style of gift wrapping. Forit is enough to paste over it with colored paper with an elegant pattern and beads, and then tie it with a silk ribbon of a suitable color, making a beautiful bow out of it.

Crafts from matchboxes, photos of which are available in the article, are not very difficult to perform. You can make them with your child. This activity will help develop fine motor skills of the baby's hands, as well as provide an opportunity to train accuracy and patience. If the box or gift box turns out beautiful, the child can give it to their peers for their birthday.

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